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Meet Alexandra Vino: Actress,Writer/Director and Fine Artist

Alexandra’s early success as an actress started in the New York film and theater scene as a young adult. As a trained gymnast, she landed multiple roles demonstrating her physical technique, and then moved into acting in narrative feature films with her break into the Bollywood market. From there, she worked in shows on HBO, CBS, and ABC. Back in New York and LA, Alexandra landed roles working with Michael Fassbender and Director Steve McQueen. She does her work as a member of The Actors Studio, and has cultivated an amazing array of talents. Amongst working as an actress, Her team captain skills are still being exercised today as she is writing and directing films and loves the collaboration of making a film and fulfilling the vision!

Alexandra has most recently expanded her creative skills from screen to canvas, as demonstrated in her work as a fine artist. 

Here is our Q&A with Alexandra:

Congratulations to you for winning not only The Paris Independent film festival

but LA & NY festivals? Please explain the film and your success in the festival

circuit and where it stands today.

The film, Green Kola won The Paris Independent Film Festival. We received Honorable

Mention at the London BELIFFestival. Best Comedy Short at The Manhattan Film

Festival. Green Kola opened the LA Film Festival and was eligible to be submitted for an

Academy Award in short form.

The film is played out in chapters in its feature form. I’ve started to shoot the next

chapters to finish the film. I hope to be finished with the film in 2023 in its entirety.

How are you driven as a filmmaker?

How am I driven? Well, I’ve sort of been creating films since I was a little girl with our

home video cameras. I was very young when the first iMovie came out. I was lucky for

that. I edited films back then, so I think I’ve always had a passion for that. As an actor and

working on incredible plays and with incredible Directors for the last 15 years. I have

worked with amazing amazing iconic people and so I paid a lot of attention to them and I

I just implemented everything I’ve seen and learned that sort of resonated with me. I know I

can get any actor to give the performance I’m looking for. So I don’t really cast roles

based on auditions. I’ve never auditioned an actor before, actually. I just like to get to

know the person and if they have a sense of vibe that I vibe with, I use my intuition.

You started acting at a very young age. How do you keep yourself relevant in the

game of entertainment?

My relevance I believe is based on what I’m creating. Because I’m constantly creating

many different projects. In many mediums. I write all different genres and tv pilots,

treatments, dramas, comedies, reality, period… satire is what I’m particularly inspired by

right now. And I’ll paint when I have a feeling that wants to be expressed, or a story told in

the feeling of color and texture. That plays a lot into how I see directing a movie. It’s all

storytelling. And we use all the elements together and like a scientist concoct a

combination of elements that create a feeling. That feeling is what makes art special. To

evoke, and travel. I guess I am not about the “game” and more about the work. Everything

else comes and goes, but what’s constant is my own expression.

What is your most memorable moment as an actress? .

There are a good handful I hold in higher regard, but I feel it’s when I did my final audition

for The Actors Studio. I was the Mathematician, Catherine, in “Proof” by David Auburn.

Also, another that I must say is when I worked with Jim Caviezel in Malta on the set of

Paul The Apostle of Christ. Everyone we worked with was very special and the locations

We were also special. I went through a lot during that time as I lost my

mentor while I was there. I saw her right before I left, and I felt she was with me through

the whole thing and so I’ll never forget that time, the whole time it was substantially


How do you balance your time?

I don’t really balance my time. I work really hard and I prioritize my creative efforts and my

social life falls a bit to the side most of the time. Though, I do make sure I continue to

honor the fact that I’m young and able to go out and enjoy life sometimes. Beyond

creating, because experience in life is what inspires everything. I stay close to my family

and my closest friends. Normally I go to shows or events of my friends to support and

cheer for them. Don’t forget I was captain of my cheer team!

How did you cast your film Green Kola?

I pull in people and actors I’ve known. Long time actors and first time actors. In Green

Kola I wrote a couple of the roles for some of my friends and others I filled in. I’m also

lucky to have the actors’ studio as my home because there are so many incredible actors

there and a lot of times I just pull from there.

