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International Fashion Idol and UAE Achievers season 2 to be held in Dubai in 2023

After the success of the first season, we have announced the dates for the second season of International Fashion Idol cum UAE Achievers

International Fashion Idol is a renowned brand that inspires, empowers, and motivates people to achieve their dreams. Founded by Ms Simra Abdia, the brand has gained immense popularity in the UAE for organising one of the biggest fashion idols and awards in the country. The Mrs, Mr and Miss International Fashion Idol, The Kids International Fashion Idol and UAE Achievers have become the talk of the town, attracting participants from various fields.

The highly anticipated International Fashion Idol Season 2 HOSTED BY EPRICX  is set to take place on September 23rd at DUBAI. This prestigious event aims to encourage aspiring models, both adults and children, to embark on successful careers in the fashion industry. With a stellar line-up of renowned speakers, esteemed jury members, and the introduction of Season 1 winners, this event promises to be an unforgettable experience.

EVENT IS Organized by Simra Abdia, a prominent figure in the fashion industry, International Fashion Idol Season 2 brings together individuals passionate about modelling and those seeking to explore the endless possibilities of the fashion world. The event serves as a platform to nurture and showcase emerging talents, offering them a unique opportunity to gain recognition on a global stage.

Epricx held a press conference for the launch of the International Fashion Idol Season 2 on 14th May 2023 at MYX Club, Royal Ascot, Dubai.

After the grand success of its first season, International Fashion Idol is back with its Season 2, and this year’s contestants have exceeded expectations. From fashion enthusiasts to aspiring models, participants from diverse backgrounds have participated, making it a tough competition for the judges.

Key highlights of the event include the International Beauty Pageant and a captivating Kids Fashion Show. The International Beauty Pageant segment aims to empower and inspire participants through self-expression, confidence-building, and the celebration of diversity. The Kids Fashion Show provides a stepping stone for young talents to launch their modelling careers and serves as a source of motivation for their future endeavours.

The last season was a hit with such a high number of participants and the audience. The first season happened last January at Souq Al Marfa, Deira Dubai.

The event was divided in three different categories, International Fashion Idol: Miss, Mrs, Mr, the kids’ category and the last but not the least The UAE achievers award night, in which various entrepreneurs, and industry experts were awarded.

Winner List for the first Season of fashion Idol:

  • Mrs Category: 

    Winner: Mrs Seema Devnani

    1st Runner up: Mrs Meenakshi

    2nd Runner up: Mrs Suwarna

  • Miss Category:

Winner: Ms Noor

1st Runner up: Ms Nausheen Hinaz


  • Mr Category

Winner: Mr. Thiluck

  • Kids Female winners:Aileen, Tvisha, Rafa, Nishitha
  • Kids Male Winners:Nazhan, Adil
  • UAE Achievers  2022 Awardee for the first season:

Best Media PR Professional of UAE: Mr Muhammad Yusuf


Best Entrepreneur: Mrs. Masumi , Beautiful bundles






Ms Simra & Mr.Nitin, Head of Epricx, said that “We feel glad to announce the second season of The Fashion Idol of UAE. We are still accepting registrations for models,kids & nominations for awards and looking for sponsors to support our event. This Year from fashion enthusiasts to aspiring models, participants from diverse backgrounds are registering, making it a tough competition for the judges

The press conference was also attended by Hanif Sheikh, Chairman, Emirates Holding Group,NOONO GHAROOB, CEO OF CHARISMA TRENDZ, Ms. Veronika, Winner of Mrs. Universe UAE, , as well as other eminent personalities from the industry, including Ms. Latha Palit, Ms. Yasmin Akhter , AHEMD JUST ROAD FASHIONS ,RJ SARAH, and others who shared their good wishes to the team and being a part of the show and showcasing the international standards of fashion. Furthermore, some of the contestants  from season 1 , ARUNA VERARAGHAVAN, AJAI, FABIN, AND MORE  spoke highly of the show to the renowned media.

