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An unusual art exhibition with the symbolic name “Forbidden Fruit” is scheduled for the end of October – the beginning of November, 2021 in Miami, Florida. The women-artists from all over the World will participate in it. The event will become the part of a large-scale international female project “Lady of the World”, and will be opened in one of the most iconic venues of the City.


The author of the idea and the curator of the project “Forbidden Fruit” is Daria Rusakova – International Art Curator and Beauty Queen, the Owner of ART GUEST AGENCY, the title holder of Ms. Florida US Nation 2020 and Ms. US Nation 2020-2021, the Best Art Curator 2019 according to Miami River Art Fair, Influencer and Top Model of the Year 2020 according to FLAME International Fashion & Art Festival (London, UK).

The concept of the exhibition reveals the role of women in the world’s cultural heritage and in everyday life. During many centuries the Woman-Creator has remained in the shadows. And only in the second part of the 20th century, when female creativity was able to break out to the surface, the whole World was amazed by its energy and strength. In addition to the fact that she instinctively transforms the world around her, a woman also carries life within herself, giving a new birth to other human beings. Female creativity is very emotional and multifaceted, therefore the organizers of the project propose to consider the problem of the human and the progress from a female point of view, as well as to analyze the conflict between traditional methods of creating art and the latest technologies.


The Forbidden Fruit Project will unite the works by the women-artists from the USA, Europe, Asia and Latin America, created in such media as painting, graphics, photo art, digital art, performance and installation. At the same time, a large layer of the exposition is planned to be devoted to natively Russian artists, such as: Irina Sazonova, Yulia Mamontova, Xenia Prokhorova, Anisia Vishnevskaya, Maria Papatsenko, Anna Golubeva, Olesya Smolkova, Nina Polyakova, Lubov Nazarova, Renata Karatayeva (Renessi), Anastasia Italyanskaya, Victoria Lazareva, Ksenia Shevchenko, Marina Dedyukhina, Julia Dogan, Maria Bak, Ekaterina Samitina, Valeria Salnikova, Julia Mkrtychyan, Anastasia Kashuba, Sasha Zabaluev, and others.


The art exhibit “Forbidden Fruit” will be held before Art Basel Week in Miami, on the eve of the main events of the international art market.


Multinational Art Curator Daria Rusakova Presenting Russian Art In New Jersey


Another art project by Daria Rusakova in the United States is a unique art exhibit called “Russian Seasons in New Jersey: Contemporary Version”, which will be open from July 13th till July 22th, 2021, in the Museum of Russian Art in Jersey City. The concept of this project was created by Daria together with US-based international contemporary artist and designer, Board Advisor of the Museum of Russian Art in New Jersey, graduated from Sotheby’s Institute of Art (London), Masha Menshikova (Mariia Shaburina).

Since its foundation in 1980, the Museum of Russian Art in New Jersey has been introducing the works by Russian artists to the American audience: it became the first place where the Soviet artists began to exhibit their art.


The art exhibit “Russian Seasons: Contemporary Version” will continue this tradition by presenting the works by Russian emigrants living in the United States along with the art by contemporary authors from different parts of Russia. Among them – Maria Bogacheva, Irina Sazonova, Julia Dogan, Renata Karatayeva (Renessi), Anna Pavlovich, Ekaterina Samitina, Yulia Mamontova, Ksenia Shevchenko, and others. The exhibit will feature the graphics by special guest of the project – a famous cultural figure, National Artist of Russia, the actress of Moscow Drama Theater named after M. Ermolova, – Svetlana Golovina.


Daria Rusakova and ART GUEST AGENCY thank their partners: Ganap TV & Ganap Magazine, Lady of the World Project,, ArtTube, Fashion & Style 4K TV, Russian America TV, RUSA Radio, Florida and Us Magazine, Star Club Miami, Bortnik Chess Academy, and others.





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