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Ganap Magazine Exclusive: Daniela Bessia Shines on the Red Carpet of the 80th Venice Film Festival

By Bench Bello, Editor-in-Chief, Ganap Magazine

In a dazzling display of talent and style, the multi-talented Daniela Bessia, renowned singer, songwriter, actress, television host, and producer, graced the red carpet at the 80th Venice Film Festival, also known as “La Biennale.” Ganap Magazine is thrilled to feature this incredible artist’s unforgettable appearance at the prestigious festival.

Q: What brought Daniela Bessia to the 80th Venice Film Festival’s red carpet? A Day of Celebration for “Poor Things”

A: Daniela Bessia was invited to the red carpet premiere of the critically acclaimed film “Poor Things,”.

“Poor Things,” directed by the visionary Yorgos Lanthimos and featuring an all-star cast including Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo, Willem Dafoe, Ramy Youssef, and Jerrod Carmichael, clinched the prestigious Leone d’Oro for Best Film. The movie, based on Alasdair Gray’s 1992 novel and brought to life by the talented Tony McNamara, is a testament to the power of storytelling and masterful filmmaking.

The festival’s attendees, including Daniela Bessia, revelled in the film’s glory, basking in the

cinematic wonder that “Poor Things” had to offer. It was a day of celebration, where the world of fashion, film, and music converged to create an unforgettable spectacle.

The enchanting moments of this prestigious event were beautifully captured by Federica Pierpaoli Photo, Vittorio Zunino Celotto, Stefania D’Alessandro, Daniele Venturelli, and others, adding charm to this sparkling occasion, just before the premiere of “Poor Things.”

A Silver Symphony by Blini Fashion House As Daniela walked the red carpet, she graced the event in a stunning silver gown designed by Blini Fashion House. This masterpiece, adorned with shimmering tassels and exquisite crystals, was a true embodiment of elegance and opulence. The silver hue of the dress captured the essence of starlight on the red carpet, casting a mesmerizing glow. The tassels, cascading from the neckline to the hem, added a touch of movement and playfulness to the ensemble, ensuring all eyes were on Daniela. The intricate crystal embellishments that adorned the dress created a dazzling spectacle, complementing Daniela’s radiant presence. The gown seamlessly blended classic Hollywood glamour with modern chic, a perfect representation of the timeless style that defines the Venice Film Festival.

In a statement, Blini Fashion House expressed their delight, saying, “When it comes to making a statement on the Red Carpet, Blini Fashion House knows just how to leave an unforgettable impression. For the Venice Film Festival, we had the honor of crafting a masterpiece for the radiant Daniela Bessia.”

Q: Tell us more about Daniela Bessia’s remarkable journey.

A: Daniela Bessia, originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and of European descent, has captivated Asia with her extraordinary voice. She is a star in both the music and television industries in China. You can also find her music videos shot in various locations worldwide,

including Shanghai, Buenos Aires, and Venice, co-produced with Andy Santana Bass and directed by Gabriel Grieco and Mattia Bello, on VEVO MUSIC. She is now an official member of the Grammy Awards, which is the music industry’s equivalent of the Oscars.

In China, she has appeared on shows like “China’s Got Talent” and “Avenue of the Stars,” and in early July, China’s National TV (CCTV) dedicated a documentary to her. Her work includes cooking shows, variety programs, documentaries where she is the main host.

You can find her also in films, and TV dramas alongside Hollywood stars, and collaborations with major companies such as Tencent, Forbes, Cadillac, and Ubisoft, among others.

A Network of Support Daniela’s journey has been accompanied by a network of notable supporters, including the esteemed Charo Garcia.

For the Venice Film Festival, she adorned herself with jewellery from Anna Pia Berti, featuring white gold and diamonds, including a bracelet, earrings, and rings. Dress by Blini Fashion House as mentioned before.

Her hair transformation was courtesy of Marco Cristoni, and radiant skin care was provided by Skin Lovers Verona, with the support of Ottica Zerbinati.

The talented team at Giuseppe Barra took care of Daniela’s glamorous hair and makeup.

Looking Ahead As Daniela Bessia continues to shine on the international stage, she’s not slowing down. Her future projects include producing a new film with a European production company, as well as creating new music and music videos.

Q: Is there something you’d like to say to our readers?

A: Absolutely. I want to encourage everyone to never stop exploring, dreaming, and pursuing your passions and dreams. Let the beauty of life’s diversity be your muse, and remember that the world is filled with endless opportunities waiting to be discovered.

I’d also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the magazine for providing this platform and

allowing me to share my journey with their esteemed audience. Thank you for being a part of this incredible adventure with me. As we celebrate Daniela Bessia’s stunning appearance at the 80th Venice Film Festival, we are reminded of the power of talent, culture, and fashion to unite us all. Her journey

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