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Eugene Mosley is a jazz enthusiast and famous artist to the stars. He is ranked as a Top 5 world renowned Pointillism Celebrity Artist, 2008 Northwest Louisiana Walk of Stars Inductee, 2015 Las Vegas Hall of Fame/Walk of Stars Inductee. In 2017, he received the LifeTime Achievement Award from President Barak Obama. He was an International Nominee for 2019 Best Artist for the Art 4 Peace Awards in February 2020 in Hyderabad, India where global leaders from Hollywood and Talliwood attended, including the India Prime Minister and Beverly Hills, California Mayor.

He was featured on the cover of Hollywood Weekly Magazine several times. He was also the International Ambassador to Shreveport and  the Ambassador of Louisiana from Lt. Governor Mr. Billy Nungesser. He was recognized for his pointillism celebrity art and for using his artistic talent and art. The Shreveport City Council authorizes the Mayor to dedicate the 3800 block of Mayfield Street at Singletary in honor of Eugene Mosley.

Here is our exclusive Q&A with Mr. Eugene Mosley

GM: As a famous artist, who are your biggest influences?
Eugene Mosley: Some of the people who have had a big influence over my life are my dad and my mother for keeping my grounded and encouraging me through good and bad times, and my art instructor, Mr. Billy Adgers (Southwood High School – Shreveport, Louisiana) was instrumental in me learning the art form of pointillism for which I will be forever grateful.

GM: How have you developed your career as an artist?
Eugene Mosley: It took quite a bit of time, hard work and dedication to get to the point that I am at now in my career. Starting with gaining the trust of the families of the subject matter. Also, developing realism and life like images of the legends of Jazz and Entertainment.

GM: We know that you have a lot of artwork collections. Which one was your favorite and why?
Eugene Mosley: One of my favorite art pieces is of Sammy Davis, Jr.  In completing this masterpiece, I was able to get to know his wife, Mrs. Altovise Davis on a personal level.  She provided me with great insight into the life and career of this dynamic performer. Also, Frank Sinatra because of the way I had to really study his body of work including the style of his performance in music and his movie roles as a leading man.

GM: What has been your most amazing moment you’ve experienced as an artist?
Eugene Mosley: I can say it had to be when I met Michael Jackson and had the opportunity to sit down and talk with him about life and his love for art. I can truly say that Michael Jackson was deeply into his love for art.

GM: You were included in the Top 5 world renowned Pointillism Celebrity Artist, can you tell us about your unique way of painting?
Eugene Mosley: I perfected the art form of Pointillism because it is a very unique style where you use the point of your pin to make a series of dots to make an image.  Pointillism is a hard technique as it takes a lot of patience. To be the best at anything, you must practice and continuously improve your skill.

GM: What motivates you to continue to do your best in your artwork?
Eugene Mosley: Seeing the reaction of the client when they see the finished piece of work. I always put as much into one subject as I put into the next. I love challenges.

GM: What do you consider the most difficult aspect of being an artist?
Eugene Mosley: Not knowing if you got an art piece just right. I’m my worst critic when it comes down to making sure that my subject matter is the best of the best.

GM: Aside from what you are doing right now, what other things that keeps you busy?
Eugene Mosley: Spending time with my family and creating new entrepreneurships.

GM: What are your future plans?
Eugene Mosley: Well, I would like to teach young kids around the world how to become a Pointillism Artist. Also, working with my personal Chef, Stanley St. Charles to present Louisiana Cuisine by doing International cooking demonstrations using Legacy products is part of my future plans.  Getting into acting in movies would also be a great venture.

GM: Aside from being an Artist, we heard that you are also into business, can you tell us about it?
Eugene Mosley: Yes, I own a Luxury Line of Products (High End Cognac, Cigars, Legacy 1852 Rare Reserve Cognac Steak Seasoning).  I’m planning on bringing these products to the Philippines by Summer, 2021.

GM: How do you manage all of these things like your artwork and your business?
Eugene Mosley: It takes discipline.  Make a schedule, keep a timeline, and don’t procrastinate.  Also, put as much time and dedication as you can into your work.

GM: Who inspires you to do your artwork?
Eugene Mosley: My mother was an artist. I used to watch her paint as a kid and thought that it was so cool.  She was great at her painting.  My dad loved jazz music.  So, that is what got me into the subject matter of drawing jazz greats.

GM: What is your advice to all the young artists who are trying their best to be known in this industry?
Eugene Mosley: I can tell the young artist to stay focused and stick to an art form that you are truly good at and master it. I’m not saying don’t try other art forms. It is always good to know about other art forms, but pick one and be the best that you can be at it.  And, take your time with a project so you can have the best results. Always believe in yourself.

GM: Which is more important to you, the subject of your painting, or the way it is executed?
Eugene Mosley: Both, you must know your subject in order to execute your work.

GM: Do you have a website and social media to follow?
Eugene Mosley: genemosley@facebook
For U.S. Bookings, contact C. Moz –
For Philippines Agent, contact Bench Bello or John Guarnes

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