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Meet Alexandra Vino: Actress,Writer/Director and Fine Artist

Alexandra’s early success as an actress started in the New York film and theater scene as a young adult. As a trained gymnast, she landed multiple roles demonstrating her physical technique, and then moved into acting in narrative feature films with her break into the Bollywood market. From there, she worked in shows on HBO, CBS, and ABC. Back in New York and LA, Alexandra landed roles working with Michael Fassbender and Director Steve McQueen. She does her work as a member of The Actors Studio, and has cultivated an amazing array of talents. Amongst working as an actress, Her team captain skills are still being exercised today as she is writing and directing films and loves the collaboration of making a film and fulfilling the vision!

Alexandra has most recently expanded her creative skills from screen to canvas, as demonstrated in her work as a fine artist. 

Here is our Q&A with Alexandra:

Congratulations to you for winning not only The Paris Independent film festival

but LA & NY festivals? Please explain the film and your success in the festival

circuit and where it stands today.

The film, Green Kola won The Paris Independent Film Festival. We received Honorable

Mention at the London BELIFFestival. Best Comedy Short at The Manhattan Film

Festival. Green Kola opened the LA Film Festival and was eligible to be submitted for an

Academy Award in short form.

The film is played out in chapters in its feature form. I’ve started to shoot the next

chapters to finish the film. I hope to be finished with the film in 2023 in its entirety.

How are you driven as a filmmaker?

How am I driven? Well, I’ve sort of been creating films since I was a little girl with our

home video cameras. I was very young when the first iMovie came out. I was lucky for

that. I edited films back then, so I think I’ve always had a passion for that. As an actor and

working on incredible plays and with incredible Directors for the last 15 years. I have

worked with amazing amazing iconic people and so I paid a lot of attention to them and I

I just implemented everything I’ve seen and learned that sort of resonated with me. I know I

can get any actor to give the performance I’m looking for. So I don’t really cast roles

based on auditions. I’ve never auditioned an actor before, actually. I just like to get to

know the person and if they have a sense of vibe that I vibe with, I use my intuition.

You started acting at a very young age. How do you keep yourself relevant in the

game of entertainment?

My relevance I believe is based on what I’m creating. Because I’m constantly creating

many different projects. In many mediums. I write all different genres and tv pilots,

treatments, dramas, comedies, reality, period… satire is what I’m particularly inspired by

right now. And I’ll paint when I have a feeling that wants to be expressed, or a story told in

the feeling of color and texture. That plays a lot into how I see directing a movie. It’s all

storytelling. And we use all the elements together and like a scientist concoct a

combination of elements that create a feeling. That feeling is what makes art special. To

evoke, and travel. I guess I am not about the “game” and more about the work. Everything

else comes and goes, but what’s constant is my own expression.

What is your most memorable moment as an actress? .

There are a good handful I hold in higher regard, but I feel it’s when I did my final audition

for The Actors Studio. I was the Mathematician, Catherine, in “Proof” by David Auburn.

Also, another that I must say is when I worked with Jim Caviezel in Malta on the set of

Paul The Apostle of Christ. Everyone we worked with was very special and the locations

We were also special. I went through a lot during that time as I lost my

mentor while I was there. I saw her right before I left, and I felt she was with me through

the whole thing and so I’ll never forget that time, the whole time it was substantially


How do you balance your time?

I don’t really balance my time. I work really hard and I prioritize my creative efforts and my

social life falls a bit to the side most of the time. Though, I do make sure I continue to

honor the fact that I’m young and able to go out and enjoy life sometimes. Beyond

creating, because experience in life is what inspires everything. I stay close to my family

and my closest friends. Normally I go to shows or events of my friends to support and

cheer for them. Don’t forget I was captain of my cheer team!

How did you cast your film Green Kola?

I pull in people and actors I’ve known. Long time actors and first time actors. In Green

Kola I wrote a couple of the roles for some of my friends and others I filled in. I’m also

lucky to have the actors’ studio as my home because there are so many incredible actors

there and a lot of times I just pull from there.

What are your hobbies? What do you do for fun?

Well my work is super fun like it’s the most fun I’ve ever had I laugh I get exhausted but I

drink coffee and pull myself together do a yoga real quick and get back to it because it’s

so much fun and it’s so rewarding but I love yoga also and I love taking care of my doggie

and I love children I have a lot of children around me a lot of my friends have kids and

family members have kids and I just love them so much that getting to be in touch with my

child side take them to the amusement park or something fun I really enjoy that

Have you ever been to Italy? If soTell us about your time in Italy and what you

loved most?

