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Miranda Renner – An Athlete’s Journey

Miranda Renner has taken quite a journey on her way to becoming one of the Philippines’ top national swimmers. The daughter of a Filipino mother and an American father, she’s lived in multiple countries and been part of several swim teams during her 22 years- 14 of which have been spent swimming competitively. Born in Manila, Miranda spent her early years in California, before her father’s work on the Olympic Games brought the family to Beijing, where she was introduced to competitive swimming at the International School of Beijing.

She realized almost immediate success competing against other major international schools in China and throughout Asia. “This was a great introduction to the sport- the international schools in Asia had top class pools and coaching. It was very competitive and fun to travel around the region with teammates and family.” Some of Renner’s school records still stand at ISB- some ten years later. Once again, her father’s work in sports required her family to move to Paris. This is where Miranda’s development kicked up a notch, swimming for storied sports club Racing Club de France, which was at the center of the creation of the Olympic Games more than a century ago. France is one of the top swimming countries in the world, winning multiple Olympic and World Championship medals over the years.

20 September 2022: 2022-23 UC San Diego Swim & Dive Team. (Credit: Derrick Tuskan/UC San Diego)

Over the next few years, as Miranda entered high school, she competed against France’s best clubs, including several world class Olympic swimmers. “That seven-year period was the peak of France’s “golden generation”, with athletes like the Manaudou’s, Jeremy Stravius and Charlotte Bonnet. I couldn’t have found myself in a better environment for learning what it takes to compete at a world class level.” And Miranda stepped up to the challenge, becoming one of Racing’s top swimmers and winning her age group’s championship in the breaststroke and placing high in the butterfly. And as she matured and her body changed, Miranda also had to adapt, transitioning from the technical breaststroke to focus more on butterfly and freestyle in the sprint categories- all part of an athlete’s development. It was during this period that Miranda’s Filipino nationality caught the attention of the Philippines national swim team. Along with several other Fil-Am athletes, she was recruited to represent the team at an international level. Five years later, Miranda has competed for the Philippines at multiple world class championships, including the SEA Games and the World Championships in Budapest. With her father’s work completed in Paris by 2017, the decision was made to move to Southern California in the middle of her high school years. To help Miranda transition to American swimming, which is often competed in the American system of yards (versus meters on the international level), she entered one of the country’s legendary swimming high schools- Rancho Santa Margarita Catholic School- which has consistently won the California state championships as well as the National Championship. “The Blanc family of coaches had built a decades-long record of winning, producing Olympic swimmers and well-known college-level athletes and I wanted to be a part of that success. It was demanding, as were the academics, and it was a year-round commitment”. As part of the system, she also competed for a well-known club- the Gators- who went against some of the most storied programs in the US.

Again, Miranda realized success, becoming an integral part of a Rancho Santa Margarita team that won two consecutive state championships as well as a national championship. She scored important points for the team in freestyle and butterfly, as well as several relay teams. Her results grabbed the attention of some top college programs, and, after much consideration, she decided to enter the University of California in San Diego as they transitioned to Division I competition. Stepping into a major program like UCSD, which is also considered one of America’s top academic universities, brought a new set of challenges. “UCSD had decided to make the big step up to Division I competition- swimming against some of the country’s top college programs, including USC and Berkeley.

The transition for the team wasn’t easy, with coaching and scheduling changes. We were all learning on the spot.” And taking on the added challenge of studying Microbiology at one of the country’s most respected medical institutions required a great deal of Miranda’s focus to ensure her academic success. “UCSD is renowned for its technical studies- the engineering and medical schools are often ranked in the top 5 amongst universities and I had to balance my swimming with my studies to ensure good results”, says Renner. The hard work paid off. Over four years (interrupted by the COVID pandemic), UCSD successfully competed within the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation, winning the women’s championship in 2021.

Once again, Miranda was a key team member, setting school records in the 50m & 100m butterfly, 100 m freestyle as well as 50 yards in fly , free and several team relays. Based on her success, Renner twice qualified for the National Invitational Swimming Championships along with some of her teammates. As Miranda enters into her last collegiate season, she’ll also be staying in touch with the Philippines national team, with the possibility of her competing for the nation in the upcoming Asian Games in China. And with a little luck, the 2024 World Championships in Qatar, which are a qualifier for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. It would be quite a story if Miranda could qualify for the Paris Olympics, bringing her back to almost the beginning of her swimming journey.