Organizers are also announced the show in India, which is going to held in this year @ Bangalore 

Jury panels for the season 2 







Mrs. Nisha Rijish  INDIA

Mrs.Lipika Bhattaru UAE

Mrs.Seetha laxmi UAE

Mrs.Priya S Mitra UAE






During the competition, the motto of the event is that every nationality should be treated equally as it pertains to the Open to All Pageant competition.

A winner of Mr/Mrs/Miss Fashion Idol of UAE 2023 can win a title crown, an international trip, and cash prizes. It extends awards to bloggers, tiktokers, influencers and more Awards in addition to pageant titles.




For further details contact:SIMRA ABDIA 0581801106 , VISIT : WWW.EPRICX.COM, INSTAGRAM : international_fashion_idol_uae


What are the important skincare routines during Summer

Q&A with Dra. Eloisa Tulayba

1. How does summer impact our skin?
Summer could be fun but it could also harm our skin. The intensive heat from the sun can increase the activity of our sebaceous glands which can make our skin oilier and dry.

2. What are the important skincare routines during summer?
In summers, oily skin is prevalent. No matter whether you have dry skin or sensitive skin; you will always feel some greasiness. To avoid such a situation, you must wash your face twice a day with a sulphate-free face wash like Glogeous advanced face wash gel and Aveeno dermexa wash. Face washes are necessary to remove excess oil ,dead cells and dirt from the face.Don’t forget to also drink enough water because it aids your body to keep hydrated, refreshed and also helps to balance skin’s elasticity.
The most important thing is that you need to protect your skin from the sun, your skin will age faster and increase your risk of skin cancer.

3. What is SPF? How much SPF does skin need?
The SPF on sunscreen stands for sun protection factor, a relative measurement for the amount of time the sunscreen will protect you from ultraviolet (UV) rays. UVB rays primarily affect the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis. They are responsible for sunburns and some surface-level skin cancers.
SPF numbers typically refer only to UVB rays, but some sunscreens can protect against UVA as well.
Using sunscreen is an important way to reduce negative side effects from harmful UVA and UVB radiation from the sun. Adults of all ages and skin color should use at least an SPF of 30 during all outdoor activities. Additionally, you shouldn’t rely on just sunscreen as a way to avoid the sun’s radiation. Protective clothing and shade can also help protect you from the sun.

4. How many times should we reapply sunscreen?
In general, you should reapply sunscreen every two hours for consistent protection. However, there is an exception to the rule—if you’re sweating or swimming you need to apply more often. To make sure you’re protected even when you’re active, you should reapply sunscreen at least every 80 minutes.

5. Do you have any sunscreen recommendations?
These are my recommendations
Ahaglow Sunscreens, you will be protected be it indoors or outdoors. Ahaglow Sunscreen Lotions SPF 26 or SPF 50 are both broad spectrum sunscreens which protect skin from UVA and UVB, it has antioxidant & moisturising properties, water resistant, and it has auto-adaptation to climate so it’s best for tropical countries like the Philippines. On the other hand, Ahaglow Skin Protect Gel SPF 40 offers additional benefits such as protection from IR damage, prevention of wrinkle formation from photoaging and it corrects dryness and roughness of the skin.
Ekran 30 and Ekran soft. This is one of the best sunscreens for oily skin .It is very light in skin , spreads easily and absorbs very fast. It is broad spectrum , non greasy, non -comedogenic, hypoallergenic, stable and safer sunscreen.
As the first silicon elastomer sunscreen , this provides a high water and sweat resistance.
I would say that this product is really one of its kind and is really promising. It is Matte Finish and cosmetically elegant.
Once the skin gets sunburn, I recommend applying Ahaglow Skin Repair Gel to restore the integrity and barrier functions of the skin. It also provides a calming effect on the
burned skin.

6. What should we eat in summer for good skin and what should we avoid?
Vegetables. Like fruits, vegetables are also essential foods for healthy skin. Vegetables like sweet potatoes and green beans, which contain beta-carotene and vitamin A (retinol), should be eaten during summers. Retinol helps protect the skin from damage caused by sun exposure
Fats are a concentrated source of energy and one gram of fat provides almost twice the energy as one gram of carbohydrate. Hence, during hot months of summer, we should avoid intake of too much fat.