Oh yes I love Italy and I can’t wait to get back there I have been there my family is half Italian and we went together the first time I was there and stayed in Orvietto and travelled into Rome and Assisi and oh my gosh the olive oil and the wine and the beautiful landscapes and then the beautiful old cities were so gorgeous and the people I love just a beautiful time I would love to spend more time.

What’s the current plan for Green Kola?

Green Cola is a chapter of the feature film Hollywood movie. Each chapter has its own

title and I am shooting more chapters until the feature is finished.

For more Information on Alexandra Vino you can follow her and check out her links.

Alexandra Vino Website

Green Kola Trailer


Alexandra Vino Instagram

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Uprising Artist: Lila Blanca, The Official MV for song Disagree is NOW PLAYING!

Recently, the band just made its wave having their much awaited music video out in the public over their official youtube channel.

Disagree is a song about keeping and pursuing your dreams with nothing but love and your conviction to achieve.

The song is known to be part of their album ep, The Collie Flower Album.

Moreover, the band is said to make another exquisite release over a new single this first quarter of the year which you will definitely want to hear first-Now, here’s something said to be very sizzling hot!

As we speak, the band had just finished the recording of their new song and is now on its way for release and which soon will be followed by its respective music video.

Lila Blanca is all about love and music.. Non the less, a band with a purple heart is never to be taken for granted nor not to give a listen to. An uprising artist: a true heart is meant to fly and conquer dreams.

Here’s to Lila Blanca’s official youtube channel(Full Video, Disagree):


Song written by: Dls Michael Angelo

Song published by: Universal Music Publishing (MCA)

Video | Shoot | Edit | Direction: Glen Gatchalian

G-Mel Films(Teaser):

Yt channel:

In cooperation with Stardom Music Production 

Sponsor: Team Sir George Salon – SM Fairview for Hairstyle and makeover

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Digital Cover: Sachin Kumbhar – Award-winning Host from India

Sachin Kumbhar is a professional anchor/emcee based out of the finance capital of India, Mumbai. An anchor and a voice-over artist with over 10 years of international experience.

He started with radio presenting, voicing and TV anchoring during his stay in Dubai. He moved to India in 2010; since then, Sachin has anchored high profile events for renowned brands like Star India, Times Clean and Clear, Neutrogena Guinness World Record, Channel V Nokia India Fest, IBM, Godrej, Times of India, etc.

Currently, he is anchoring for Bombay Times Fresh Face, 2015. Besides, Sachin has voiced TV channels like Zee International, Colors, MTV, VH1, Nick, Comedy Central, and much more. Sachi is hosting a few award shows.

Sachin wants to get his debut as an Artist, he is also planning for movies, web shows.

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Exclusive Interview with Pasquale and Carolina – The Power Couple

How did you meet?
Carolina: We met on an ordinary day, I was walking home from school and he was on a scooter. He stopped to say hello to my mutual friend, we introduced ourselves and it all started from there. We were practically two children!

Pasquale: I trust her, that’s how it went

How long have your been together?
Carolina: We’ve been together for exactly 24 years, nineteen of marriage and five of engagement.

Pasquale: a little too much

What’s your biggest dream?
Carolina: My biggest dream is to grow old with my husband and to see my children satisfied and happy with their life.

Pasquale: buy a house or in the mountains or at the sea and see my children become adults and happy with the little things.

What would your ideal day be like?
Carolina: My ideal day? Shopping obviously !! Hahahahah
Pasquale: walking to discover medieval villages with my family

What would you do if you won the lottery?
Carolina: I would buy a large piece of land to build a mega villa with a swimming pool where I can live in peace with my whole family.

Pasquale: his idea is not bad … I add in a place between sea and mountains

Do you prefer the big city or the countryside?
Carolina: There are moments where I prefer to stay quiet in the countryside but there are as many moments where I want to live, to see people and therefore I want the city, traffic, chaos.

Pasquale: I prefer the solitude of the mountains and the sea.