Exclusive Interview with Miranda:

Tell us something about yourself.

  • I am currently a Division One Athlete at the University of California, San Diego studying Microbiology and Minoring in Business. While I pursue my studies in California, I am simultaneously training to represent the Philippines as a National Athlete.

What motivated you to become a sports person?

  • I started swimming at a young age because my older sister was in the sport. Initially I pursued the sport as a hobby, and this hobby slowly developed into a passion. What further fueled this passion was the ability to represent the Philippines on the National stage, furthering the purpose of my role as an athlete.

What other sports do you love other than swimming?
-While I am not skilled at other sports, I am currently learning how to surf!

As an athlete, what kind of diet do you prefer?

  • I do not follow a strict diet, but I always focus on high protein meals after my workouts. I also aim to have high carbohydrate meals for breakfast and lunch to ensure I have sufficient and quick access sugars for my following workouts.

Do you think the life of an athlete is tough compared to other professionals?

  • I believe that the life of an athlete is tough, however, not a comparable experience that that of other professionals. While life in other professions requires commitment, teamwork, dedication, and passion. These qualities are also needed for an athlete, yet the differentiating factor of these fields is type of passion. For athletes, the hardships experienced occur on the physical level, not just the mental aspect. In fact, athletes must push their physical and mental boundaries every day in order to achieve their goals. In this, the life of an athlete can be an experience that challenges much more than one’s mind.

Give us three reasons why you like being part of the Philippine team?

  • Being able to represent the Philippine team has been an amazing experience. First and foremost, my teammates have pushed me to become a better athlete and person. My experience has been made exceptional due to these athletes by my side. Similarly, the coaching staff has always been extremely open and helpful during all of my international meets.

What is your favorite food to eat the night before a big competition and after the game?
-Typically, I enjoy eating a large plate of pasta with Bolognese sauce.

Who inspired you as a young athlete?

  • I did not have a singular inspiration as a young athlete, more so my teammates and coaches along my side. These individuals have always pushed me to elevate my goals as a swimmer, while making the process more than enjoyable.
    What do you do to relax?
  • I enjoy reading in my free time.

What role does a coach play in the life of a sportsperson?

  • A coach helps you achieve your goals. They show you that you are capable of more than you believe. They push you past your boundaries and are essential to creating an atmosphere that will motivate you.

What is the toughest aspect of being an athlete?

  • The toughest aspect of being an athlete is the heartbreak that comes along when desired goals are not attained. The sport naturally comes with more lows than highs, but dealing with the lows is essential to grow and improve as an athlete.

Do you have any advice for young people who want to start a career in sports?

  • Keep pushing yourself. It is natural to have lows but how you deal with them is what matters most. As long as you give your 100%, you will eventually be satisfied with your career. Embrace the process and enjoy your time with your teammates.

Tell us your social media accounts.
I do not use social media that often, however, I enjoy using Instagram to stay up to date with what my friends are doing.


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Fashion Pronoun #FEMMAS: Fashion Week Brooklyn Goes Global with London Debut


Fashion Pronoun #FEMMAS: Fashion Week Brooklyn Goes Global with London

Debut Fashion Week Brooklyn’s International Debut: Uniting Brooklyn and London with #FEMMAS Global Expansion with #FEMMAS: Fashion Week Brooklyn Takes Center Stage in London 

BROOKLYN, NY – July 31, 2023 — BK Style/Fashion Week Brooklyn (FWBK), the renowned bi-annual  fashion event hosted by the BK Style Foundation, is thrilled to announce its first-ever International  Fashion Show in London on September 16-17. With this year’s theme, “Fashion Pronoun #FEMMAS,” the  event will celebrate creativity, diversity, and global fashion, showcasing designers from Brooklyn and  around the world. Following the London show, FWBK will return to its local roots with a Brooklyn show  from October 14-21. 

Fashion Week Brooklyn, the globally acclaimed fashion event, is set to make a stunning return for its  Season 2 showcase. FWBK has become a worldwide platform for socially-conscious fashion designers  and serves as a catalyst for raising awareness of critical social causes and community development. The  event goes beyond the runway, impacting enrichment through various programming, including clothing  swaps, curated talks, and culturally driven activities. 

