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Meet: Christine Garcia Esguerra – Beauty Queen

Exclusive Interview with Christine Garcia Esguerra – Beauty Queen (MRS. PHILIPPINES ASIA PACIFIC-GLOBAL 2023)

Tell us something about yourself

I am a 42 yr old widowed parent of my 2 amazing teenagers, Rian Caius 16yrs old and Rich Calix 14yrs old studying at La Salle Greenhills and La Salle Tech Academy. An only daughter and middle child among my 2 brother siblings. The wonder woman of my biological parents Carlos and Dolores Garcia. A great friend, who cherishes all the good and bad times. A sister who supports and brings out the best in each other. A neighbour who helps in times of need. And a leader who has created & keeps creating leaders. 

What can you say about the stereotype about being a beauty queen? 

Being a beauty queen is like a rose, many love that alluring scent and lovely petals, but there is a pain in beauty, and we are a proof of it. 

We will not be a beauty queen for no reason and purpose. We went through a lot of challenges and breakouts, but we kept going to find that purpose and create our worth, to be a model or icon of humanity & passion! We designed our own thorns to protect the beauty and significance of the word “QUEEN.” We deserved to be included and highly respected, and have our own seat at the table. WE ARE LIVING LEGENDS! 

How important is the crown for you as a beauty queen? 

This piece of metal with stones is just a physical symbol of being a beauty queen. But a real queen always wears an invisible priceless crown. With pride and honor, I value my crown equivalent to what I have experienced all my life and sacrificed to win it! This means ‘MY LIFE’ being a WOMAN, my dignity and credibility! This symbolizes a battle won and another new journey to being the greatest version of myself. 

“My crown is me, I am a QUEEN.” A crown is not a crown meant to be worn by cowards. Because it takes a true queen to wear a crown behind its responsibilities and values. And with a heavy heart, a crown is not worth wearing if it’s painful. 

What is for you the true essence of being a woman?

My winning answer (LOL) : 

“The true essence of being a woman not  only shows with her poise and grace, or by being fabulous, but furthermore she reflects the love and care she genuinely shows, and she radiates humanity, kindness, resilience and humility by those around her. And that’s the real essence of being a woman.” AND I THANK YOU!

Designer | Jeffrey Espiritu
Available at Mato’s Coat And Tie Collection
HMUA | Jeffrey Espiritu
Photographer | Winluna Photography
Venue | LP Paragon Modeling Center & Studio

We all know that pageants for married women are more on advocacy, can you tell us your advocacy?

Even before I won in this pageant, I have been doing what I am preaching, practising and living a true-to-life story of a beauty queen through an ordinary person in me. But in this current platform, I am advocating the IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION as my main advocacy. Because through education, we can simply change the world. All professions started through the roots of education. Education is not only academic in school or through other formal studies, hence, there is more to learn from simple things outside the school. And these include love for humankind; love for nature, animals and environment; nurturing living and non-living things; impact of happiness and positivity through holistic wellness; fashion and passion sustainability; and many more! And as a woman of advocacy, this pageant gave me the right platform to perform well in my duties as a human being, as a queen! 

How do you balance your time as a career woman, as a mom and as a beauty queen?

It’s good that I have learned being a multi-tasker and it’s a strong plus being a beauty queen. I gained knowledge and experience through time and good enough to know the right balance of my roles! I am fulfilling my FULL-time role now as a SOCIAL COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER on the side of being a full-time hands-on Mom and at the same time, fulfilling my deceased husband’s role to my kids. I always believe that life gives us great options. I always choose to be hands on to my kids and my family. 

And I feel I made the right decision to sacrifice my work right now which just started a few months ago before the pageant and focus on my priceless & unpaid job for now, fulfilling my role and worth as a reigning Mrs. Philippines Asia Pacific Global 2023. Financially, I always trust the Lord that He will always provide and He keeps doing it for us, never did He forsaken us! 

Are there any upcoming event/s you are preparing for?

Practically preparing for our upcoming beauty pageant this December 6-11, 2023 in Singapore and to Malaysia as the host venue for this year, for the title “Mrs. Asia Pacific 2023” by Lumiere International Pageantry. While on the side of doing single-parenting and full-time volunteer jobs! I am always grateful to look forward to this kind of event that could lead to another open door of opportunity for me, my career and my family. 