What’s your favorite type of food? What’s your favorite type of music?
Carolina: I love typical Southern cuisine, Sunday binges with the family, and then starting with pasta to finish off with a nice dessert. But my absolute favorite dish is pizza and dark chocolate!
Pasquale: I love red meat cooked on the grill

Carolina: I like to listen to a bit of everything but what I always end up listening to is Italian pop and rock music, my favorites.
Pasquale: I like jazz, blues, classical music and then rock

Traveling by: car, boat, plane or train?
Carolina: For sure I would travel by plane, it would allow me to visit more places in less time, but if I want to enjoy the journey then I choose the car, to savor everything, even the traffic!
Pasquale: I am definitely a ship or rather a sailboat.

How do you see yourself in 10 years?
Carolina: How do I see myself in ten years? Well definitely with more white hair and a few more wrinkles but aware of myself and sure of what I have become … An adult?!?

Pasquale: I would always like to see myself with a smile on my face and proud of my family

Checkout the Holiday issue of GANAP Magazine:

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Faranak Shahroozi – International Pianist and Composer

Faranak Shahroozi is an Iranian-American concert pianist and composer known for her lyrical, romantic and captivating melodies. Her beautiful musical touch has placed her amongst world renowned instrumentalists such as Yo-Yo Ma and David Garrett. Her style of compositions have been compared to Francis Lai’s Love Story and Nino Rota’s The Godfather.

Faranak’s passion for music started at 5 when her parents hired a private tutor to teach her basic musical notes and theory. Following the revolution of 1979, her world as she knew it changed forever. At the start of the Iran-Iraq War in 1980, Faranak and her parents left their hometown of Abadan and moved to Tehran.

In 1984, Faranak moved to the United States, where she pursued her passion for music and received a B.A. in Classical piano performance from San Jose State University. The dramatic changes in her life had a direct effect on her musical abilities and emotional connections, which led to a series of musical compositions which ultimately captured the attention of famed producer Preston Glass.

By the late ‘90s, Faranak became the face of music in Napa Valley, where she lived and performed for many years. With Glass’s help, vision and collaboration with stars such as Lenny Williams from the soul/funk group Tower of Power, Syreeta Wright and the endorsement of the legendary winemaker Robert Mondavi, her first album, titled “La Musica De La Vigna,” was produced one song, “Helplessly Falling” was featured in the “Down ‘n Dirty” film starring Gary Busey.

In the 2000’s Faranak wrote her second album, entitled “Eternal Love”. She has performed for business and musical professionals including Steve Jobs, Jeff Shell, Stephen B. Burke, the [former] CEO of NBC; Johnson & Johnson; PETA; winemaker Robert Mondavi; she’s also performed with saxophonist Boney James; Tony! Toni! Toné! , Jesse Cook, Ottmar Liebert and many more.

During the pandemic she released her 3rd album, Circles of My Mind, produced by Preston Glass and Distributed by Symphonic Distribution caught the attention of many in the film industry and her song “Remembering the 80’s” was featured in Johnathan Moch’s best feature film, Playing the Crease, Carl Gilliard’s comedy mini-series, Two Degrees, Ashley Shyne’s Short powerful drama called CIA.

Faranak continues to be a powerhouse and an influencer on social media collaborating with many brands. She also donates performances to different charities such as Peta, Moms Against Poverty and the American Breast Cancer Foundation just to name a few.

Recently Faranak is using her musical voice to bring awareness to women’s rights in Iran. The movement is named Woman, Life, Freedom. She wrote and released Bright Lights in the Night, dedicated to the brave people of her birth country of Iran.

Her music is distributed by Symphonic Distribution to 50 major platforms worldwide. Jason Jordan, Senior A&R and business developer at Symphonic, predicted a beautiful blue sky in Faranak’s music career when he signed her immediately upon listening to her beautiful piano music. He was right! Faranak’s music career has been soaring new heights ever since.

Follow her instagram account:

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Digital Cover: Natalie Burn – Hollywood Actress

Natalie Burn (Natalia Guslistaya) is a Ukrainian born actress, and new American citizen, who is proud to be a lifetime member of The Actors Studio and an active member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.


Later this year Burn can be seen in a supporting role in Warner Brothers new DC Comic movie Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson and opposite Antonio Banderas in The Enforcer, which she also produced. On the television side, Natalie co-stars on “Studio City,” which won a 2021 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Limited Drama series and can be found on Amazon Prime. She also recently co-starred in a Lifetime Original movie for A&E networks “Vanished: Searching for my Sister.”


