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Mister International-Philippines opens applications for 2022 pageant

Calling all Kings: Mister International-Philippines opens applications for 2022 pageant

Today, marks the rebirth of Mister International-Philippines Organization. And this year is your time to shine.

Mister International-Philippines is recognized as the most prestigious and watched male pageant because of the distinctive handsomeness of the candidates.

This year, the Mister International-Philippines Organization is advocating men empowerment through sports and wellness.

With the advent of the pandemic, there is no other advocacy that fits this year’s pageant rather than empowering men by having an active lifestyle.

This resonates well through our candidates and the brands that partners with us to ensure that this message will be communicated to the whole country.

The organization also promises extensive and inclusive search for the next Mister International-Philippines. Part of the organization’s goal is to reach out to provincial directors as it plan to do provincial competitions to ensure best candidates in yearly competition.

“We also intend to have an excellent staging of all events to showcase how a true male pageant should look like. Living to our name as the most prestigious and watched male pageant not just in the country but in the world,” says National Director Manuel Deldio.

Mister International-Philippines prepares activities that will hone the talents of candidates. The organization introduces a mentoring program in the field of drama, speech, and entrepreneurship.

The coronation happens June 27 this year at OKADA MANILA (official partner).

Mister International-Philippines is open to all 18-28-year old mentally and physically fit (5”9) Pinoy and single who are advocates for sports and wellness.

Submit your applications to misterinternationalph@gmail.com. For more details, visit Mister International Philippines on Facebook and @themisterinternationalph on Instagram.

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