What are your hobbies? What do you do for fun?

Well my work is super fun like it’s the most fun I’ve ever had I laugh I get exhausted but I

drink coffee and pull myself together do a yoga real quick and get back to it because it’s

so much fun and it’s so rewarding but I love yoga also and I love taking care of my doggie

and I love children I have a lot of children around me a lot of my friends have kids and

family members have kids and I just love them so much that getting to be in touch with my

child side take them to the amusement park or something fun I really enjoy that

Have you ever been to Italy? If soTell us about your time in Italy and what you

loved most?

Oh yes I love Italy and I can’t wait to get back there I have been there my family is half Italian and we went together the first time I was there and stayed in Orvietto and travelled into Rome and Assisi and oh my gosh the olive oil and the wine and the beautiful landscapes and then the beautiful old cities were so gorgeous and the people I love just a beautiful time I would love to spend more time.

What’s the current plan for Green Kola?

Green Cola is a chapter of the feature film Hollywood movie. Each chapter has its own

title and I am shooting more chapters until the feature is finished.

For more Information on Alexandra Vino you can follow her and check out her links.

Alexandra Vino Website

Green Kola Trailer


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Uprising Artist: Lila Blanca, The Official MV for song Disagree is NOW PLAYING!

Recently, the band just made its wave having their much awaited music video out in the public over their official youtube channel.

Disagree is a song about keeping and pursuing your dreams with nothing but love and your conviction to achieve.

The song is known to be part of their album ep, The Collie Flower Album.

Moreover, the band is said to make another exquisite release over a new single this first quarter of the year which you will definitely want to hear first-Now, here’s something said to be very sizzling hot!

As we speak, the band had just finished the recording of their new song and is now on its way for release and which soon will be followed by its respective music video.

Lila Blanca is all about love and music.. Non the less, a band with a purple heart is never to be taken for granted nor not to give a listen to. An uprising artist: a true heart is meant to fly and conquer dreams.

Here’s to Lila Blanca’s official youtube channel(Full Video, Disagree):


Song written by: Dls Michael Angelo

Song published by: Universal Music Publishing (MCA)

Video | Shoot | Edit | Direction: Glen Gatchalian

G-Mel Films(Teaser):

Yt channel:

In cooperation with Stardom Music Production 

Sponsor: Team Sir George Salon – SM Fairview for Hairstyle and makeover

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Singer Neha Pandey talks about her journey in Fashion and Music

As we sit across from Neha Pandey in her spacious and chic home, the first thing that strikes us is her calm demeanor and striking beauty. She has just released her latest Sufi single, “Tu Hi Tu,” which has received rave reviews from fans and critics alike. The song talks about accepting the circumstances optimistically which is the key to peace and happiness and carrying on with faith amidst encircling gloom.

“Tu Hi Tu,” has already won hearts, garnering an overwhelmingly positive response; and is a heartfelt ode to the higher energy, the almighty, with a reminder to embrace gratitude and optimism in the face of adversity. It urges us to prioritize humanity above everything else and stay true to our faith, even amidst the darkest of times. 

Neha is a renowned South Asian Artist, Entrepreneur, Fashion Icon, and mother to her adorable son Aren, and is a true inspiration to women all over the world. 

She grew up in different parts of India, pursuing education across various cities, before establishing herself as an independent pop artist, playback singer, and founder of Bella Bee, and now a clothing line for women – Haya’s Closet by Neha. Growing up between Dehradun, Lucknow, Delhi, and Dubai, Pandey was exposed to a rich tapestry of cultures and traditions. It is this diversity that has inspired her music and her fashion choices. Today, she divides her time between the UK and UAE, where she continues to create music and make a mark in the fashion industry. Neha’s music is a unique blend of traditional Indian and modern Western styles, incorporating elements of pop, rock, and R&B. Her songs are a treat for music lovers of all ages and tastes, promising to leave a lasting impression on everyone who listens to them. Fans can order Neha’s singles and albums on Apple Music, Spotify, and all audio streaming platforms.

