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Digital Cover: Taniya Chatterjee

Actress/Influencer Taniya Chatterjee from Mumbai, India. She already appeared in over ten web series and two music videos as the main character.

Here are some of her previous projects:

  1. Gandiibaat season 4 for alt balaji
  2. Class of 2020 season 2 for alt balaji
  3. Jaal for ullu
  4. Kasak for ullu
  5. Titliyan for ullu
  6. Dil do for ullu
  7. Watchman for ullu
  8. Wild fantasy for cine prime app
  9. Love bites for EYour TV
  10. Film for ott called house of lies with Sanjay Kapoor Sir and many more
  11. Episodic crime world for Sheemaroo TV

Music Videos

  1. Soneya for youtube
  2. Yeh zindegi song for sheemaroo filmi gaane
Event Fashion Press Release

Fashion Pronoun #FEMMAS: Fashion Week Brooklyn Goes Global with London Debut


Fashion Pronoun #FEMMAS: Fashion Week Brooklyn Goes Global with London

Debut Fashion Week Brooklyn’s International Debut: Uniting Brooklyn and London with #FEMMAS Global Expansion with #FEMMAS: Fashion Week Brooklyn Takes Center Stage in London 

BROOKLYN, NY – July 31, 2023 — BK Style/Fashion Week Brooklyn (FWBK), the renowned bi-annual  fashion event hosted by the BK Style Foundation, is thrilled to announce its first-ever International  Fashion Show in London on September 16-17. With this year’s theme, “Fashion Pronoun #FEMMAS,” the  event will celebrate creativity, diversity, and global fashion, showcasing designers from Brooklyn and  around the world. Following the London show, FWBK will return to its local roots with a Brooklyn show  from October 14-21. 

Fashion Week Brooklyn, the globally acclaimed fashion event, is set to make a stunning return for its  Season 2 showcase. FWBK has become a worldwide platform for socially-conscious fashion designers  and serves as a catalyst for raising awareness of critical social causes and community development. The  event goes beyond the runway, impacting enrichment through various programming, including clothing  swaps, curated talks, and culturally driven activities. 

“Fashion Week Brooklyn has always been at the forefront of creativity and innovation, and Season 2  takes creativity and innovation to a whole new level,” said Rick Davy, Founder of FWBK. “Fashion shows  are not only about premiering the season’s newest styles; they are showcasing events that bring  together some of the most creative minds in the world. Fashion Week Brooklyn is a haven for local  labels and global creators, particularly in the vibrant markets of New York and London, all while lending  itself to our global sustainability mission of bridging fashion and community.” 

Fashion Week Brooklyn’s global footprint continues to expand, with events and designers participating  from Paris, Japan, Africa, the Philippines, and the Caribbean, capturing the essence and integrity of the  global fashion community. The event collaborates with national and international organizations to  provide a platform for emerging and established designers, fostering collaboration and creativity in  Brooklyn and international partner venues. 

The upcoming FWBK Season 2 will feature diverse events, including the Gen K Kids Runway Show, a  showcase of kids-wear designers and products, sponsored and held in Kings Plaza Mall since 2019, and  the Designers RTW and Couture show, presenting ready-to-wear and couture collections. In Season 2,  Fashion Week Brooklyn is set to showcase a unique fusion of cultures with “Japan in Brooklyn”  


presented by Brooklyn Beauty Fashion Labo in Park Slope. This event will bring together designers from  both Japan and Brooklyn, where four brands from each locale will transform the street into a vibrant  catwalk on October 14. Additionally, on October 15, FWBK will proudly feature the talent of student  designers from colleges and universities across the USA in an inspiring student show. 

The event also reaffirms FWBK’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the fashion  industry. The collaboration will feature artists from diverse backgrounds, reflecting the rich tapestry of  cultures and identities that make up the global fashion community. 

The global expansion of Fashion Week Brooklyn is a testament to its impact and commitment to  positively changing the fashion industry. FWBK is excited to welcome emerging and established  designers worldwide to join this transformative event. With our upcoming events in Brooklyn and  London, we are seeking designers from around the world to join us and showcase their collections. This  is an incredible opportunity for emerging talents to gain visibility and connect with industry  professionals, buyers, and media. Whether you’re a fresh talent looking to make your mark or an  established designer looking to reach new audiences, Fashion Week Brooklyn is the perfect platform to  elevate your brand and share your unique vision with the world. 

Sponsorship opportunities are available for our Season 2 2023 Fashion Week Presents Designers  Collection event series. Brands will have the chance to align themselves with a highly influential and  socially-conscious fashion event. “We welcome all brands and organizations to join us in this  transformative journey and make a meaningful impact on the world of fashion,” said Rick Davy, founder  of the 501c3 non-profit BK|Style Foundation (BK|SF) 

For more information on how to participate as a designer or become a sponsor for Fashion Week  Brooklyn Season 2, please visit or contact our team at 

About Fashion Week Brooklyn: 

Fashion Week Brooklyn, hosted by the BK Style Foundation, is a bi-annual fashion event that celebrates  creativity, diversity, and community impact. Since its inception in 2006, FWBK has served as a global  platform for emerging and established designers to showcase their work and raise awareness for social  causes. The event features a wide range of fashion categories, including sustainability, ready-to-wear,  streetwear, and kidswear. Fashion Week Brooklyn bridges the gap between fashion and community,  creating a space for collaboration and innovation through a series of runway shows, talks, and cultural  activations. 

