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In today’s globalized society, many successful stories about women have inspired people. Sometimes such inspiration has created better lives. The connection between successful women and the inspiration they provide boils down to women empowerment. Women empowerment has been a significant topic for discussion in the recent years. In the Philippines alone, there are so many inspiring ones just like the story of Sheralene N. Shirata.

Sheralene Nanez Shirata is a 41-year old well-experienced and successful Filipino entrepreneur. She spent her high school days in Pedro Guevarra National High School in Sta. Cruz, Laguna. She earned her degree in Computer Based and Bookkeeping Basic for Accounting at AMA Computer College. Driven by the burning desire to succeed in life, Sheralene went out of her way and took opportunities that came along.

She opened two beauty salons at Balibago, Angeles City in 2016. On top on this, she also had a tapsilogan. A tapsilogan is a common Filipino eatery, which sells garlic fried rice paired with most of the time, dried beef and fried egg. In between 2016 and 2018, she has been travelling to Malaysia. She also had the chance to work there. Her busy schedule left no choice, but to sell the salons and the eatery after almost two years.

            In Singapore, she opened a new business with the help of a friend. Her love for fashion gave birth to Carry All Boutique, which sold bags, clothes, perfumes and other fashion accessories. However, just last year before the global lockdown began she came home. As they say, things happen for reasons. Currently she is the Regional Distributor of P3 Heavenly Beauty, which distributes Eirian products nationwide. During a product shoot, she met Jazz Carlos, a photographer. From then on, her interest on photography started. Immediately, she brought her own camera and began learning photography. This paved the way for the birth of her latest brainchild, Lens Image Factory Studio.

            Lens Image Factory Studio is the newest photography studio to hit the industry. The business concept is born out of the creative minds of the people behind it. Together as a team, they work in harmony. This is translated into perfection on the photoshoot and video shoot they do.

            Derick Maniego is the creative designer of Lens Image Factory Studio. He is a multi-talented individual. He is a costume designer, prosthetic artist and photographer. It is obvious that he has a deep sense of artistry as he fulfills the demands of his profession. Maru Rodriguez on the other hand is a celebrity make-up artist. He is also a high fashion avant-garde artist and at the same time an event and wedding supplier. In other words, Maru spends his time on productive and creative endeavors. Carlo Quinto is the official videographer of the team.  His experience is his primary competitive edge among others. He thinks out of the box to make every video worth watching for. Richard Mundo and Jazz Carlos are masters of the lens since they are the photographers. They always make a good tandem since they put their hearts on their ideas. They make every captive moment truly remembering.

            Having these talented individuals in Lens Image Factory Studio make it a formidable group. Sheralene Nanez Shirata being the owner and head of the team sees to it that everybody respects each other. She puts prime on two important competitive elements in their business, creativity and collaboration. Putting the elements of fashion, art, talent and technology takes a lot of creativity. It cannot run out as it fuels the demands of the industry. Creativity is synonymous to Lens Image Factory Studio. Likewise, collaboration holds the team together. As they say, “two heads are better that one!” The professionalism that springs among them motivates them to work together. In this sense, superiority complex and fight will not foster.

The initial portfolios of Lens Image Factory Studio have caught the attention of various international photography groups and publications. In a short span of time, other professionals in the beauty industry have noticed and recognized Lens Image Factory Studio. Aspiring beauty queens, models and deserving talents served as models. In time, the group will appear in both national and international magazines.

            Lens Image Factory Studio brings fresh air in the business industry. Carefully, creatively and artistically done, its photos and videos are indeed works of art.            With an empowered woman on the lead and a talented team, there is no doubt that Lens Image Factory Studio will make waves in the market.

All interested participants are encouraged to contact Lens Image Factory Studio on its social media accounts; ((2) Lens Image Factory Studio | FacebookLens Image Factory (@lens_image_factory) • Instagram photos and videos)

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