An efficient martial arts who can perform her own stunts, Burn has showcased her skills in films working opposite Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson to name a few. In 2019 Natalie starred as the lead role in the action thriller “Acceleration” opposite Dolph Lungren and Sean Patrick Flanery. In addition to being a martial artist, she is a professional ballet dancer who graduated from The Royal Ballet School in London and also speaks 4 languages. Burn also works as a producer and owns two companies 7Heaven Productions and Born To Burn Films. She has produced 11 films so far and has a few that are in pre-production now.

Burn aims to empower and be a top role model for artistic women within the entertainment industry all around the world. When not traveling the globe working on her various projects, her home base is in Los Angeles.

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Digital Cover: Francesca Montuori – Italian Actress

Francesca plays Elisa Greco in the third season of My Brilliant Friend, based on the novel written by Elena Ferrante.

My Brilliant Friend is a story about the strength of female friendship. When the most important friend in her life seems to have disappeared without a trace, Elena Greco, a now-elderly woman immersed in a house full of books, turns on her computer and starts writing the story of their friendship. She met Raffaella Cerullo, whom she has always called Lila, in the first year of primary school in 1950. Set in a dangerous and fascinating Naples, their story thus begins and goes on to cover over 60 years of their lives, trying to describe the mystery of Lila, Elena’s brilliant friend and – in a way – her best friend and her worst enemy.

Tell me a little about yourself
I’m Francesca Montuori, a simple provincial girl. I’m neapolitan, I’m proud of it. I love cinema and series, in fact, I’m studying “Dams”at the University of Salerno. I love my family, I love being with friends, traveling, going out and having fun. Ah, and I’m back from the worldwide success of My Brilliant Friend.

When did you decide that you want to become an actress?

I did not decide, it was the fate. I believe so much in it. When I was eight, I got on stage and I realized that art was my life and I was going to sacrifice for her.

What do you like about acting the most?

I like the ability to interpret without conditions another human, live other lives, discover new things, learn from them and only the cinema allows you to do it.

Who is your inspiration?
My greatest inspiration is Leonardo DiCaprio. I have followed him for years, he is my mantra of acting. In an interview, he said: “The point is to be in the right place at the right time and get it”. He accompanied me to the realization of my goals.

How is your experience working in the entertainment industry so far?

My experience is positive and encouraged, it’s hard at times, but I have always dreamed of this and I think I started at the right age.

How and when exactly did you realize you had the passion for acting?
Since I was a child. My family has noticed that there was a natural predisposition in me. My parents always supported and encouraged me. For us, as artists, to have family support is necessary, they are our first supporters.

How does it feel to be an actress?
For me, being an actress means dedication and eternal passion to this work, fame and success are a plus, if there are, it’s okay but otherwise I do without them.

The entertainment industry is said to be full of stress and pressure; what do you do to tackle the pressure that comes with your work?
I’m rarely stressed, I do what I want I have always dreamed of. Obviously there are tougher days but they are always rewarding days, I try to give my best. Then I think every job is stressful, the important thing is optimism

Which is your best role so far?
Elisa Greco in My Brilliant Friend was my first real role. It was an incredible production. I had the honor of working with great artists like Daniele Luchetti, an incredible director. I could not ask for better to start.

What message would you want to give to our readers?
I advise you to follow and love cinema always, because cinema enchants, makes you think, laugh and cry together and I recommend that you continue to follow Ganap!

Do you have any upcoming projects? And tell us your social media accounts
I shot a very particular short film that tells Naples taken from the book, written by Massimo Piccolo.
Follow me on Instagram: franmontuori.

Imma Petricciuoli & Paola Esposito Mocerino
Press Office:
Anna Chiara Delle Donne

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Rudolph “Chozxn” Nobles Making Waves in the Entertainment Industry

Chozxn is an Executive Film Producer/ Art Director/ Singer-Songwriter. Located in Southern California. Chozxn has received notoriety into his celebrity status through his perseverance and his patience. He has been showing his true diversity with the recent release of his albums titled ‘Wolfman’ ‘I’m Your Man’ and ‘The Recipe, Vol. 2’. All songs were produced by Super Producer Kevin Posey. He also has collaborations with the sensational Anastasiya, Stallone D’Souza and Tha Rift.

Chozxn is featured on Kevin Posey’s highly anticipated album titled ‘Yellow Roses’ to be released later this year. Chozxn’s audience expands across the globe soon he will be heard somewhere near you. Check out his IG for more updates @official.chozxn. Follow his Spotify and Apple Music for the latest music releases.