“Fashion Week Brooklyn has always been at the forefront of creativity and innovation, and Season 2  takes creativity and innovation to a whole new level,” said Rick Davy, Founder of FWBK. “Fashion shows  are not only about premiering the season’s newest styles; they are showcasing events that bring  together some of the most creative minds in the world. Fashion Week Brooklyn is a haven for local  labels and global creators, particularly in the vibrant markets of New York and London, all while lending  itself to our global sustainability mission of bridging fashion and community.” 

Fashion Week Brooklyn’s global footprint continues to expand, with events and designers participating  from Paris, Japan, Africa, the Philippines, and the Caribbean, capturing the essence and integrity of the  global fashion community. The event collaborates with national and international organizations to  provide a platform for emerging and established designers, fostering collaboration and creativity in  Brooklyn and international partner venues. 

The upcoming FWBK Season 2 will feature diverse events, including the Gen K Kids Runway Show, a  showcase of kids-wear designers and products, sponsored and held in Kings Plaza Mall since 2019, and  the Designers RTW and Couture show, presenting ready-to-wear and couture collections. In Season 2,  Fashion Week Brooklyn is set to showcase a unique fusion of cultures with “Japan in Brooklyn”  


presented by Brooklyn Beauty Fashion Labo in Park Slope. This event will bring together designers from  both Japan and Brooklyn, where four brands from each locale will transform the street into a vibrant  catwalk on October 14. Additionally, on October 15, FWBK will proudly feature the talent of student  designers from colleges and universities across the USA in an inspiring student show. 

The event also reaffirms FWBK’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the fashion  industry. The collaboration will feature artists from diverse backgrounds, reflecting the rich tapestry of  cultures and identities that make up the global fashion community. 

The global expansion of Fashion Week Brooklyn is a testament to its impact and commitment to  positively changing the fashion industry. FWBK is excited to welcome emerging and established  designers worldwide to join this transformative event. With our upcoming events in Brooklyn and  London, we are seeking designers from around the world to join us and showcase their collections. This  is an incredible opportunity for emerging talents to gain visibility and connect with industry  professionals, buyers, and media. Whether you’re a fresh talent looking to make your mark or an  established designer looking to reach new audiences, Fashion Week Brooklyn is the perfect platform to  elevate your brand and share your unique vision with the world. 

Sponsorship opportunities are available for our Season 2 2023 Fashion Week Presents Designers  Collection event series. Brands will have the chance to align themselves with a highly influential and  socially-conscious fashion event. “We welcome all brands and organizations to join us in this  transformative journey and make a meaningful impact on the world of fashion,” said Rick Davy, founder  of the 501c3 non-profit BK|Style Foundation (BK|SF) 

For more information on how to participate as a designer or become a sponsor for Fashion Week  Brooklyn Season 2, please visit or contact our team at 

About Fashion Week Brooklyn: 

Fashion Week Brooklyn, hosted by the BK Style Foundation, is a bi-annual fashion event that celebrates  creativity, diversity, and community impact. Since its inception in 2006, FWBK has served as a global  platform for emerging and established designers to showcase their work and raise awareness for social  causes. The event features a wide range of fashion categories, including sustainability, ready-to-wear,  streetwear, and kidswear. Fashion Week Brooklyn bridges the gap between fashion and community,  creating a space for collaboration and innovation through a series of runway shows, talks, and cultural  activations. 

Davy said, “As we gear up for Season 2 of Fashion Week Brooklyn, we are excited to provide a global  platform for emerging designers, designers of color, and the LGBTQIA+ communities. FWBK has always  been committed to celebrating diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry. Our goal is to create a  space where all voices and perspectives can be heard and celebrated. We believe that fashion is a  powerful tool for self-expression and social change, and we are dedicated to supporting designers from  all backgrounds and walks of life.” 

Media Contact: 

Kisha Barton, MBA  


Telephone: (347) 720-5099 

Event Fashion Models Press Release


Press Release – Immediate Release


On Saturday 28th October, we will be at the Stratford London Hotel, 20 International Way, London E20 1FD. The Stratford is a design hotel in London with a taste for the spectacular – from the magnificent triple-height lobby and Highline sky terrace to the imposing glass atrium.

Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists are invited to attend and present their brands in an exciting day of creativity. Our aim is to mix, mingle, collaborate, and form partnerships. Emerging fashion designers can debut their labels by showing 4 or 8 looks in our soiree and photoshoot; they can make their mark in the fashion industry while raising Angelman Syndrome awareness.

We have young designers that invited to showcase one or a few looks, and lastly, there will be a fashion award for designers of any age presenting avant-garde designs to a panel of industry judges. Entrants in the awards will be judged on their creativity and construction.

Winning designers from the awards will get the opportunity to be selected to showcase to an audience of international Buyers, Fashion Editors, the press, and Celebrities at Vancouver Fashion Week or in our New York showcase. Winner that are not able to showcase in Vancouver Fashion Week will be invited to show a collection with us in New York City.

Joanna Marcella, the founder of this platform, has a vision to present an international platform for dynamic young designers who can find their niche as individuals and become brands in their own right.

Wine and light condiments will be served on the day. To take part, contact us with a bio at:

The Designers and Artists are:
Lucy Qian, Anna Henton, Andrea Dritschel jewellery, René Thompson, Kiannara T Hazine, Manfred Millicent, Bethany Trott, Vanessa Blanding, Milena Shehu, Alice Buzoianu, Gagachin promotions and Francis – Apata Johnson.

Please invite yourself and your friends to our Facebook event page
Collections Soiree and Presentation at The Stratford

Joanna Marcella
Director of the FDC Young Designer Awards and the FDC Collections Showcase
Mobile/WhatsApp audio: +44 (0) 7940 647 102

FaceBook FDC

Our Vision is to present an international platform for dynamic designers and artists that can find their niche as individuals and become a brand in their own right.

The Aim of our Designer Award and its related events is to increase the number and visibility of exceptionally gifted multi-cultural designers and artists and to encourage them to reach their true potential, by rewarding those who excelled both creatively and academically.

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Saimure Duolikun Was Selected As “Mrs Lady Of The Year Middle East 2023”

Saimure Duolikun, the founder of SD Luxury Magazine, was selected as (Mrs Lady of the Year Middle East 2023 ) in Dubai. We congratulate her on her achievement. Her efforts as an editor, media person, and brand ambassador have received a lot of attention in the Middle East. We wish her even more success in her future career.

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International Fashion Idol and UAE Achievers season 2 to be held in Dubai in 2023

After the success of the first season, we have announced the dates for the second season of International Fashion Idol cum UAE Achievers

International Fashion Idol is a renowned brand that inspires, empowers, and motivates people to achieve their dreams. Founded by Ms Simra Abdia, the brand has gained immense popularity in the UAE for organising one of the biggest fashion idols and awards in the country. The Mrs, Mr and Miss International Fashion Idol, The Kids International Fashion Idol and UAE Achievers have become the talk of the town, attracting participants from various fields.

The highly anticipated International Fashion Idol Season 2 HOSTED BY EPRICX  is set to take place on September 23rd at DUBAI. This prestigious event aims to encourage aspiring models, both adults and children, to embark on successful careers in the fashion industry. With a stellar line-up of renowned speakers, esteemed jury members, and the introduction of Season 1 winners, this event promises to be an unforgettable experience.

EVENT IS Organized by Simra Abdia, a prominent figure in the fashion industry, International Fashion Idol Season 2 brings together individuals passionate about modelling and those seeking to explore the endless possibilities of the fashion world. The event serves as a platform to nurture and showcase emerging talents, offering them a unique opportunity to gain recognition on a global stage.

Epricx held a press conference for the launch of the International Fashion Idol Season 2 on 14th May 2023 at MYX Club, Royal Ascot, Dubai.

After the grand success of its first season, International Fashion Idol is back with its Season 2, and this year’s contestants have exceeded expectations. From fashion enthusiasts to aspiring models, participants from diverse backgrounds have participated, making it a tough competition for the judges.

Key highlights of the event include the International Beauty Pageant and a captivating Kids Fashion Show. The International Beauty Pageant segment aims to empower and inspire participants through self-expression, confidence-building, and the celebration of diversity. The Kids Fashion Show provides a stepping stone for young talents to launch their modelling careers and serves as a source of motivation for their future endeavours.