Models Pageant Press Release

Patricia Javier’s eldest son “Robert Douglas Walcher IV” to represent the Philippines in an international pageant

Robert Douglas Walcher IV, 16 – the son of Celebrity Chiropractor, Doctor Rob Walcher III and Actress and Beauty Queen Patricia Javier is set to represent the Philippines in the upcoming Mister Teen International pageant 2023. 

The proud parents were present during the press presentation at One Esplanade. The candidates for Mister International Philippines were introduced to the members of the media. 

Robert was handpicked by Mister International Philippines National Director Manuel Deldio as the Philippine’s representative that will be held in Thailand.

Let’s get to know more about Robert Douglas Walcher IV:

Age: 16 Years Old

Parents: Patricia Javier and Dr. Rob Walcher III

Advocacy: Awareness for Health & Wellness

Talents: Arts and Painting, Modeling, Acting, Playing Electric Guitar and Piano

Sports: Swimming, Baseball and Soccer

Motto: Train your mind to see the good in every situation.

Congratulations and we are so proud of you. Good luck Robert.

Fashion Models Pageant

Exclusive Interview with Bee Alemi – Model and Influencer

Please tell us something about yourself

My name is Bee. I am a Muslim Fashion Model and Social Media Influencer based in Los Angeles, California. I recently graduated with my Master’s degree obtaining an MBA while pursuing my career in Commercial Real Estate.

Tell us how you were “discovered” and how your modeling career all started?

I got noticed by big brands and started modeling as their influencer. In addition to that, my modeling career began when I walked in the Orange County Fashion Week in Southern California for a Japanese Couture designer. Soon after, I changed my direction to editorial modeling, working with many South Asian bridal designers. 

If you weren’t modeling what would you see yourself doing?

Being a Model and Social Media Influencer has always been my hobby however it does not limit me from being anything else. I would be doing the same pursuing higher education onto Ph.D. and a career that aligns with my interest — that being Commercial Real Estate.

What is your workout routine?

My workout routine consists of cardio and weight training. I would love to get into Pilates for a more toned and defined body.

How important is it for you to have a fit and healthy body?

I strive to always be fit. Having a healthy body aids to a more healthy mindset. My body is my temple and I’m constantly building it.

Tell us your social media accounts

Instagram: @hellobarbee

Tiktok: @hellobarbeee

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Digital Cover: Ayse Top – Model, Beauty Queen and Businesswoman

In 2018 she was crowned as Ms Netherlands Universe and represented her country the Netherlands and competed against 88 countries in the Philippines. According to Ayse, Mrs. Universe competition was a once in a lifetime experience where she won a special title Ms Glamourous Universe.

She won in different pageants and here are some of her titles:

Ms Netherlands Universe 2018
Ma Glamourous Universe 2018
Ms Summer International Netherlands 2019
Ms Queen of the Year Turkey 2019
Ms WOW 2020
Ms Supermodel Turkey 2021

This year, she will be participating at the Top Model Europe competition, she made it to the grand finals and she is really proud of it.

“My crowns are my wings to inspire the world”

She loves to write and to inspire! In 2018 her book is launched in the Philippines for changing the mindset from negativity to positivity! Last year she was a panelist during the International Youth Day, the purpose is to inspire the Youth, how to switch the mindset with her book. For her it’s very important because as we all know that youth is our future. 

In fact, she received awards as Book Author of the Year at Youth Icon Award and Fashion Art Media Awards. 

Other awards given by International Flame Awards are Businesswoman of the year award 2021 and Supermodel of the Year Award 2021. She also received from Leadership Mindset Ambassadors an award as writer and a nomination for the Top 20 outstanding Empowered Women of 2022. She is also one of the awardees at International Celebrity Awards Paris and Global Trend Business Leaders as Phenomenal Woman of Beauty and Passion. 

Ayse is also one of the international jury members for the Cannes Film Festival and also for Flame Fashion and Art Awards.

As the chief editor of the Italian magazine Spazio Demo and Ambassador of Double People Italy, she plans to bring Italian, Turkish and Dutch business together.  She is proud to work as columnist at COLPA magazine from the USA, she is assigned to write about fashion and beauty to bring USA and Europe together. 