As mentioned, start the summer skincare routine with a facewash and I recommend to use Glogeous Advanced Face Wash Gel. It offers deep pore cleansing without post-wash dryness; it improves skin microcirculation, skin complexion, skin colour & luminosity; it fights skin dullness; it maintains skin Ph balance and it is sulphate-free.

7. How often should we visit a skin clinic?
Depending on your particular concerns and treatment program.The general recommendation is for a facial every three to four weeks or once a month. Those who just need or want light peels can usually get them every month. For more intense treatments, like medium or peels, it’s advisable to wait four or six months in between appointments. Those who wish to get deep peels should only do so once every few years.
Facial once a month is a great supplement to your skincare routine. Just like any part of your skincare regimen, facials are best when they’re done consistently and regularly.

8. Please tell us about your clinic
Cosmederme Aesthetic and Cosmetic Clinic is a posh, stylish and advanced clinic that offers non-surgical and surgical services. It has 2 branches located at Centuria Medical Makati one-stop, outpatient medical-IT facility located at the heart of Century City, Makati, Philippines and at EJRN Cosmederme building at Sampaloc, Manila.

We are open from Monday-Saturday from 11-7pm.
For appointments you may call
(0976) 033 8417 / 09178658658

Fb: Cosmederme Aesthetic Clinic Manila
Cosmederme Aesthetic Clinic Makati
Eloisa Asuncion Tulayba MD
Tiktok: @dr.eloise_cosmederme



Digital Cover: Gabriella Melrose – Female Life Coach, Author & Entrepreneur

Gabriella Melrose is a female life coach who helps women learn how to love themselves, face fears, reach their goals and create healthy relationships. Recently she released a book, “How To Become A Strong Woman”, that inspires women to go after the life they want and never let anyone use them.

For many years Gabriella was involved in modelling, acting and fitness. She has gained significant social media popularity after posting photos of luxury cars. It seemed like she had it all; luxury lifestyle, red carpet events and magazine covers, but nobody knew the sad reality of her personal life. She had a partner who was unfaithful to her and used violence, which led Gabriella to disappear from social media and start a self-love journey that inspired her to become a life coach. After the breakup with her partner, she disappeared from the media for almost a year to spend time with herself, learning how to love herself and resolve the childhood traumas that led her to a toxic relationship. After she returned, she shared the sad reality of violence and cheating that she suffered, which led her to become a life coach for other women and inspired her to write a book. 

Gabriella has no plans to return to the entertainment industry and wants to dedicate her life to helping other women. Her story teaches us that it doesn’t matter if you are famous and beautiful; you are not protected from toxic relationships. To avoid them, you must set standards, love, and understand yourself. You must prioritise yourself because if you don’t, people might harm you.

Tiktok: @saviugda_moterims

Instagram: @gabriellamelrose


James Worthy – 3x Grammy Nominated Artist

James Allen Worthy (born March 28, 1992) is an American record producer, singer, songwriter and entrepreneur. Worthy’s production, and work includes various recording artists like Fetty Wap, 6LACK, T-Pain, Truth Hurts, Robin S, and PM Dawn.

Born in Queens, New York, he moved with his family to Atlanta as a teenager. His parents were both in the entertainment and travel industry. At age 16 he began self teaching himself how to craft music production which led him to his first publishing contract with Sony. Shortly after he attended Art Institute of Atlanta where he earned a bachelor’s degree in audio production.

Worthy came to prominence working, producing, and writing for artists such as J Holiday, Robin S., Kurupt, Yung Berg, and many others. His most notable production work include “Fight 4 Love” by Truth Hurts “1 & Only” by Jhonni Blaze & Fetty Wap, “Blessing Me” by Robin S, “Drip” by Sammie & J Young MDK. In 2017, Worthy has also pursued acting, and has been featured on “Access Hollywood”, and appeared on BET’s docu series “From the Bottom Up” Season 1. In 2017 he joined the duo group Kings X2 where they released their debut single “Wine For Me”. The song peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Hot Singles Chart.

In 2021, Worthy announced an investment into British Sports and Entertainment company “3 Kingdoms Group”. Following up to 2022 Worthy founded “Tasty Notes Events” which is an upscale event brand.

