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Digital Cover: Naturelle – Afro Italian Singer, Vocal Coach and Model

Naturelle is an Afro Italian singer, vocal coach and model. She began singing on stages at the age of 6 and working as a singer at 16, creating numerous musical ensembles, performing throughout Italy. In the meantime she studies to become a singing teacher and travels by coming into contact with various musical genres in Brazil, in the United States, in Canada, throughout black Africa and singing with artists like Arthur Miles, Bocephus King, Luke Evans. At 18 she participated in the Miss World Italy contest, arriving at the regional finals, where she met numerous photographers with whom she began to work as a model and then posed for numerous Italian, French and American brands, as well as for numerous catalogues and magazines, being published in some cases even on the cover.

At the age of twenty-three he began to work as a vocal coach in music schools, recording studios and privately and to work assiduously as a singer performer between Italy and France focusing exclusively on major musical events and luxury events, also receiving an important musical job for Netflix on the occasion of the release of the animated film “VIVO”. The magazine ROLLING STONE ITALIA also talks about it and cites its artistic contribution. He works as a songwriter writing numerous singles that are released by the K Noiz label and other musical productions in collaboration with deejays and producers. She publishes her ep “UNE FEMME À VIVRE” of smooth jazz genre in English and French where she pays homage to the 80’s sounds and where she launches a strong feminist message already visible from the cover, where she is nursing her third daughter. Naturelle has so far represented with her image and her art a symbol of today’s multicultural reality and of the eclecticism of modern women.

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