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Giulia Frangiluna – Fashion Designer, Film and Music Producer

The name Frangiluna recently started appearing on some of the most distinguished platforms in the fashion world. From Fashion Magazine NYC to Star Central, the contemporary fashion scene is raving about the Italian influencer and stylist, Giulia.

After her appearance in a multitude of interviews for household names, such as Artenzza, Sfilate, Voi magazine, as well as Zoom Magazine, Galize, and talk media.it, thousands of Giulia’s fans had an opportunity to learn more about this Italian rising star.

Giulia was approached by Sfilate’s interviewers regarding the renowned Frangiluna name. Giulia divulged that the brand was named after the initials of the members of her family, stating:

“I am happy that you ask me this question because I reveal to you something that few know. The name Frangiluna is the set of members of the family, who are Francesco (Fran), my younger brother Giu (Gi), Luca (Lu), my older brother, and finally N (stands) for Natalina, my mother. A (is) after Antonio, my father,” said Giulia.

When talking to the journalists of the acclaimed Zoom magazine, Giulia was asked about whether her family supports her fashion-based entrepreneurial life, and in which capacity, to which Giulia replied:

“My family creates fashion. My mother is a seamstress and has always created and curated our creations, from my father before, (and) mine now,” said Giulia.

While Giulia is creating massive waves in the global fashion industry already, she noted that she has already set her sights on leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies to expand her outreach even further. During her interview with Galize, she imparted:

“The challenge of the future, not only in Italy, is to be able to use Artificial Intelligence to bring consumers closer to brands, as is happening in fashion shows, fashion with 3D avatars. Each product will be more and more personalized, and there will be more and more visual collaboration between workers in this sector and consumers through digital platforms.”

More information about Giulia Frangiluna is available on her official Instagram page. @giuliafrangiluna

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