Neha Pandey’s journey as an artist and entrepreneur is a testimony to her talent, dedication, hardships, and hard work. Her creativity extends beyond music, via her clothing line, Haya’s Closet by Neha, which is a reflection of her passion for fashion and her entrepreneurial spirit. Her clothes are a perfect blend of traditional and modern Western styles, catering to the needs of women of all ages and body types. Neha Pandey is a true inspiration for young women who aspire to make a mark in the music and fashion industry. Her hard work, dedication, and passion have made her one of the most promising young artists in the industry, and her future looks bright. 

She was one of the faces among other already-established Bollywood celebrities at Abu Dhabi T10 cricket 2019; was seen promoting Abu Dhabi Tourism at ATM held at Trade Centre Dubai. She has also been featured among the Super 100 Indian entrepreneurs and professionals based on her hard- work and achievements not just as a self-made independent entrepreneur but also as a Dubai-based Bollywood Indie pop artist/singer. Neha is the voice behind iconic pop hit songs Busy Busy, Allah Waariyan, Humdard (Bollywood film Dobaara), Yaad Ayi, Ya Weli, and many more.  Neha believes that music and fashion go hand in hand, and they are both essential to her identity as an artist. Despite her many accomplishments, Pandey remains humble and grounded. She credits her success to her son Aren and sister Apurvaa (her anchor and supporters), her friends, and her fans. “This support has allowed me to pursue my dreams and live life fearlessly.” Her message to her fans is simple: “stay resilient, focused, and accepting”. 

Neha Pandey spoke about her creative process, how she blends music and fashion, and her vision for the future. She shared that her creative process is rooted in her personal experiences and emotions, and she draws inspiration from everything around her. “I have always loved experimenting with different styles and colors,” she tells us. “I think fashion is a form of self-expression and it allows me to showcase different aspects of my personality.”

It is this passion for fashion that led Pandey to start her own clothing line, Haya’s Closet by Neha. The brand, which is aimed at women who want to look stylish and elegant, features a range of beautiful designs that are both contemporary and traditional. 

But Pandey’s true passion has always been music. “I have been singing since I was a child, watching my late dad sing, he had a huge impact on all of us as kids,” she tells us. “It has always been a part of who I am.” Her music is a fusion of traditional Indian and modern Western styles, with elements of pop, rock, and R&B in the mix. “I love experimenting with different sounds and genres,” she says. “I think it keeps things interesting and allows me to grow as an artist.” 

Pandey’s music and fashion choices are both deeply rooted in her Indian heritage. “I am proud of my culture and my roots,” she says. “I think it is important to stay connected to where you come from.” But at the same time, she is also a global citizen who draws inspiration from different parts of the world. “I love traveling and experiencing different cultures,” she says. “It allows me to broaden my horizons and explore new ideas.” She is the first Indian female artist to create her Arabic original songs – Mashgool, Ya Weli, and soon the Arabic version (Ya Rabbi) of her latest hit Tu Hi Tu. 

In conclusion, Neha Pandey is a multi-talented artist who has created a unique identity for herself in the music and fashion industry and is a force to reckon with, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in the future. 

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Facebook –


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Digital Cover: Naturelle – Afro Italian Singer, Vocal Coach and Model

Naturelle is an Afro Italian singer, vocal coach and model. She began singing on stages at the age of 6 and working as a singer at 16, creating numerous musical ensembles, performing throughout Italy. In the meantime she studies to become a singing teacher and travels by coming into contact with various musical genres in Brazil, in the United States, in Canada, throughout black Africa and singing with artists like Arthur Miles, Bocephus King, Luke Evans. At 18 she participated in the Miss World Italy contest, arriving at the regional finals, where she met numerous photographers with whom she began to work as a model and then posed for numerous Italian, French and American brands, as well as for numerous catalogues and magazines, being published in some cases even on the cover.

