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What to Wear to a Model Casting

Photo: CTTO

Do Not Wear Too Much Make-Up
Natural yet flattering make-up is ideal for a model casting
Don’t Wear a Complicated Up-Do
Do Not Wear Loud Print
Avoid Badly Fitting Clothes
Avoid Garish Accessories
Heels You Can Walk In
Wear Good Underwear
Choose a Modest, Flattering Outfit

What to Bring in Your Bag to Castings

A hairbrush or comb.
Men and women should ensure their hair looks unknotted and well-maintained.
Spare make-up.
A book/magazine.
Castings can usually require a lot of waiting around, so it’s a good idea to bring something with you to keep yourself entertained.
Water and snacks.
Keep yourself well hydrated and fed. It is not likely that food and drink will be available for you to purchase at the casting, so bring your own just in case. You may have to wait for hours at a casting, so consider these an essential thing to bring.

Photo: CTTO

Phone charger.
You don’t want your phone to die in case you miss an important work call or need the maps to find your way to your destination. Bring a phone charger just in case.
As mentioned earlier, heels are a vital model bag staple for model castings.
Underwear/Swimwear. Also mentioned earlier, many models bring a nude thong in case they need to try on an outfit where underwear may be visible.
Important documents. You may need to bring some ID with you, Vaccination Card

Remember to get to your casting early, if possible. Give yourself plenty of time to get lost and run into delays. DO NOT turn up to your casting late – if you’ve missed your appointment, they will very likely turn you away. Agents and brands need to see hundreds of men and women and a late model will show unprofessionalism.

See you all on May 2, 2022 at Okada Manila, 1:00PM

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