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Fashion Pronoun #FEMMAS: Fashion Week Brooklyn Goes Global with London Debut

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Fashion Pronoun #FEMMAS: Fashion Week Brooklyn Goes Global with London

Debut Fashion Week Brooklyn’s International Debut: Uniting Brooklyn and London with #FEMMAS Global Expansion with #FEMMAS: Fashion Week Brooklyn Takes Center Stage in London 

BROOKLYN, NY – July 31, 2023 — BK Style/Fashion Week Brooklyn (FWBK), the renowned bi-annual  fashion event hosted by the BK Style Foundation, is thrilled to announce its first-ever International  Fashion Show in London on September 16-17. With this year’s theme, “Fashion Pronoun #FEMMAS,” the  event will celebrate creativity, diversity, and global fashion, showcasing designers from Brooklyn and  around the world. Following the London show, FWBK will return to its local roots with a Brooklyn show  from October 14-21. 

Fashion Week Brooklyn, the globally acclaimed fashion event, is set to make a stunning return for its  Season 2 showcase. FWBK has become a worldwide platform for socially-conscious fashion designers  and serves as a catalyst for raising awareness of critical social causes and community development. The  event goes beyond the runway, impacting enrichment through various programming, including clothing  swaps, curated talks, and culturally driven activities. 

“Fashion Week Brooklyn has always been at the forefront of creativity and innovation, and Season 2  takes creativity and innovation to a whole new level,” said Rick Davy, Founder of FWBK. “Fashion shows  are not only about premiering the season’s newest styles; they are showcasing events that bring  together some of the most creative minds in the world. Fashion Week Brooklyn is a haven for local  labels and global creators, particularly in the vibrant markets of New York and London, all while lending  itself to our global sustainability mission of bridging fashion and community.” 

Fashion Week Brooklyn’s global footprint continues to expand, with events and designers participating  from Paris, Japan, Africa, the Philippines, and the Caribbean, capturing the essence and integrity of the  global fashion community. The event collaborates with national and international organizations to  provide a platform for emerging and established designers, fostering collaboration and creativity in  Brooklyn and international partner venues. 

The upcoming FWBK Season 2 will feature diverse events, including the Gen K Kids Runway Show, a  showcase of kids-wear designers and products, sponsored and held in Kings Plaza Mall since 2019, and  the Designers RTW and Couture show, presenting ready-to-wear and couture collections. In Season 2,  Fashion Week Brooklyn is set to showcase a unique fusion of cultures with “Japan in Brooklyn”  


presented by Brooklyn Beauty Fashion Labo in Park Slope. This event will bring together designers from  both Japan and Brooklyn, where four brands from each locale will transform the street into a vibrant  catwalk on October 14. Additionally, on October 15, FWBK will proudly feature the talent of student  designers from colleges and universities across the USA in an inspiring student show. 

The event also reaffirms FWBK’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the fashion  industry. The collaboration will feature artists from diverse backgrounds, reflecting the rich tapestry of  cultures and identities that make up the global fashion community. 

The global expansion of Fashion Week Brooklyn is a testament to its impact and commitment to  positively changing the fashion industry. FWBK is excited to welcome emerging and established  designers worldwide to join this transformative event. With our upcoming events in Brooklyn and  London, we are seeking designers from around the world to join us and showcase their collections. This  is an incredible opportunity for emerging talents to gain visibility and connect with industry  professionals, buyers, and media. Whether you’re a fresh talent looking to make your mark or an  established designer looking to reach new audiences, Fashion Week Brooklyn is the perfect platform to  elevate your brand and share your unique vision with the world. 

Sponsorship opportunities are available for our Season 2 2023 Fashion Week Presents Designers  Collection event series. Brands will have the chance to align themselves with a highly influential and  socially-conscious fashion event. “We welcome all brands and organizations to join us in this  transformative journey and make a meaningful impact on the world of fashion,” said Rick Davy, founder  of the 501c3 non-profit BK|Style Foundation (BK|SF) 

For more information on how to participate as a designer or become a sponsor for Fashion Week  Brooklyn Season 2, please visit www.fashionweekbrooklyn.com or contact our team at  marketing@fashionweekbrooklyn.com. 

About Fashion Week Brooklyn: 

Fashion Week Brooklyn, hosted by the BK Style Foundation, is a bi-annual fashion event that celebrates  creativity, diversity, and community impact. Since its inception in 2006, FWBK has served as a global  platform for emerging and established designers to showcase their work and raise awareness for social  causes. The event features a wide range of fashion categories, including sustainability, ready-to-wear,  streetwear, and kidswear. Fashion Week Brooklyn bridges the gap between fashion and community,  creating a space for collaboration and innovation through a series of runway shows, talks, and cultural  activations. 

Davy said, “As we gear up for Season 2 of Fashion Week Brooklyn, we are excited to provide a global  platform for emerging designers, designers of color, and the LGBTQIA+ communities. FWBK has always  been committed to celebrating diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry. Our goal is to create a  space where all voices and perspectives can be heard and celebrated. We believe that fashion is a  powerful tool for self-expression and social change, and we are dedicated to supporting designers from  all backgrounds and walks of life.” 

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