At the age of twenty-three he began to work as a vocal coach in music schools, recording studios and privately and to work assiduously as a singer performer between Italy and France focusing exclusively on major musical events and luxury events, also receiving an important musical job for Netflix on the occasion of the release of the animated film “VIVO”. The magazine ROLLING STONE ITALIA also talks about it and cites its artistic contribution. He works as a songwriter writing numerous singles that are released by the K Noiz label and other musical productions in collaboration with deejays and producers. She publishes her ep “UNE FEMME À VIVRE” of smooth jazz genre in English and French where she pays homage to the 80’s sounds and where she launches a strong feminist message already visible from the cover, where she is nursing her third daughter. Naturelle has so far represented with her image and her art a symbol of today’s multicultural reality and of the eclecticism of modern women.

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Digital Cover featuring Mohammad Rasekh – Iranian musician and model

Mohammad Javad Rasekh is an Iranian musician and model with the stage name of Mohammad Rasekh, who started his professional artistic activity in 2014.

As a child he was very interested in art and music, and this made him enter this field as soon as possible, but his destiny led him in another direction and he succeeded in obtaining a degree in computer engineering at Shiraz University.

After all, in 2006, he travelled to Ukraine to start his studies in Russian language and to finish his studies there. Mohammad had a great interest in the modeling industry and entered into this field, and this made him move towards day by day. At the beginning of 2012, Mohammad participated in modeling as a professional model in Iran and Ukraine. His boundless success led him to take positive steps on the ladder of success.

After reaching high positions in the modeling industry, he became a musician with the help of his relatives and the support of celebrities in the great world of music. Mohammad’s main goal was modeling, but he worked a little in the field of music too, and this burden made his work field in the music too. After the release of “Napors” track, he also released many works like Paradise, Hiroosh, Irani, and Hills. All of these music broadcasters were available on all international music platforms. Currently Mohammad is active in both music and modeling and he is always trying to pursue his artistic goals.

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Faranak Shahroozi – International Pianist and Composer

Faranak Shahroozi is an Iranian-American concert pianist and composer known for her lyrical, romantic and captivating melodies. Her beautiful musical touch has placed her amongst world renowned instrumentalists such as Yo-Yo Ma and David Garrett. Her style of compositions have been compared to Francis Lai’s Love Story and Nino Rota’s The Godfather.

Faranak’s passion for music started at 5 when her parents hired a private tutor to teach her basic musical notes and theory. Following the revolution of 1979, her world as she knew it changed forever. At the start of the Iran-Iraq War in 1980, Faranak and her parents left their hometown of Abadan and moved to Tehran.

In 1984, Faranak moved to the United States, where she pursued her passion for music and received a B.A. in Classical piano performance from San Jose State University. The dramatic changes in her life had a direct effect on her musical abilities and emotional connections, which led to a series of musical compositions which ultimately captured the attention of famed producer Preston Glass.

By the late ‘90s, Faranak became the face of music in Napa Valley, where she lived and performed for many years. With Glass’s help, vision and collaboration with stars such as Lenny Williams from the soul/funk group Tower of Power, Syreeta Wright and the endorsement of the legendary winemaker Robert Mondavi, her first album, titled “La Musica De La Vigna,” was produced one song, “Helplessly Falling” was featured in the “Down ‘n Dirty” film starring Gary Busey.

In the 2000’s Faranak wrote her second album, entitled “Eternal Love”. She has performed for business and musical professionals including Steve Jobs, Jeff Shell, Stephen B. Burke, the [former] CEO of NBC; Johnson & Johnson; PETA; winemaker Robert Mondavi; she’s also performed with saxophonist Boney James; Tony! Toni! Toné! , Jesse Cook, Ottmar Liebert and many more.

During the pandemic she released her 3rd album, Circles of My Mind, produced by Preston Glass and Distributed by Symphonic Distribution caught the attention of many in the film industry and her song “Remembering the 80’s” was featured in Johnathan Moch’s best feature film, Playing the Crease, Carl Gilliard’s comedy mini-series, Two Degrees, Ashley Shyne’s Short powerful drama called CIA.

Faranak continues to be a powerhouse and an influencer on social media collaborating with many brands. She also donates performances to different charities such as Peta, Moms Against Poverty and the American Breast Cancer Foundation just to name a few.