Other Achievements

  • Presenter for the Mister and Miss Art
  • Presenter at International Celebrity Awards Paris 
  • Public Speaker
  • Writer Marketing Book
  • Ambassador International Model Agency Prestige 
  • Ambassador International Human Rights IQRA
  • Published in more than 90 international magazines
  • International catwalk model for Milan, London, Pari, Cannes, Amsterdam, Sanremo and Turkey Fashion Weeks, Dubai and Egypt 

Her second book is all about her journey to the top, you can find some inspiring true to life stories of world leaders published by Prachti Grubha from India.

Ayse is really excited to share her upcoming book which tackles the Intriguing anthology to youth empowerment and there are more than 30 true to life stories of well known leaders to empower the youth worldwide. They will really learn not to quit following their dreams despite of their struggles in life. 

Watch out on September 18, there will be a virtual launch at 3 international TV Channels. 

Ayse is also a businesswoman together with his boyfriend Gilermo – the magazines call him the Dutch Vin Diesel. They are into new medical skin improvement, the new golden liquid for example for eczema its called Colmenar oil  

When life gets hard, remind yourself that diamonds are made under pressure! Never ever let someone dim your light because its shines in their eyes, I want to be inspirational with my books for your best version and right mindset

Fashion Models Pageant

Digital Cover: Joanna Camelle Mercado

Joanna Camelle Mercado was recently crowned Miss Continentes Unidos 2022 in  Portoviejo, Ecuador last August 6, 2022. She was the second winner from the Philippines and Asia and bested 24 other international delegates.

Mercado stood out in every segment of the pageant, from the national costume, swimsuit round, long gown competition and she nailed the Q&A segment during the grand finale. 

Miss United Continents 2022 Camelle Mercado
Photos Andy Cayna Photography
Stylist/Creative Director Jean Lacsina Tumang
Gown by John Guarnes
Hair and Make Up:
Ian Ular
Nald Tamondong
Allen Leon

Here’s Mercado’s winning answer:

“We must come together despite our differences through love, amor, and embracing cultural awareness. Through unity, we surpassed the nightmare of this pandemic and it is evident that we can triumph any trials that may come, including war.

“Just like Portoviejo, un ejemplo de resiliencia, el verdadero poder es la unión solo tenemos una raza esa es la raza humana (an example of resilience, the true power is the union we only have one race that is the human race). Gracias, Ecuador! Mabuhay, Philippines!”

Miss United Continents 2022 Camelle Mercado
Photos Andy Cayna Photography
Stylist/Creative Director Jean Lacsina Tumang
Gown by John Guarnes
Hair and Make Up:
Ian Ular
Nald Tamondong
Allen Leon

Other Winners:
Ivanova Velez (Ecuador) – 1st Runner-Up
Karen Ortiz (Colombia) – 2nd Runner-Up
Lis Arbalaez (Venezuela) – 3rd Runner-Up
Gretha Matiauda (Paraguay) 4th Runner-Up
Ayram Ortiz (Mexico) – 5th Runner-Up

Photo from Organización Miss Continentes Unidos page
Fashion Pageant

Up-Close with Riza Oben Dormiendo

Beauty queen-businesswoman-humanitarian was one of the country’s socialites from Taguig City.

She is a successful businesswoman, the owner of the multi-awarded top performing agency in the Philippines, the Eastwest placement Center inc. She was crowned as Mrs. Philippines Face of beauty International 2019.

Joining a beauty pageant at her age is not a joke. She believes that crowns aren’t made of rhinestones, they were made with discipline, determination and an alloy called courage. As she said “winning the title is one of my greatest achievements, which carries a big responsibility. Through this title, I will use my voice to enlighten married woman that we are all beautiful in our own different ways and that we can be fit and health, and maintain our beautiful body by joining activities that will boost our confidence,”

Riza is a neophyte in the world of beauty pageants. But for the records she is a fitness connoisseur, A mountaineer and loves joining marathons. trekking the highest mountain in the philippines, the mt. Apo and a finish the 21k Marathon for national geographic are some of her greatest feet, because of her achievements, riza was invited shows in radio and television. Living the taught, having a healthy life is the key to a happy life.

From the top of the mountain, Riza also loves owning the stage by performing Tango in different events. She was awarded as champion in Argentine Tango 2019 in Meralco Theatre which was organized by Dance Sports Council of the Philippines.

Riza is also a proud member of empowered women of Rotary Club International and Inner Wheel Club. Wherein she played the lead star as Cher in the recent National convention ( Talent night competition) held in Okada, with all the extracurricular activities Rizahas, she is happily married for 30 years and blessed with one beautiful daughter which is currently pursuing her master’s degree in the university of Sydney Australia.