Worthy embarked on a career as a performer. His debut EP, “Blu Leisure”, was released January 11, 2019 through Empire Distribution. Worthy’s debut single was entitled “Move” which featured Whodini. On January 17, 2020, Worthy released his sophomore EP “Kaleidoscopes” which was co executive produced by PM Dawn. The lead single for Worthy’s 2020 release was titled “This Wave”. Following up to 2022 he released a dance house single entitled “See It My Way” which features dance singer Robin S. The song peaked at #1 on the iTunes Dance Single Chart upon its release.

Listen to “James Worthy on Spotify”

Google Knowledge Graph


Social Media:


Few Artists He’s Worked With:
J. Holiday
Robin S
Swizz Beatz
Truth Hurts
Dr. Dre
Goodie Mob
Bobby Brown
Fetty Wap

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Digital Cover: Natalie Burn – Hollywood Actress

Natalie Burn (Natalia Guslistaya) is a Ukrainian born actress, and new American citizen, who is proud to be a lifetime member of The Actors Studio and an active member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.


Later this year Burn can be seen in a supporting role in Warner Brothers new DC Comic movie Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson and opposite Antonio Banderas in The Enforcer, which she also produced. On the television side, Natalie co-stars on “Studio City,” which won a 2021 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Limited Drama series and can be found on Amazon Prime. She also recently co-starred in a Lifetime Original movie for A&E networks “Vanished: Searching for my Sister.”


An efficient martial arts who can perform her own stunts, Burn has showcased her skills in films working opposite Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson to name a few. In 2019 Natalie starred as the lead role in the action thriller “Acceleration” opposite Dolph Lungren and Sean Patrick Flanery. In addition to being a martial artist, she is a professional ballet dancer who graduated from The Royal Ballet School in London and also speaks 4 languages. Burn also works as a producer and owns two companies 7Heaven Productions and Born To Burn Films. She has produced 11 films so far and has a few that are in pre-production now.

Burn aims to empower and be a top role model for artistic women within the entertainment industry all around the world. When not traveling the globe working on her various projects, her home base is in Los Angeles.


Digital Cover: Sahil Khan – Indian Actor, Entrepreneur, Influencer, India’s Youth & Fitness Icon

The one and only Fitness Icon, an inspiration to all youngsters and fitness enthusiasts alike Sahil Khan continues to conquer the hearts of millions. Now a successful businessman, this Bollywood film star’s streak of success goes to his tremendous dedication to fitness entrepreneurship and wellness. He has started in the Box-Office hit cult movies “style”, “Excuse Me” and many more.

Sahil delved into launching his own signature company Hunk Water his relentless passion and deep apprehension for healthy living, nutrition and beauty has helped him own a whole variety of ventures like my fitness Peanut Butter, divine nutrition, and brand deodorant.

He is also the 1st Bollywood actor to kick off his own Youtube channel. With unique glimpses of his globetrotter and lush lifestyle, Sahil has a flair to keep his loyal subscribers of over 28.8 lakh subscribers on the hook! Sahil’s revolutionizing initiatives are frequently covered in mainstream media. He has been bestowed with prestigious awards including Dadasaheb Phalke “Youth Icon Award, Rajiv Gandhi Award and APJ Abdul Kalam Award in bravery and entrepreneurship.

Being the epitome of fitness in the industry, Sahil is also a familiar personality on the judging panel for a wide variety of Body Building shows, fashion shows and events nationally.

Sahil’s immense popularity and fame personate all across India as he did openings of more than 100 gyms to date, a record that no one has ever achieved!

As Youth & Fitness Icon

Sahil Khan quit the film industry , followed his passion of Body Building and built his fitness empire He has inaugurated over 100 Gyms all over India and rocked each city with a more ardent fan following. He has also attended more than 100 fashion shows/awards shows as jury and chief guest in the last 5 years in India and overseas.

It is his commitment to revolutionize Health, Fitness, and Wellness especially in India. He is the first Bollywood actor to launch his very own youtube channel to showcase his world with his fans.