Recently Faranak is using her musical voice to bring awareness to women’s rights in Iran. The movement is named Woman, Life, Freedom. She wrote and released Bright Lights in the Night, dedicated to the brave people of her birth country of Iran.

Her music is distributed by Symphonic Distribution to 50 major platforms worldwide. Jason Jordan, Senior A&R and business developer at Symphonic, predicted a beautiful blue sky in Faranak’s music career when he signed her immediately upon listening to her beautiful piano music. He was right! Faranak’s music career has been soaring new heights ever since.

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Digital Cover:  Bianca Leony – Singer/Songwriter

Bianca was born Bianca Marie Ortega on August 1, 1997 in Miami, Florida. With Cuban American parents, the Latin rhythm has always been a part of her soul.  From a very young age, she was inspired by many great artists, from the amazing voice of her great-grandmother, Blanca Varela, who was a renowned Opera singer in Cuba and whom she is very proud of. At the early age of 6, her talent was recognized by her voice coach who had her perform “At Last” to a large audience at the Miami Beach Convention Center.  She not only continued to develop her voice, but took dance lessons in ballet, modern dance, hip-hop, lyrical, contemporary, and jazz. Her dedication to dance was rewarded when her team won first place at Nationals. 

Between the ages of 10-12, she took her voice to yet another level while singing at the church choir and training with the great opera vocal coach. At age 16, Bianca started writing her own music and developing the Urban style she’s always loved. She is inspired and determined to keep the flavour of her Latin roots in the music she performs and ensures that el ritmo is heard and understood by many.

Live Performances

PreCaliBash 2019 Los Angeles CA.
Miami Bash 2019 and 2018 American Airlines Arena
Cubatonazo 2018 Watsco Center Miami Florida
Beach House Party 2019-2018 SBS FM 106.7 and Ritmo 95.7
Latin Billboard Showcase Conference 2017 and 2016
Songs playing in the Radio
Bien Pegao
Loca Por ti
Tengo El Control
Crazy Dance Remix

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Digital Cover: Meet Kevin Posey – Music Producer

Kevin Renard Posey Jr. born in Midwest City, Oklahoma to parents Sheila and Kevin Renard Posey Sr. November 8th, 1987, Posey grew up listening to a variety of music influenced by his parents. With a growing curiosity of sound, Posey would mentally deconstruct songs that played in the house and on the radio to figure out how they were constructed. At age 4, Posey fell in love with playing the keyboard. His father taught him how to freestyle rap around the age of 5. With these skills, Posey continued to practice and build his craft for rapping and creating sounds.

Posey attended US Grant High School and graduated from Santa Fe South High School in 2006. From 2010-2012, Posey attended the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Oklahoma and received a degree in Music Production. During this time he developed his sound and began producing for local artists as well as for himself.

In 2012 Posey released his first music video via YouTube titled The Lady in Purple. He began working on music videos for CD-released songs with film director Jonathan Shahan and film producer Cait Brasel. Posey released his debut album on streaming services Oct 2015 titled Fall in Love which he wrote, produced, composed, arranged, mixed, and mastered himself. The sonics in the album were inspired by love that had been missing in Posey’s life and from the love he understood from his own experiences. This album featured a fictional band named RoBotZ. RoBotZ was created via vocoder and synth sounds on Posey’s microkorg XL synthesizer.

With the success of his first album, Posey began producing and co-writing with artists like Chozxn, Philip Lawrence, and Tom Enzy. From 2016-2020, Posey released singles for himself and with others.

In 2019, Posey performed live throughout New Zealand with artists such as Mazbou Q, Phodiso, Techniclr, Kings, Scizzorhands, Kenny Slade and many more. Most of the shows had a live band to play and perform along with him. Posey and Mazbou Q co-created a live jam session event called The Loft. This event was to bring together musicians in Auckland City for 3 hours of continuous improv jams and tunes on the fly. This brought a big sense of community in the music world within the city.

