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Meet Jack Smith – Athlete, Model and Actor

Jack has got plenty of experience through his modelling career at the age of 20. He has modelled for the likes of Royal Mail, River Island, Top-Gear, Sports Direct, Starbucks, and many other well known brands

Jack has also worked on many TV Shows including Hollyoaks (Channel4), Intergalactic (Sky One), Better (BBC1), Malpractice (ITV Drama), Birchanger Green (Film4) and a TV Advertisement for Adidas.

Jack has come into Instagram posting topless pics and gaining over 12k followers – @jacksmith.2002 on Instagram. Where you can find the behind the scenes footage from Jacks Photoshoots and the cheeky topless selfies. 

We had the privilege to speak with Jack and ask him some questions:

What is your greatest weakness as a model? What are you doing to improve on it? 

I’d say my greatest weakness as a model is always being confident enough in front of the camera, it can sometimes be quite intimidating but the more shoots I do, the more natural it feels. 

What goals would you like to achieve in 2022? 

I would really like to keep growing as a Model/Actor and even take on some bigger and more challenging roles in the TV industry. I’ve also just started Acrobatics so I’d love to gain more skills from that.

What is your dream project and why? 

My dream project would be to shoot with something like ASOS since they are such a big and successful company. I’d also love to go on a reality show because I feel like by doing that, I can really show the people who I am. 

Which famous actress or actor would you like to collaborate with?

One Actor that I’ve always dreamt of meeting is Denzel Washington. Denzel is a huge inspiration to me because he’s shown that even though it may not happen straight away for you, if you stay committed and work hard, you’ll get the break that you’ve been searching for. 

Tell us a little about your healthy diet?

Staying Active and fit has always been a massive part of my life and it always will be. I always recommend having a balanced diet because by doing this, you’re staying healthy but also being able to enjoy the food that you eat.

Can you tell us how you start your career as a model?

My first ever modelling job was at the age of 7 doing work with Sports Direct. Many years later I wanted to give modelling another shot so I arranged a photoshoot with a photographer that I knew called Matt Bates and he really worked with me and put me forward to an agency called Face Model and Casting. After being signed with them, they started to get me a few jobs for well known brands and at that point, I knew being a model is what I wanted for my career.

What is your advise to all the aspiring models/actors?

My advice to aspiring models would be to not get hurt and put off if an agency or job doesn’t pick you at that moment in time, there’s been many times where I’ve been told no but by staying committed and working hard towards it, you finally get a break that you’ve been after. A quote of mine is … The more comfortable you get in your bed, the less comfortable you get chasing your dream.

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