Fitness, Luxury & Lifestyle Influencer

It’s an exciting time for India and the world – the age of influence. Sahil Khan is very popular, especially amongst the youth and has a great influence on them. He has established himself as a passionate
influencer and shares his knowledge or content with a large audience.

He is contributing to providing value to brands and businesses by creating awareness and promoting products and services to his followers. He has established his credibility and has been endorsing
fitness, Luxury and Lifestyle brands for over a decade now.

Sahil Khan quit the film industry, followed his passion for bodybuilding and built his fitness empire. He was one of the most popular fitness coaches having transformed more than 500 physiques all around. He was at a couple of Gyms too. He has a huge fan following on social media with millions of followers
globally. It is his commitment to revolutionizing health, fitness and wellness, especially in India.


Digital Cover: Former Big Brother Italy Housemate – Michael Gabriel Terlizzi

Michael Gabriel Terlizzi was born on November 5, 1986 to a Sardinian mother and an Apulian father, origins to which he feels particularly attached even though he was born and raised in Lombardy (Milan). He has always had a passion for sport, in particular for the gym (weightlifting) that he has been attending since he was fifteen, driven by the desire for revenge! His passion for physical activity has become a job making him undertake the activity of personal trainer. In addition to gymnastics, he dedicated himself to university studies in literature and philosophy at the University of Milan, graduating in 2015. He was made known to the general public thanks to his father’s participation in the “Isola dei Famosi” program. took part in various talk shows including: “Afternoon 5”, “Sunday Live” and “Morning 5”. After his father’s participation in the reality show, he continued his television journey by participating in the reality shows signed Maria De Filippi “Temptation island” and “Big brother” combined with model work.

In addition to Italy, he also had the opportunity to work abroad as a model and on television as an international guest in the renowned program “mujeres y hombres y viceversa”.

Finally he had the honor of impersonating the protagonist in the latest music video of the well-known artist Cristiano Malgioglio. A fun and above all stimulating experience. He realized he  wanted to pursue the dream of a future in the entertainment world surrounded by great professionals.

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Digital Cover: Ayse Top – Model, Beauty Queen and Businesswoman

In 2018 she was crowned as Ms Netherlands Universe and represented her country the Netherlands and competed against 88 countries in the Philippines. According to Ayse, Mrs. Universe competition was a once in a lifetime experience where she won a special title Ms Glamourous Universe.

She won in different pageants and here are some of her titles:

Ms Netherlands Universe 2018
Ma Glamourous Universe 2018
Ms Summer International Netherlands 2019
Ms Queen of the Year Turkey 2019
Ms WOW 2020
Ms Supermodel Turkey 2021

This year, she will be participating at the Top Model Europe competition, she made it to the grand finals and she is really proud of it.

“My crowns are my wings to inspire the world”

She loves to write and to inspire! In 2018 her book is launched in the Philippines for changing the mindset from negativity to positivity! Last year she was a panelist during the International Youth Day, the purpose is to inspire the Youth, how to switch the mindset with her book. For her it’s very important because as we all know that youth is our future. 

In fact, she received awards as Book Author of the Year at Youth Icon Award and Fashion Art Media Awards. 

Other awards given by International Flame Awards are Businesswoman of the year award 2021 and Supermodel of the Year Award 2021. She also received from Leadership Mindset Ambassadors an award as writer and a nomination for the Top 20 outstanding Empowered Women of 2022. She is also one of the awardees at International Celebrity Awards Paris and Global Trend Business Leaders as Phenomenal Woman of Beauty and Passion. 

Ayse is also one of the international jury members for the Cannes Film Festival and also for Flame Fashion and Art Awards.

As the chief editor of the Italian magazine Spazio Demo and Ambassador of Double People Italy, she plans to bring Italian, Turkish and Dutch business together.  She is proud to work as columnist at COLPA magazine from the USA, she is assigned to write about fashion and beauty to bring USA and Europe together. 

