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Success announced for the inauguration of the Palazzo delle Arti

The two inaugural evenings for the baptism of the Palazzo delle Arti of Art & Co Galleries in Lecce (Italy) were a resounding success. Over 1500 people, on 11 and 12 December 2021, filled the immense exhibition spaces, fascinated and conquered by the exceptional works on display. It confirms that art is eternal, it unites and does not divide. The prestigious Palazzo delle Arti gallery-museum – one of the largest private galleries in Italy – has brought visitors from Lecce back to the ancient glories of the seventeenth century: two wonderful evenings, long awaited by Southern Italy to give voice to an artistic and cultural redemption. The unmissable exhibition that celebrates the 25 years of activity of the Art & Co Galleries will be open until January 29, 2022.


Lecce – New York round trip

One hundred works on display by modern and contemporary artists who have marked more than a century of cosmopolitan art history. A happy marriage between modern art and contemporary art: images that will remain for many years in the hearts and minds of the guests of the magnificent vernissage.

The vast revisited spaces of a historic building transport the visitor into a new dimension: “Finally, also to the South artistic pole that has nothing to envy to the galleries of New York, Miami, Paris or London” – as stated by the gallery owner Tiziano Giurin, owner of Art & Co.

Art is beauty

Tiziano Giurin – who has been working in the field of art for almost thirty years with Simone Viola – has managed, through the realization of this exhibition in Lecce, to realize his longed-for dream: to unite Italy under the sign of art. In these 25 years, through planned paths, Art & Co has made its artists grow exponentially by delivering their works to eternity.

Thanks to the collaboration of Massimo Ferrarotti, President of Spirale Milano, the exhibition at the Palazzo delle Arti, one of the largest Italian private galleries, has been able to comprehensively tell in a single exhibition, a unique and extraordinary journey, made concrete with a solid look to the past and a careful scouting towards the present and the future.

At the cutting of the ribbon the Metropolitan Archbishop of Lecce Monsignor Michele Seccia, who enthusiastically underlined how art is a vehicle for investigating the soul, that it is beauty, and beauty is the synthesis of arrival of everything.

Mr Wany

Sections of the exhibition

In an exhibition that wants to tell a hundred years of art the museum area can’t be missing, for the occasion reserved for the genius of Pop Art Andy Warhol.

For the section of historicized artists, the tribute is for Fernandez Arman and Mimmo Rotella, with unpublished works from the Nuoveaux realism period, while for the Piazza del Popolo School we find Mario Schifano, main figure of the group, Franco Angeli, Tano Festa and Giosetta Fioroni.

The space of modern artists has as protagonists Carla Accardi, Giorgio De Chirico, Lucio Fontana, Mario Schifano and Emilio Vedova.

A large section is dedicated to the many contemporary artists: Giuseppe Amadio, Marco Catellani, Ottavio Celestino, Paolo de Cuarto, Francesco De Filippi, Antonio Durante, Deborah Gardella, Emanuele Giannelli, Marco Lodola, Antonio Longo, Barbara Nati, Ugo Nespolo, Lucio del Pezzo, Rabarama, Maddalena Saponara, Antonio Sirtori, Andrea Terenziani, Roberto Tondi, Giulio Turcato, Alessandro Valeri and Mr Wany.

Last but not least, the monographic part intended for prominent names such as Simone D’Auria, with works from Art Basel Miami, and Cesare Berlingeri, known above all for his folded paintings.

All unmissable works that have characterized the artistic panorama of the last century.

Palazzo delle Arti – Art&Co Lecce 1

The eternity of art

The exhibition is a journey back in time that spans a century of works, artistic currents, colors, materials and objects. Canvases, sculptures and photographs, precious gems that make us approach the gallery with a new look. An imaginary line that connects the different artistic latitudes, bringing us closer to the knowledge of the artist through the historical contextualization of the work. A new concept of dividing and organizing the history of art, an unconventional way of making art enjoyed and educating about beauty. And if the mission of Art&Co is to bring artists and the culture of art ever closer to its audience, today we can say, with absolute certainty, that the goal has been achieved.

Not just an exhibition, therefore, but an experience that crosses time and leads the viewer to deepen a fantastic story: the delivery of art to eternity.

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