Photo Credit: Chris Rogers

Posey’s sophomore album titled BREATHE released June 2020 was an international blend of sonics and talent. Posey recorded most of the album in New Zealand and finished the rest in Oklahoma during the pandemic. Releasing singles like Show Out and Your Shine brought a greater nuance of what the album had to offer. This album featured some of New Zealand’s buzzing and brightest artists from the likes of Mazbou Q, Scizzorhands, Jackson and Kédu. “Breathe is a reminder to slow down, to ease away from unwanted pressure. This album was a written letter to me to help me get through things I was and am facing today”says Posey. The second single off of the album became the number 1 song on the NYE countdown at AMR radio in Melbourne Australia.

In 2020 Posey released a single with rising star out of New Zealand and rising star from the states Chozxn to bring a hot single titled (How to do it). The single recently hit no. 16 on the iTunes top 200 hip hop charts.

Early 2020 Posey teamed up with New Zealand’s own Scizzorhands the DJ to create a joint EP and duo group IRON FLOWERZ. The project featured artists like Chozxn, Bella Shanti and Mazbou Q. “This EP gave me a chance just to be an MC rather than to produce. It was the push I needed to gear my mind for my follow up album” Posey says. All beats were produced by Scizzorhands. Posey and Scizzorhands mixed the songs and Posey mastered them. The EP was released the following year in 2021.

In 2021, Posey had been extremely busy with artist Chozxn as he produced an EP, singles and two albums for Chozxn whilst working on his solo projects, collaborations and sound design for a feature film titled Social Disturbance. During this time, Posey decided to try his hand at producing and directing music videos for Chozxn. The EP titled I’m Your Man was released early in the year 2021 and the other two albums The Recipe Vol. 2 and Wolfman released in the fall of 2021. Social Disturbance was released in the fall of 2021 and is streaming on Tubi. Posey took a stab at releasing an original score EP titled The Story of Francis[3] in October 2021. “Classical and film score music is my favorite music to compose,” Posey says. The tone and texture of this EP was musically crafted and short. Posey plans to create an ongoing musical series with The Story of Francis theme.

Posey also started producing for up-and-coming singer/songwriter, rapper Anastasiya. “She started recording with me at the end of July and by early October we finished her EP”, says Posey. Her EP, titled Russian AK was released Fall 2021.

Posey is working on his 3rd album titled Yellow Roses. “This album is a complex nuance of vulnerabilities as an artists who has to paint with a paint brush that has all of its’ bristles. With the way the world has been shook up as well as my life I must express my layers, my yellow rose”, says Posey. A yellow rose is also a symbolism of friendship. “There are times I felt so closed off and standoffish to my friends, that wasn’t my character nor friendly. Writing this album allowed me to dive into my pain and love. In that I found me, I found fun and joy in truth.” Posey says. The color yellow is also represents joy and deceit. Posey’s creative ways in music stem from colors and feeling. Yellow is the driving color yet multiple layers are present. This album will feature artists such as Chozxn, Anastasiya, Aubrey Trujillo and Douglas McDowell. Yellow Roses is set to drop in 2022.

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Rudolph “Chozxn” Nobles Making Waves in the Entertainment Industry

Chozxn is an Executive Film Producer/ Art Director/ Singer-Songwriter. Located in Southern California. Chozxn has received notoriety into his celebrity status through his perseverance and his patience. He has been showing his true diversity with the recent release of his albums titled ‘Wolfman’ ‘I’m Your Man’ and ‘The Recipe, Vol. 2’. All songs were produced by Super Producer Kevin Posey. He also has collaborations with the sensational Anastasiya, Stallone D’Souza and Tha Rift.

Chozxn is featured on Kevin Posey’s highly anticipated album titled ‘Yellow Roses’ to be released later this year. Chozxn’s audience expands across the globe soon he will be heard somewhere near you. Check out his IG for more updates @official.chozxn. Follow his Spotify and Apple Music for the latest music releases.

Photo Credits:
Celebrity photographer
Celebrity Stylist @anisa.shutova