Photo Credits:
Celebrity photographer
Celebrity Stylist @anisa.shutova


Scott Rees – “Out for a Vengeance” Actor

Scott Rees is a British Actor best know for “Out for a Vengeance” he is also a former British Soldier now starting to make transition into acting.

Here is our exclusive interview with Scott Rees

Have you liked acting since childhood? 

I wasn’t really a dramatic child growing up and never thought I’d be doing what I am now, but always thought it would be an amazing career if I ever did it!

Did you take up any training in acting? 

Not prior to being approached no, it came out of nowhere so I grabbed the opportunity with both hands, but now working in the industry I do attend acting workshops and stunt classes yes.

Who is your inspiration as an actor? 

Such a hard one to answer.. so many! As a kid  Bruce Lee & Jean-Claude Van Damme  but today I’d probably go with Gerard Butler or Tom Hardy, I do love Scott Adkins work also!

Do you have any dream roles that you want to portray? 

My dream is to star in a big Hollywood movie one day. I’ve played a hitman role and loved it more than that role in bigger movies in Hollywood.

How does it feel to be a star? 

Right now I wouldn’t really class myself as a star growing in the industry but I guess meeting strangers at promotional events etc or strangers in the streets whilst filming asking for your picture or autograph is a great buzz! Awesome!

Are there things you want to do other than acting? 

Yes I’d love to spend more time learning martial arts & stunts.

What is your strength as an actor? 

Probably action, anything to do with running about fighting, or shooting weapon systems.. the military drilled that into me I guess.

When did you first realize that you want to work in the entertainment industry?

The moment I saw people on set whilst I was working a security shift overseas on a movie set was definitely the moment I thought.. that looks awesome I need to give it a go!

How difficult is it to establish yourself in the film industry? 

It is a hard industry to grow in, there’s so much competition when it comes to applying for certain roles, especially if you have a popular look being heavily tattooed like myself with it being so popular these days, sometimes you can have luck on your side by knowing people you’ve worked with in the past and then other times it comes down to hard graft, dedication and determination, it’s not easy but I think that’s what makes it so rewarding when getting accepted

Scott Rees Social Media Accounts:

IG: @scottreesactor

Twitter: ScottReesActor

Arts Event

B.R.A.D.: Brotherhood in Arts with a Noble Artistic Vision – an ART Exhibit to Promote Local Tourism and Help Other Aspiring Artists

Talented artists from the Province of Rizal are currently preparing for their four-man show exhibit at the famous Art Asia Gallery in SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City. 

The B.R.A.D. Art Exhibit is Titled “Heart”, the four talented artists will showcase their new artworks and it will open on February 8-22, 2022.

Brando Limon Bati, Neptali “Rico” Aunzo, Adler Llagas, and Daniel Dumaguit were, first and foremost, artists who later became friends because of their trade. 

Known to the artistic world as B.R.A.D. it was the owner of the famous restaurant in Silang, Cavite – Ric Gemora Hernandéz – who christened the group BRAD, an acronym of the artists’ first names: B for Brando; R for Rico; A for Adler; and D for Daniel. Their informal group was born during the group exhibition organized by the Daloy-Likha International Arts and Nature Society, Inc., international art and environmental organization based in Lucban, Quezon, in partnership with Ricardo’s Coffee + Classic Cuisine, before the establishment of its art gallery, now known as Ricardo’s Galeria Al Fresco, on May 1st to 16th, 2021.

Daniel Dumaguit
Brando Limon Bati’s Bamboo Series
A landscape painting of Adler Llagas
Rico Aunzo’s Pedrong Masipag

During that time, executives from the clothing brand, Obra ni Juan were there who connected them to the management of ARTablado, an artistic space owned and managed by Robinsons Land. B.R.AD. was then formally introduced to the general public with their 4-man show titled “BANGON! Ikaw. Ako. Tayo”, which runs from October 16th to November 4th. This show, according to its organizers, aimed “to inspire people to get up, work together and reach for their dreams,” as the global pandemic hit everybody to their core. 

According to B.R.A.D., the group wants to promote local tourism and also to accommodate and help other artists, new and mid-career, with their artistic careers. It was their vision to create not a formal group, but friendship and brotherhood among artists, helping one another to grow as artists and thrive with their careers. This having said, B.R.A.D. indeed is the appropriate name for the group for it carries with it the vision and noble mission of these artists, all hailing from Rizal Province. (Written by Noel Sales Barcelona)