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Gelo Calica – His Passion in Arts & Photography

Meet Gelo Calica – An aspiring artist from Nueva Ecija. He struggled to push through his talent, due to lack of support from the people around him. But it doesn’t stop him from pursuing his passion for arts and photography. Negative people motivates him to make more Art.

Here is our exclusive interview with Gelo!

Tell us about yourself, how did you start in the arts industry?

Last year, I also discovered another talent of mine which is photography. I love taking photos ever since I experiences to use a DSLR cam. I just studied everything I have to learn about photography. And now, I can get financial support from my talents, especially in photography.

What motivates you to push through your career as an artist?

What motivates me are those people who tried to put me down and told me to stop because they think what I am doing is such a waste of time.

What are the challenges you’ve been through as an artist?

Having unsupportive people around me and lack of financial support are the biggest challenges I’ve been through as an artist.

How does the pandemic affect you?

The pandemic gave me more time to study and create more masterpieces. But also had negative impacts on my journey as an artist. I’ve encountered so many problems and I came to the point that I wanted to stop creating. Until now, I still don’t know how to start drawing and painting again.

With all your art pieces, Do you have any favorite one? 

Yes, my favorite was my last commissioned painting. That painting was an image of a group of Koi fish. I love the outcome and the message behind that painting.

What are your advice especially to all the emerging artist

My advices would be:

-When you feel like quitting, remember why you started.

-Don’t listen to those who are trying to put you down. Instead of taking their words as an insult, just turn their word into motivation.

Who inspires you to make more art?

My co artists, artist friends, and the negative people  are those who are inspiring me to make more art.

Checkout Gelo’s fan page https://www.facebook.com/GeloClicks

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