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Shivam Ravnit – Man of the Universe Ambassador 2021

Tell us about yourself

I’m Shivam Ravnit, a medical student studying in Manila, Philippines & soon to be a doctor. Along with that, I’m also a Model. Well I’m someone who follows my passion which led me to represent my country on the International platform, Man of the Universe International 2021 held in Dubai from 9 to 15 Oct where I won the title of Man of the Universe Ambassador 2021. Before this I’ve won Global Model Man of the Universe India 2021 which is a national level competition of India organized by my National director Amar Shamu. Also I’m the 1st Model from my state “Bihar” to represent my country at the International platform. What more do I say about myself, as I feel I have just started the journey and there is a lot more to discover about myself. But if I sum it up, I’m someone who owns myself and believes in whatever I do and I’m leading my life to become the better version of myself.

Can you tell us about your recent pageant journey?
All I can say is I really enjoyed every single moment of pageant, Man of the Universe International 2021. It was a great learning experience about Humanity, Diversity, Unity, brotherhood and Mankind, no matter how diverse can be united.

In what ways do pageants help you as a human being?
It is obvious why many young people desire to join pageants as it helps you to love yourself more and grow more confident. It also pushes you to be a better person by showing different aspects of the world. It makes us know more about our personality and talents. It actually gives us a window of opportunities which certainly helps a person grow in a positive direction with a worthy cause.

Is there any struggle joining pageants during the pandemic?
Certainly!! There is always a pressure when you’re representing your country, your people at International level and a pandemic has added more to it because of travel restrictions and quarantine rules. But when you have the support and blessings of your people and your country, no one can stop you. So everything went well with time and fortunately I reached Dubai for my pageant and rest is history. But again it’s all because of my family and all the people who supported me.

What are the things that you’ve learned during the pageant?
There are many things I learned during the pageant from little to big. I’ve learned and made changes out of it, how to be a calm person during chaos and how to be optimistic when things don’t go your way. It helps me to see positiveness in the least amount of time and not let me give up and most importantly it helps me to learn and discover more about myself in different ways that I didn’t know existed.

As a medical student, what are your contributions in the community during the pandemic?
As I’m a medical student and soon to be a doctor I’ve started a “Health First Helpline” a free helpline service where I help people for their mental and physical health issues. Also spreading social awareness about how to prevent yourself from getting the virus in this pandemic time and also tried to help poor children by distributing face masks, face shields and sanitizers and I request everyone to help poor children more and more because they need you the most right now.

What is your advice to all the aspiring pageant enthusiasts?
Well being confident and having self belief is the most important thing to have. Also I believe everyone has their own journey and struggle that they deal with, so I would only suggest that they be optimistic, confident and dedicated. As there is nothing you can’t conquer if you believe in yourself. And lastly, what I myself strongly believe in, “be who you’re not what the world wants you to be”.

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