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Meet: Christine Garcia Esguerra – Beauty Queen

Exclusive Interview with Christine Garcia Esguerra – Beauty Queen (MRS. PHILIPPINES ASIA PACIFIC-GLOBAL 2023)

Tell us something about yourself

I am a 42 yr old widowed parent of my 2 amazing teenagers, Rian Caius 16yrs old and Rich Calix 14yrs old studying at La Salle Greenhills and La Salle Tech Academy. An only daughter and middle child among my 2 brother siblings. The wonder woman of my biological parents Carlos and Dolores Garcia. A great friend, who cherishes all the good and bad times. A sister who supports and brings out the best in each other. A neighbour who helps in times of need. And a leader who has created & keeps creating leaders. 

What can you say about the stereotype about being a beauty queen? 

Being a beauty queen is like a rose, many love that alluring scent and lovely petals, but there is a pain in beauty, and we are a proof of it. 

We will not be a beauty queen for no reason and purpose. We went through a lot of challenges and breakouts, but we kept going to find that purpose and create our worth, to be a model or icon of humanity & passion! We designed our own thorns to protect the beauty and significance of the word “QUEEN.” We deserved to be included and highly respected, and have our own seat at the table. WE ARE LIVING LEGENDS! 

How important is the crown for you as a beauty queen? 

This piece of metal with stones is just a physical symbol of being a beauty queen. But a real queen always wears an invisible priceless crown. With pride and honor, I value my crown equivalent to what I have experienced all my life and sacrificed to win it! This means ‘MY LIFE’ being a WOMAN, my dignity and credibility! This symbolizes a battle won and another new journey to being the greatest version of myself. 

“My crown is me, I am a QUEEN.” A crown is not a crown meant to be worn by cowards. Because it takes a true queen to wear a crown behind its responsibilities and values. And with a heavy heart, a crown is not worth wearing if it’s painful. 

What is for you the true essence of being a woman?

My winning answer (LOL) : 

“The true essence of being a woman not  only shows with her poise and grace, or by being fabulous, but furthermore she reflects the love and care she genuinely shows, and she radiates humanity, kindness, resilience and humility by those around her. And that’s the real essence of being a woman.” AND I THANK YOU!

Designer | Jeffrey Espiritu
Available at Mato’s Coat And Tie Collection
HMUA | Jeffrey Espiritu
Photographer | Winluna Photography
Venue | LP Paragon Modeling Center & Studio

We all know that pageants for married women are more on advocacy, can you tell us your advocacy?

Even before I won in this pageant, I have been doing what I am preaching, practising and living a true-to-life story of a beauty queen through an ordinary person in me. But in this current platform, I am advocating the IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION as my main advocacy. Because through education, we can simply change the world. All professions started through the roots of education. Education is not only academic in school or through other formal studies, hence, there is more to learn from simple things outside the school. And these include love for humankind; love for nature, animals and environment; nurturing living and non-living things; impact of happiness and positivity through holistic wellness; fashion and passion sustainability; and many more! And as a woman of advocacy, this pageant gave me the right platform to perform well in my duties as a human being, as a queen! 

How do you balance your time as a career woman, as a mom and as a beauty queen?

It’s good that I have learned being a multi-tasker and it’s a strong plus being a beauty queen. I gained knowledge and experience through time and good enough to know the right balance of my roles! I am fulfilling my FULL-time role now as a SOCIAL COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER on the side of being a full-time hands-on Mom and at the same time, fulfilling my deceased husband’s role to my kids. I always believe that life gives us great options. I always choose to be hands on to my kids and my family. 

And I feel I made the right decision to sacrifice my work right now which just started a few months ago before the pageant and focus on my priceless & unpaid job for now, fulfilling my role and worth as a reigning Mrs. Philippines Asia Pacific Global 2023. Financially, I always trust the Lord that He will always provide and He keeps doing it for us, never did He forsaken us! 

Are there any upcoming event/s you are preparing for?

Practically preparing for our upcoming beauty pageant this December 6-11, 2023 in Singapore and to Malaysia as the host venue for this year, for the title “Mrs. Asia Pacific 2023” by Lumiere International Pageantry. While on the side of doing single-parenting and full-time volunteer jobs! I am always grateful to look forward to this kind of event that could lead to another open door of opportunity for me, my career and my family. 

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