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John Chiong – His Passion to Help Others

The passion to help others is rare, especially when the desire was born after one becomes  a victim of the harsh realities of the very system expected to  uphold the basic human rights of every citizen.

“If it happened to me, it can happen to anyone, especially to the poor and defenceless, thus says Task Force Kasanag founder and national commander, John Chiong.

TFK was founded on July 3, 2009 in Bacolod City by a group of  concerned citizens headed by John Chiong.

Chiong said he experienced being tossed around while following up his concern with a government office.

“It was frustrating and disappointing as government servants if true to their mandate they should really be servants of the public in the  truest sense of the word,” he said.

His experience served as a driving force to organize Task Force Kasanag  which advocates against graft and corruption in government, illegal activities,  terrorism, criminalities but is for upholding peace and development.

From about a hundred members when it was founded, it has mushroomed to thousands  in Bacolod  and Negros Occidental and has grown to hundreds of thousands all over the country as TFK has expanded its frontiers and established chapters in others parts in the Visayas, Luzon and Mindanao as well as worldwide.

As part of its avowed mission TFK facilitated cases and complaints from concerned citizens from all walks of life against government personalities and offices and followed up the same with the concerned government agencies like the Office of the Ombudsman, Department of Justice and even with the Philippine National Police.

To date complaints aided by TFK have totaled to thousands.

TFK has become a refuge  not only to victims of injustice but to people whose rights were  trampled on.

To them TFK serves as the light  to their cries for justice.

During the Covid- 19 pandemic, TFK members are among the frontliners helping the government in  fighting the dreaded virus.

TFK members also help the people in need of assistance during times of disasters and calamities in their respective areas.

It has also partnered with organizations like the Negros Press Club, the oldest press club  in the country and the Integrated Bar of the Philippines – Neg.Occ. chapter to further strengthen its linkages in the community and thus effectively  carry out its objectives, primary of which is to help people.

Chiong himself was  recently cited by  the Lions Club for TFK’s pivotal role in society.

Chiong though despite his good deeds is not spared from threats against his life and even cases were  filed against him,  because of what TFK is doing for the people but instead of  slowing down and stopping his advocacies, he continues to face these challenges.

” If we stop, who will help the people, where will they go? ” he asked.

Now on its 14th year TFK continue to soar high, along with it, cleansing of its ranks of misfits and renewing its commitment to remain steadfast and unwavering to its advocacies.

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