Here is our exclusive Q&A with Ms. Riza Dormiendo

What used to be your biggest weaknesses?
My biggest weaknesses were when someone likes to interview me on television and speak in front of the audience. Glad I was able to overcome all of those.

What are you most proud of?
My most proud moment was when my daughter graduated from Sydney University with flying colors.

What professional organizations are you associated with and in what ways?
I’m a proud member of Rotary Clubs international and Inner Wheel clubs International wherein I am able to help a lot of less fortunate people.

What’s your family like, and what do you do for fun?
My family and I love the outdoors. We make sure that we could have one monthly- locally or internationally.

Have you drawn professional inspiration from other women?
Yes of course, everyone of us should have an inspiration and be an inspiration to all as well.

Tell us about someone who has inspired you.
Actually there are too many to mention. But definitely they are part of my success- the number one is my mom. She is the reason how big a person I became.

Why do you support women’s empowerment?
I support women’s empowerment because it promotes my sense of self-worth. And I believe that I need to be a part of social change to others and to the community.

Share a women’s empowerment moment that inspired you.
The “ Crown for compassion” as a beauty Queen myself inspired me in so many ways not only in beauty but to help those in need.

What are you afraid of?
In general, as everyone says- we are all afraid to lose someone we love dearly.

What would you tell young women who are just starting to work? What would you like them to know?
Given a chance to speak to a young woman who is just starting to work is that- “Don’t be afraid to fail, just stand up and set your goals. Remember these three secret words- you need to have determination- to keep you going, Passion- when you feel everything falls apart and Resilience- when all the things get tougher.

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Miss Morocco Chaimal Hejam wins Miss Grand Sea World 2022

Miss Morocco Chaimal Hejam wins Miss Grand Sea World 2022

Miss Grand Sea World 2022 was held on June 19-26, 2022 in Vratsa Bulgaria, where delegates from fifteen countries competed for the crown. Chaimal Hejam was crowned as the new queen.

Top 5 

Mexico, Bulgaria, South Africa, Morocco and Netherlands 

Top 3

Morocco – Grand Winner 

Bulgaria – First Runner-Up 

Netherlands – 2nd Runner-Up 

According to their website, Miss & Mr. Grand Sea World is about “Finding the most desirable, beautiful, charming individual who must also possess a good heart.”

Unlike other beauty contests, Miss & Mr. Grand Sea World take the candidates through a variety of challenges, events and in-depth interviews to reach the final stages of the competition. During these challenges the judges are looking for the most desirable, beautiful and rounded Miss and Mister in the world.

The competition is recorded for TV. The contestants are taken through five challenges: Fashion & Style, Extreme Challenge Multi-Media, Sports Challenge, Talent Challenge. The winner of each challenge secures a place as a finalist in the Top Ten. The remaining five places in the Top Ten are awarded to the contestant ’s who, in the opinion of the judges, have performed best in the challenges and displayed the most desirable behavior throughout the competition.

The winners are selected by a competent jury consisting of 8-10 members who are looking for the candidates with the best looks, physical strength, charisma, charm and strength of personality.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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Models Pageant

Featured Model: Gerome Miguel Mojica

Tell us something about yourself
An Engineer, Entrepreneur, Influencer/Blogger and Outdoor Person. I graduated from Technological University of the Philippines-Cavite Campus, took the BS Technology of Civil Engineering Tech. After that, I first got into the industry working as an OJT at Paravisible Builders under SMDC Tagaytay. There I provided Engineering Department, Site Operation, Admin and Safety Department with interdepartmental communication, helped in managing schedules, and maintained the Construction Site in Zero Accident and on time schedule.

Before that, I was also a working student for 4years, as a Service Crew in Jollibee and McDonalds. With this experience, human fellowship has expanded. In my downtime, I enjoy hiking, swimming, cycling, running, cooking & baking and Solo Travel

How did you get your idea or concept for your camping business?
I started to explore solo travel and from there I met some groups from Amateur Sports Team who encouraged me from hiking, running, swimming and cycling which I became a nature lover.

What have you enjoyed most about starting your own business?
Take on the Risk, Challenge myself by following my passion, meet new people and make, and give back to the community.

