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ROSS PINO X MERCEDES-BENZ MANHATTAN: Ross Pino To Collab In a Solo Art Show with Mercedes-Benz Manhattan “The Gentleman’s Experience”

New York, November 10th 2023: Ross Pino is an artist whose main focus is to conceptualize the awakening process. Telling the story of life and death, good and evil, and in general the duality within this world. His main objective is to set people free from negative mindsets and destructive thought patterns and to help them step into their fullest most elevated version of themselves.

Mercedes-Benz of Manhattan will be going through an $18 million dollar renovation in their Manhattan corporate showroom starting January 2024.
On Friday, November 10th, Art, Live Music, and Fashion came together to kick off the lightbox series in partnership with Ross Pino, Kultivated Experience, Soojin Kim, Ovono Agency and Mercedes-Benz Manhattan.

The series will continue quarterly to bring guests to the showroom to host a different range of entertainment throughout the year focusing on all things lifestyle and culture. The second floor of the Mercedes-Benz Manhattan showroom transferred into an art gallery featuring artwork and apparel by Ross Pino.
The fully electric Mercedes-Benz EQS was revealed with artwork by Ross Pino. The event featured an exquisite catered presentation, showcasing a delectable array of culinary creations by Marlow Bistro. There was live music by Strange Majik, fresh haircuts by Mike’s Custom Kuts, and an open bar sponsored by Misguided Spirits.

The event included a captivating fashion show, where models, Vanessa Marie, Carly Preusse, Angel Radicci, Kerin McAleese, Jasmine Marie Padilla, Lauren Marie, and Rainstorm graced the runway adorned in hand-painted leather jackets by Ross Pino, accompanied by a beautiful display of a custom hand-painted trench coat designed for actress Katrina Chiovon. Meanwhile, an impressive car reveal took place, complemented by an elegant performance by a professional ballerina Sarah Simon Wolff, who choreographed around the vehicle. The red carpet step and repeat served as a vibrant center of activity, where celebrities, models, and esteemed guests converged to strike poses, and this bustling scene was abuzz with Ovono Agency’s photographers, videographers, and magazine journalists diligently capturing memorable moments at this opulent affair.

The showroom featured an impressive assortment of artwork, including paintings, prints, and merchandise available for purchase. The space was abuzz with enthusiastic guests who turned out in large numbers to witness this extraordinary event. Ross Pino’s events continue to expand and surprise attendees with the unexpected. We eagerly anticipate the future and encourage everyone to stay tuned for upcoming news and updates.

Credit: @ovonoagency & @Rosspino88

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