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Digital Cover: Giuseppe Laguardia – Fashion Influencer

Giuseppe Laguardia (Turin, Italy) was born in Germany on 05.02.1989 but raised from the age of 7 in Italy, precisely in Basilicata in a small town called Palazzo San Gervasio (PZ) then at 18 he started shooting in the north of Italy and in 2018 he started this path of fashion influencer through the creation of photographic content that he started posting on his Instagram profile. 

After a few months his photos started going viral in all the men’s fashion and inspiration pages making him known by many male and female users from all over the world.  He has been engaged to his beautiful Laura since 2019 and in 2021 they had the birth of their little Leonardo who is part of some viral videos made with Giuseppe.

 One of your dreams? 

Enlarging the family with two more of Leo’s little brothers (or little sisters) travelling the world with them and creating many beautiful contents.

Your success being an influencer?

It is due to the forum of having constancy and simplicity in everything I did while always keeping my feet on the ground.

Your style?

Something simple, but never mundane. Neutral colors that reflect my being. Well my project is more about life, family, lifestyle made of love, work and sports. One of my projects and also a desire is to create a brand that reflects my being.

The thing that inspires you the most in what you do?

Definitely the passion for fashion and style make it so that I can give something more to those who follow me and also inspire in what I convey, simplicity and humility. I think style is not bought, you have it inside.

The thing you like most about your blog?

Definitely the harmony I put in the colors, in the feed. Colors that are not too strong but go well with each other.

Your satisfaction in being a fashion blogger?

So much satisfaction, so much work behind the scenes, more than some people may think, behind it is the choice of location, outfits, filming, editing … so much work! But my greatest satisfaction is being stopped on the street suddenly by boys and girls and being appreciated for my humility.

Next year’s fashion successes I hope will be based on simplicity and its neutral colors.

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