What challenges did you have to overcome at the beginning of your journey as a young businessman?
Social Rejection, Criticism, Dealing with Stress and self-doubt

What is unique about your campsite?
Campsite offers Kawabath and Massage, Foods such as Samgyupsal, HotPot, silog meals, Bulalo…

What advice would you give to someone who is trying to become an entrepreneur?
Prepare for Financial Challenges! Be frugal, remember you’re a start-up, plus don’t be afraid to ask for help and Never stop learning.

What made you decide to join male pageants?
Pageantry gives you a window of opportunities, this world ties in with the entertainment world! Not only for exposure, it opens doors to modelling, acting, performing, and much more! Even if you want to speak out about things you are passionate about for philanthropy points of views as well!

What accomplishment are you most proud of and why?
So far I am most proud of earning my Construction Business and Management of Camping Site But, speaking honestly, I consider it just as a start of my journey, not an end. I hope to achieve many other things, both as an entrepreneur and as a man, son, brother and in any other roles I may have in my life. I love setting goals and pursuing them with my work, dedication, and enthusiasm.

What is your favourite way to stay in shape?
Running and Cycling

Can you tell us your upcoming pageant?

  • Misters of Filipinas 2022 (Cavite, Philippines)
  • Best Male Model of The Universe 2022 (Belgium)
  • Hari ng Pilipinas 2022 (Ormoc Leyte, Philippines)

What are your social media accounts?



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Rosko Dickinson, President of Manhunt International Organization announced today that following the outstanding success of the 20th Edition World Final held in The Philippines, that the country will again be play host to the 21st EDITION OF MANHUNT INTERNATIONAL.

Manhunt International wears the crown as the largest and longest running male modelling contest in the world, and has been franchised to more than 70 countries worldwide. It is open to aspiring male models between the ages of 18 to 32 years old and provides them with a platform to launch their international modelling career.

The first ever Manhunt International World Final was held in 1993 on the Gold Coast and this year marks the 21st Edition. Since it was established, the contest has been hosted in Australia, Singapore, Philippines, China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and now it returns to The Philippines (1999, 2020 & 2022) for the third time.
From 23rd September 2022, up to 40 International Male Models from all over the world will arrive in The Philippines to compete for the coveted title of Manhunt International. The International contestants will be judged in Fashion, National Costumes, Swimwear, Photographic and Eveningwear segments.

The World Final will be again be produced in The Philippines by the Empire Group of Companies:, Empire Studios, GAME and Mercator Models.
The Manhunt International 20th Edition winner Paul Luzineau from The Netherlands will crown his successor at a Gala World Final night on Saturday 1st October. The host venue, itinerary of events and locations will be announced very soon and made available through various Social Media platforms.
Sex: Male
Age range: 18 to 32
Marital status: Single or Married
Height: At least 1.78 m / 5’10”
Skills: Modeling Experience, Understands & speaks at least a little English
Additional attributes: photogenic, good physique (but NOT bodybuilders), wonderful personality, cool character, enthusiastic
For further information contact:
Email: –

#manhuntinternational #ganapmagazine


Mister International-Philippines opens applications for 2022 pageant

Calling all Kings: Mister International-Philippines opens applications for 2022 pageant

Today, marks the rebirth of Mister International-Philippines Organization. And this year is your time to shine.

Mister International-Philippines is recognized as the most prestigious and watched male pageant because of the distinctive handsomeness of the candidates.

This year, the Mister International-Philippines Organization is advocating men empowerment through sports and wellness.

With the advent of the pandemic, there is no other advocacy that fits this year’s pageant rather than empowering men by having an active lifestyle.

This resonates well through our candidates and the brands that partners with us to ensure that this message will be communicated to the whole country.

The organization also promises extensive and inclusive search for the next Mister International-Philippines. Part of the organization’s goal is to reach out to provincial directors as it plan to do provincial competitions to ensure best candidates in yearly competition.

“We also intend to have an excellent staging of all events to showcase how a true male pageant should look like. Living to our name as the most prestigious and watched male pageant not just in the country but in the world,” says National Director Manuel Deldio.

Mister International-Philippines prepares activities that will hone the talents of candidates. The organization introduces a mentoring program in the field of drama, speech, and entrepreneurship.

The coronation happens June 27 this year at OKADA MANILA (official partner).

Mister International-Philippines is open to all 18-28-year old mentally and physically fit (5”9) Pinoy and single who are advocates for sports and wellness.

Submit your applications to For more details, visit Mister International Philippines on Facebook and @themisterinternationalph on Instagram.