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Beach Clean-up and Dive Campaign 2021

Learn to Dive, Meet New Friends and Help the Seas!

2020 and the second half of 2021 were dominated by a pandemic that took “sheltering in place” to a whole new level. The plastics this pandemic has penetrated every nook and corner of the globe have made no progress against plastic pollution. Around the country, we’re seeing waterways contaminated by toxins making their way into our oceans and inland water bodies making the quality of life suffer as a result. And, a new form of plastic litter is already washing ashore — medical masks.

This month, in partnership with Ocean Camp and volunteer organizations around Luzon, the Sea Diver PH is inviting people to reconnect with one another and undertake a series of Clean-up events across the Philippines’ best dive sites.

Join Us for a Cleanup

Be part of this year’s Beach Clean Up and Dive Campaign that will take place on September 25, 2021 at Mabini Beach. This event aims to raise awareness on the harmlessness of plastic pollution, the importance of proper disposal, reducing plastic masses in our environment, the importance of education and actions by individuals to improve this condition.

Sea Diver PH has enlisted the support of a local NGO partner PROJECT 200; to help facilitate the portion of the event along with LJB NORTH and NBAS TRUCK PARTS, Rotary Club of Circuit Makati, TravelBuddies PH, Ganap TV, Brewing Ideas, OPHIRTECH and Asharler, GREEN ANTZ BUILDERS, AbapK9 Cavite, League of Volunteers, and Decathlon as the official partners.

The Beach Clean-Up and Dive Campaign 2021 will see divers and non-divers alike participate in activities such as intro to Freediving (for first-timers), free diving lessons, clean-up dive, and safety protocol training. Participants will include members of local scuba groups, local NGOs, dive instructors, professional divers, and freedivers.

About Sea Divers PH

Aside from their eco-approach to reef conservation while building a sustainable business, Sea Divers PH is also driven by the vision of developing divers in the Philippines by teaching them to be responsible divers while preserving cleanliness in every dive site they visit.

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