Other Achievements

  • Presenter for the Mister and Miss Art
  • Presenter at International Celebrity Awards Paris 
  • Public Speaker
  • Writer Marketing Book
  • Ambassador International Model Agency Prestige 
  • Ambassador International Human Rights IQRA
  • Published in more than 90 international magazines
  • International catwalk model for Milan, London, Pari, Cannes, Amsterdam, Sanremo and Turkey Fashion Weeks, Dubai and Egypt 

Her second book is all about her journey to the top, you can find some inspiring true to life stories of world leaders published by Prachti Grubha from India.

Ayse is really excited to share her upcoming book which tackles the Intriguing anthology to youth empowerment and there are more than 30 true to life stories of well known leaders to empower the youth worldwide. They will really learn not to quit following their dreams despite of their struggles in life. 

Watch out on September 18, there will be a virtual launch at 3 international TV Channels. 

Ayse is also a businesswoman together with his boyfriend Gilermo – the magazines call him the Dutch Vin Diesel. They are into new medical skin improvement, the new golden liquid for example for eczema its called Colmenar oil  

When life gets hard, remind yourself that diamonds are made under pressure! Never ever let someone dim your light because its shines in their eyes, I want to be inspirational with my books for your best version and right mindset

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Donna Adja:  Multiple Award-Winning Afrobeat Recording Artist

Hailing from Delta State in Nigeria, Donna Adja is a multiple award-winning Afrobeat recording artist based in California. She infuses African sound and style into danceable Afropop music. Donna’s artistic career began in church at 15, which led her to pursue singing and songwriting professionally at 22. 

Donna’s first break in the music industry was working as a featured vocalist with top Nigerian recording artists such as Duncan Mighty, Harry Song, Dezign, and others. Soon, she took the lead in putting together her own band, Daz Entertainment, which became the in-house talent at the prestigious Sheraton Lagos hotel, where they performed five shows a week. During their multi-year run, she and her 14-piece band performed for two different Nigerian presidents, while Donna herself did solo shows in the UK, Dubai, and Australia. 

As a budding solo artist, Donna was featured in top Nigerian magazines like Vanguard and The Sun, among others. She had multiple singles featured on MTV Base, Africa, and other top stations. Donna also had two hits on Nigerian radio, “Shut Up” and “Gaga.” Since relocating to the US, her releases include “I Like Your Body,” with over a million views on YouTube, and more recently, “Breathe,” and “Oghene Do.”

Donna is the consummate songwriter and a unique vocalist, whose sights are firmly fixed on making addictive songs that cross international borders. She brings a wide repertoire of skills to her stage show, even designing and building her own costumes. To experience Donna Adja live is to have an unforgettable encounter with a true artist.

Social Media:

Instagram: @donnaadja

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Rosko Dickinson, President of Manhunt International Organization announced today that following the outstanding success of the 20th Edition World Final held in The Philippines, that the country will again be play host to the 21st EDITION OF MANHUNT INTERNATIONAL.

Manhunt International wears the crown as the largest and longest running male modelling contest in the world, and has been franchised to more than 70 countries worldwide. It is open to aspiring male models between the ages of 18 to 32 years old and provides them with a platform to launch their international modelling career.

The first ever Manhunt International World Final was held in 1993 on the Gold Coast and this year marks the 21st Edition. Since it was established, the contest has been hosted in Australia, Singapore, Philippines, China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and now it returns to The Philippines (1999, 2020 & 2022) for the third time.
From 23rd September 2022, up to 40 International Male Models from all over the world will arrive in The Philippines to compete for the coveted title of Manhunt International. The International contestants will be judged in Fashion, National Costumes, Swimwear, Photographic and Eveningwear segments.

The World Final will be again be produced in The Philippines by the Empire Group of Companies:, Empire Studios, GAME and Mercator Models.
The Manhunt International 20th Edition winner Paul Luzineau from The Netherlands will crown his successor at a Gala World Final night on Saturday 1st October. The host venue, itinerary of events and locations will be announced very soon and made available through various Social Media platforms.
Sex: Male
Age range: 18 to 32
Marital status: Single or Married
Height: At least 1.78 m / 5’10”
Skills: Modeling Experience, Understands & speaks at least a little English
Additional attributes: photogenic, good physique (but NOT bodybuilders), wonderful personality, cool character, enthusiastic
For further information contact:
Email: –

#manhuntinternational #ganapmagazine