The last season was a hit with such a high number of participants and the audience. The first season happened last January at Souq Al Marfa, Deira Dubai.

The event was divided in three different categories, International Fashion Idol: Miss, Mrs, Mr, the kids’ category and the last but not the least The UAE achievers award night, in which various entrepreneurs, and industry experts were awarded.

Winner List for the first Season of fashion Idol:

  • Mrs Category: 

    Winner: Mrs Seema Devnani

    1st Runner up: Mrs Meenakshi

    2nd Runner up: Mrs Suwarna

  • Miss Category:

Winner: Ms Noor

1st Runner up: Ms Nausheen Hinaz


  • Mr Category

Winner: Mr. Thiluck

  • Kids Female winners:Aileen, Tvisha, Rafa, Nishitha
  • Kids Male Winners:Nazhan, Adil
  • UAE Achievers  2022 Awardee for the first season:

Best Media PR Professional of UAE: Mr Muhammad Yusuf


Best Entrepreneur: Mrs. Masumi , Beautiful bundles






Ms Simra & Mr.Nitin, Head of Epricx, said that “We feel glad to announce the second season of The Fashion Idol of UAE. We are still accepting registrations for models,kids & nominations for awards and looking for sponsors to support our event. This Year from fashion enthusiasts to aspiring models, participants from diverse backgrounds are registering, making it a tough competition for the judges

The press conference was also attended by Hanif Sheikh, Chairman, Emirates Holding Group,NOONO GHAROOB, CEO OF CHARISMA TRENDZ, Ms. Veronika, Winner of Mrs. Universe UAE, , as well as other eminent personalities from the industry, including Ms. Latha Palit, Ms. Yasmin Akhter , AHEMD JUST ROAD FASHIONS ,RJ SARAH, and others who shared their good wishes to the team and being a part of the show and showcasing the international standards of fashion. Furthermore, some of the contestants  from season 1 , ARUNA VERARAGHAVAN, AJAI, FABIN, AND MORE  spoke highly of the show to the renowned media.

Organizers are also announced the show in India, which is going to held in this year @ Bangalore 

Jury panels for the season 2 







Mrs. Nisha Rijish  INDIA

Mrs.Lipika Bhattaru UAE

Mrs.Seetha laxmi UAE

Mrs.Priya S Mitra UAE






During the competition, the motto of the event is that every nationality should be treated equally as it pertains to the Open to All Pageant competition.

A winner of Mr/Mrs/Miss Fashion Idol of UAE 2023 can win a title crown, an international trip, and cash prizes. It extends awards to bloggers, tiktokers, influencers and more Awards in addition to pageant titles.




For further details contact:SIMRA ABDIA 0581801106 , VISIT : WWW.EPRICX.COM, INSTAGRAM : international_fashion_idol_uae

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John Chiong – His Passion to Help Others

The passion to help others is rare, especially when the desire was born after one becomes  a victim of the harsh realities of the very system expected to  uphold the basic human rights of every citizen.

“If it happened to me, it can happen to anyone, especially to the poor and defenceless, thus says Task Force Kasanag founder and national commander, John Chiong.

TFK was founded on July 3, 2009 in Bacolod City by a group of  concerned citizens headed by John Chiong.

Chiong said he experienced being tossed around while following up his concern with a government office.

“It was frustrating and disappointing as government servants if true to their mandate they should really be servants of the public in the  truest sense of the word,” he said.

His experience served as a driving force to organize Task Force Kasanag  which advocates against graft and corruption in government, illegal activities,  terrorism, criminalities but is for upholding peace and development.

From about a hundred members when it was founded, it has mushroomed to thousands  in Bacolod  and Negros Occidental and has grown to hundreds of thousands all over the country as TFK has expanded its frontiers and established chapters in others parts in the Visayas, Luzon and Mindanao as well as worldwide.

As part of its avowed mission TFK facilitated cases and complaints from concerned citizens from all walks of life against government personalities and offices and followed up the same with the concerned government agencies like the Office of the Ombudsman, Department of Justice and even with the Philippine National Police.

To date complaints aided by TFK have totaled to thousands.

TFK has become a refuge  not only to victims of injustice but to people whose rights were  trampled on.

