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Digital Cover: Meet one of the most talented Dutch artists Lizan Dizaye

GANAP Magazine Digital Cover

Meet one of the most talented Dutch artists Lizan Dizaye – Multi-awarded singer, songwriter and model

Lizan loved to sing and write songs since she was two years old, After winning an award in 2003 during high school pop Idol contest in Holland, Lizan also got crowned miss high school, She also won a medal with badminton and skating competition. After few years Lizan joined the Dutch X-Factor and she was spotted by the Dutch Getty Image, and also other Dutch magazines. Lizan got featured on Vogue challenge and Fashionmagazinenyc as the front magazine cover and on more magazines like cover magazine and Sanford magazine & icon magazine and Claire magazine. Soon after it was stated In many magazines and press that the dutch artist lizan collaborated with the American artist fame faiella & the German producer John Lamp on their new song “Vibes” Lizan posted to her Instagram on (February 8) stated in thisis50 and Medium magazine, promising she and fame faiella & john lamp have a masterpiece on the way and according to press news the upcoming collaboration to be special soon fans got excited so on (Feb 10) lizan, john & fame posted their first short video snippet of their song vibes on IG and on 19th of February they posted another short video that vibes will be out on Spotify on 04-3-2022 and in all other stores & platforms, the short video went viral on Instagram fans started to ask for more and ask for the full song date, So on Friday (04-3-2022) lizan, fame faiella & john released vibes full song on Spotify deezer and more platforms it soon reached thousands of streams, soon after lizan got featured on most famous billboard in time square NYC. 

Now Vibes full video version release is out now and reached over 200k on IG. On spotify it reached over 200k streams “Lizan dizaye” who is a famous singer, songwriter, model, climate activist & wfp usa ambassador & award winner, beauty pageant also reached over 300k followers and fans on IG lizan also collabed & worked with iconic artists like fame faiella and many more high recommended artists, lizan stated in magazines to her fans never give up on your dreams you live once so work hard. And your dreams will come true. Her releases “No time for love” “golden gun” pop rap genre and “ever after” classic genre” Plus Ever after remix ft johnlamp fckngnoise, followed by “no time for love” a dance electronic genre ft “tom bensheim”. And many more. After Lizan released “Vibes”ft fame Faiella & Johnlamp, the song went viral, available on YouTube, Instagram and all other platforms; her new songs are coming soon. Lizan always grows organically on  social media that’s why she’s highly respected and has become a popular celebrity ever since, other celebrities also support her especially on IG she’s popular for being multi talented In addition to singing, she’s nature photographer & storyteller, poem writer and passionate Environmentalist and Climate Activist. & wfpusa and sandcloud ambassador, quotewritter, model influencer.. lizan’s new song ft trae ballin – called moonlight is on the way & more songs will be out soon stay tuned



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