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Digital Cover: Sahil Khan – Indian Actor, Entrepreneur, Influencer, India’s Youth & Fitness Icon

The one and only Fitness Icon, an inspiration to all youngsters and fitness enthusiasts alike Sahil Khan continues to conquer the hearts of millions. Now a successful businessman, this Bollywood film star’s streak of success goes to his tremendous dedication to fitness entrepreneurship and wellness. He has started in the Box-Office hit cult movies “style”, “Excuse Me” and many more.

Sahil delved into launching his own signature company Hunk Water his relentless passion and deep apprehension for healthy living, nutrition and beauty has helped him own a whole variety of ventures like my fitness Peanut Butter, Buyceps.com divine nutrition, and brand deodorant.

He is also the 1st Bollywood actor to kick off his own Youtube channel. With unique glimpses of his globetrotter and lush lifestyle, Sahil has a flair to keep his loyal subscribers of over 28.8 lakh subscribers on the hook! Sahil’s revolutionizing initiatives are frequently covered in mainstream media. He has been bestowed with prestigious awards including Dadasaheb Phalke “Youth Icon Award, Rajiv Gandhi Award and APJ Abdul Kalam Award in bravery and entrepreneurship.

Being the epitome of fitness in the industry, Sahil is also a familiar personality on the judging panel for a wide variety of Body Building shows, fashion shows and events nationally.

Sahil’s immense popularity and fame personate all across India as he did openings of more than 100 gyms to date, a record that no one has ever achieved!

As Youth & Fitness Icon

Sahil Khan quit the film industry , followed his passion of Body Building and built his fitness empire He has inaugurated over 100 Gyms all over India and rocked each city with a more ardent fan following. He has also attended more than 100 fashion shows/awards shows as jury and chief guest in the last 5 years in India and overseas.

It is his commitment to revolutionize Health, Fitness, and Wellness especially in India. He is the first Bollywood actor to launch his very own youtube channel to showcase his world with his fans.

Fitness, Luxury & Lifestyle Influencer

It’s an exciting time for India and the world – the age of influence. Sahil Khan is very popular, especially amongst the youth and has a great influence on them. He has established himself as a passionate
influencer and shares his knowledge or content with a large audience.

He is contributing to providing value to brands and businesses by creating awareness and promoting products and services to his followers. He has established his credibility and has been endorsing
fitness, Luxury and Lifestyle brands for over a decade now.

Sahil Khan quit the film industry, followed his passion for bodybuilding and built his fitness empire. He was one of the most popular fitness coaches having transformed more than 500 physiques all around. He was at a couple of Gyms too. He has a huge fan following on social media with millions of followers
globally. It is his commitment to revolutionizing health, fitness and wellness, especially in India.

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