To them TFK serves as the light  to their cries for justice.

During the Covid- 19 pandemic, TFK members are among the frontliners helping the government in  fighting the dreaded virus.

TFK members also help the people in need of assistance during times of disasters and calamities in their respective areas.

It has also partnered with organizations like the Negros Press Club, the oldest press club  in the country and the Integrated Bar of the Philippines – Neg.Occ. chapter to further strengthen its linkages in the community and thus effectively  carry out its objectives, primary of which is to help people.

Chiong himself was  recently cited by  the Lions Club for TFK’s pivotal role in society.

Chiong though despite his good deeds is not spared from threats against his life and even cases were  filed against him,  because of what TFK is doing for the people but instead of  slowing down and stopping his advocacies, he continues to face these challenges.

” If we stop, who will help the people, where will they go? ” he asked.

Now on its 14th year TFK continue to soar high, along with it, cleansing of its ranks of misfits and renewing its commitment to remain steadfast and unwavering to its advocacies.

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The Braj Fashion Event -Showcased the Leading Designers on the Runway

Yes, ‘The Braj Fashion Show’ by ‘The Shiv Productions’, its Director and Organizer Shivam Pathak (SP Shiv) and Management Head Mohit Saxena organized the first fashion Runway Show in Braj on 16 April 2023 at Krishna Funland, Mathura / Vrindavan. With the culture of the Braj, a fashion show of traditional clothes was organized in which many eminent fashion designers of India participated and launched their best collections, team members included Sunny Bunny Singh, Anushka Chauhan, National lyricist Alok Kumar, Harsh, Mohit etc. DRM of ‘Bank of Baroda’ Kaushalendra Kumar came as VIP guest in this show and also Surendra Kumar Tandon and Raghav Pandav from Pandav Films Creation, and Sahil Sondhi etc.

Jagveer Singh Kuntal of ‘Krishna Fun Land’, who was the venue partner of the show, appreciated the show and said that we are very happy to organize such an event for the first time in Braj, as well as support the shows from other cities. The makeup team of ‘Lakme Academy’ from Noida showed their mettle. while the top 10 models Eye Wear gifted by Abhas Jha and Hardik Seth from ‘Ellen Terry London’ and Ankit Bansal from Mathura’s best Restaurant ‘Bansal Foods’. While food items were also distributed by Mathura’s top ‘Hotel Ajay’, Ajay Thakur also sponsored his hotel for the show. To do photography and videography in this show, The ‘K.T. Clicker’ Keshav Thakur also did a great job with his team and ‘E Lens King Photography’ Deep Sandhu from Punjab also engaged in photography. Also other sponsors include Akshita Motors, ‘S.P. Cell Point, Mohit Associates, etc. Residents of Braj and people from other big cities highly appreciated this traditional show and advised to organize similar events in future.

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Digital Cover: Sachin Kumbhar – Award-winning Host from India

Sachin Kumbhar is a professional anchor/emcee based out of the finance capital of India, Mumbai. An anchor and a voice-over artist with over 10 years of international experience.

He started with radio presenting, voicing and TV anchoring during his stay in Dubai. He moved to India in 2010; since then, Sachin has anchored high profile events for renowned brands like Star India, Times Clean and Clear, Neutrogena Guinness World Record, Channel V Nokia India Fest, IBM, Godrej, Times of India, etc.

Currently, he is anchoring for Bombay Times Fresh Face, 2015. Besides, Sachin has voiced TV channels like Zee International, Colors, MTV, VH1, Nick, Comedy Central, and much more. Sachi is hosting a few award shows.

Sachin wants to get his debut as an Artist, he is also planning for movies, web shows.

Event Fashion Models


This coming February 13 and 20 (Sundays) from 8:00AM to 5:00PM, the Quezon City Photo Club (QCPC) will be celebrating its 6th Year Anniversary in the Amphitheater, Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife (NAPWC), Quezon City. Founded on February 12, 2016, the celebration focuses on promoting ‘KAMUNING, AS THE FASHION CAPITAL OF QUEZON CITY.”

Mr. Jeremiah Pong Ching, President of Retailers of Kamuning Market Association is in partnership with QCPC in promoting KAMUNING COLLECTION made by various Kamuning Fashion Designers and artisans.

