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Digital Cover: Gabriella Melrose – Female Life Coach, Author & Entrepreneur

Gabriella Melrose is a female life coach who helps women learn how to love themselves, face fears, reach their goals and create healthy relationships. Recently she released a book, “How To Become A Strong Woman”, that inspires women to go after the life they want and never let anyone use them.

For many years Gabriella was involved in modelling, acting and fitness. She has gained significant social media popularity after posting photos of luxury cars. It seemed like she had it all; luxury lifestyle, red carpet events and magazine covers, but nobody knew the sad reality of her personal life. She had a partner who was unfaithful to her and used violence, which led Gabriella to disappear from social media and start a self-love journey that inspired her to become a life coach. After the breakup with her partner, she disappeared from the media for almost a year to spend time with herself, learning how to love herself and resolve the childhood traumas that led her to a toxic relationship. After she returned, she shared the sad reality of violence and cheating that she suffered, which led her to become a life coach for other women and inspired her to write a book. 

Gabriella has no plans to return to the entertainment industry and wants to dedicate her life to helping other women. Her story teaches us that it doesn’t matter if you are famous and beautiful; you are not protected from toxic relationships. To avoid them, you must set standards, love, and understand yourself. You must prioritise yourself because if you don’t, people might harm you.

Tiktok: @saviugda_moterims

Instagram: @gabriellamelrose

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