Poster design by Bon Labora

Kamuning is not only prominent for its Kamuning Bakery, it is also the home of textile, artisans and fashion. Quezon City, indeed, is known for many things. Apart from being home to the best universities in the country (UP and Ateneo de Manila among them), the best hospitals (Heart Center, St. Luke’s Medical Center, etc.), and all the TV stations, it is also home to many of the country’s fashion designers, such as Randy Ortiz, Rudy Fuentes and Renee Salud. 

It is where former Paris-based designer Roy Gonzales established his local practice when he came home, and where the careers of fashion icons Ramon Valera and Joe Salazar first blossomed. So it’s no surprise that QC is fast becoming the Fashion City too. Mushrooming along the long stretch of Kamias and Kamuning Roads alone are ateliers of both new and established names. (Gladys Andre D. Duenas. Philstar Global. 2004).

Quezon City’s designers were tapped during the pageant to reinvigorate the fashion industry in 2004 and 24 of them came together to doll up the candidates using abel Iloco fabric: Peter Lim, Paul Cabral, Vivo Nazareth, Larry Espinosa, Eddie Baddeo, Frederick Alba, Bumbee Ramos, Paola Angela, Jay Sustiguer, Boying Eustaquio, Dennis Martin, Edwin Uy, Jontie Martinez, Eddie Castro, Shannon Pamaong, Ramon Depositario, Jun Halili, Edgar San Diego, Edgar Madamba, Joel Pros, Francis Calaquian, Arielle Agasang, Ronaldo Arnaldo, and Fanny Serrano. (Gladys Andre D. Duenas. Philstar Global. 2004).

The city government, long supportive of medium-scale industries, now regard the fashion industry as a source of pride, and may boost tourism. After all, the industry creates jobs for seamstresses, cutters, and fabric suppliers.

(*The Quezon City Photo Club (QCPC) activity on February 13 and 20, 2022 (Sundays), from 8:00AM to 5:00PM in Amphitheater, Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center (NAPWC) is RSVP, BY INVITATIONS ONLY).

Arts Event

B.R.A.D.: Brotherhood in Arts with a Noble Artistic Vision – an ART Exhibit to Promote Local Tourism and Help Other Aspiring Artists

Talented artists from the Province of Rizal are currently preparing for their four-man show exhibit at the famous Art Asia Gallery in SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City. 

The B.R.A.D. Art Exhibit is Titled “Heart”, the four talented artists will showcase their new artworks and it will open on February 8-22, 2022.

Brando Limon Bati, Neptali “Rico” Aunzo, Adler Llagas, and Daniel Dumaguit were, first and foremost, artists who later became friends because of their trade. 

Known to the artistic world as B.R.A.D. it was the owner of the famous restaurant in Silang, Cavite – Ric Gemora Hernandéz – who christened the group BRAD, an acronym of the artists’ first names: B for Brando; R for Rico; A for Adler; and D for Daniel. Their informal group was born during the group exhibition organized by the Daloy-Likha International Arts and Nature Society, Inc., international art and environmental organization based in Lucban, Quezon, in partnership with Ricardo’s Coffee + Classic Cuisine, before the establishment of its art gallery, now known as Ricardo’s Galeria Al Fresco, on May 1st to 16th, 2021.

Daniel Dumaguit
Brando Limon Bati’s Bamboo Series
A landscape painting of Adler Llagas
Rico Aunzo’s Pedrong Masipag

During that time, executives from the clothing brand, Obra ni Juan were there who connected them to the management of ARTablado, an artistic space owned and managed by Robinsons Land. B.R.AD. was then formally introduced to the general public with their 4-man show titled “BANGON! Ikaw. Ako. Tayo”, which runs from October 16th to November 4th. This show, according to its organizers, aimed “to inspire people to get up, work together and reach for their dreams,” as the global pandemic hit everybody to their core. 

According to B.R.A.D., the group wants to promote local tourism and also to accommodate and help other artists, new and mid-career, with their artistic careers. It was their vision to create not a formal group, but friendship and brotherhood among artists, helping one another to grow as artists and thrive with their careers. This having said, B.R.A.D. indeed is the appropriate name for the group for it carries with it the vision and noble mission of these artists, all hailing from Rizal Province. (Written by Noel Sales Barcelona)