Davy said, “As we gear up for Season 2 of Fashion Week Brooklyn, we are excited to provide a global  platform for emerging designers, designers of color, and the LGBTQIA+ communities. FWBK has always  been committed to celebrating diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry. Our goal is to create a  space where all voices and perspectives can be heard and celebrated. We believe that fashion is a  powerful tool for self-expression and social change, and we are dedicated to supporting designers from  all backgrounds and walks of life.” 

Media Contact: 

Kisha Barton, MBA  


Telephone: (347) 720-5099 

Business Fashion Press Release

GANAP Magazine: August 2023 Cover – Sascha Stammer

Sascha Stammer a young entrepreneur was born in Heilbronn on 26th December 1999 and currently lives in Heidelberg, Germany and Monte Carlo, Monaco. He has served in the German Air Force for four long years before quitting and focusing on the entrepreneurial space. He has interests across distinct sectors like real estate, fashion design, stocks, gold, diamonds, military weapons, oil import and export and much more.

Tell us something about yourself?

I‘m Sascha Stammer, I’m 23 Years Old and I’m from Heidelberg, Germany. I’ve been the designer of my own label South Ghost for a year and I want to detach myself from my current lifestyle

What routines do you follow each day?
after the sport we first have a good breakfast, preferably an English breakfast, and then we get to work in various countries with a wide variety of people

How do you set your business apart from others in your industry?
I’m in high fashion, it’s iconic

What is the hardest part of being an entrepreneur?
it’s the ebb and flow of failure and success, the breakthroughs that make it interesting

How do you manage your time as a businessman?
Time management and because of my busy schedules, my secretary makes sure to monitor all my important errands.

What have been some of your biggest learning experiences in running a business?
I think creating newer designs is so much fun for me and the learning there is also great.

Check out the August 2023 issue on Magcloud:

Business Fashion Press Release

Exclusive Interview with Reality TV Star Gretchen Bonaduce about why she chose to invest in Bisbee? 

Bisbee, Arizona: It’s Quirky, It’s Artsy, It’s Funky, and It’s a Unique Travel Destination for Family & Friends.

Photo by: David Day

Makeup Artists: Sharon Tabb with Puspa Lohmeyer
Photography Puspa Lohmeyer

We had the opportunity to speak with Reality TV Star Gretchen Bonaduce about why she chose to invest in Bisbee.
Reality Star Gretchen Bonaduce, an expert in Hospitality, pins Bisbee, Arizona, as The Place to Go For Family Destination Travel. Gretchen Bonaduce is a successful Television Personality, Author, Producer, and now Owner/Founder of Greenway Manor, Hacienda del Avion and co-owner Le Cornucopia Cafe. Celebrities can fly directly into her hangars at the Hotel Hacienda del Avion, a luxury five – bedroom, 3-and-a-half-bath custom home built in 2005 available for private short-term and long-term rentals for up to 10 guests. Equipped with a full-blown pub, a four-car garage and a 50×50 attached hangar, the property is adjacent to the Bisbee Airport, where her Rock Star friends can fly into and park their private jets; it sits on three landscaped acres and is located 8 miles of Downtown Bisbee. Greenway Manor rooms are themed after Rock Stars like The Beatles, Elvis, and Rolling Stones and are known to be haunted. Gretchen is co-owner in the  restaurant Le Cornucopia Cafe which does the best  Brunch in town with signature mimosas and their take on Eggs Benedict Huevos  Magdalena. Lunch is served  daily and has a fantastic  award-winning meatloaf sandwich.  Le Cornucopia Cafe has  4.5 stars on Tripadvisor. 

Bisbee, Arizona, is popular for several quirky events throughout the year. In Nov. is the Mariachi Festival, and in October every year, runners come to prepare for the Boston Marathon as a tradition and participate in the Bisbee 1000, The Great Stair Climb, which is one of the most challenging events in the world, Bisbee Pride, Copper City Classic Vintage Baseball Tournament and more that keep Gretchen very busy planning for her guests. The Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum offers Unusual Museum Adventures. The Museum takes you and your family back in time to the days of the Arizona Territory, telling the story of a copper mining town’s role in the industrialization of America. They are an Affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution.

Gretchen said she highly recommends her guests for dinner to go to Cafe Roka, Taqueria Outlaw, The Royal, or the Copper Pig in Warren. She loves the Pizza at Screaming Banshees Pizza; if you’re in the mood for Mexican, try Countessa’s Mexican. Thuy’s Noodle Shop is one of her favorites. Suppose you’re looking for a great diner for breakfast. Dots Diner or Bisbee Breakfast Club. We had several questions for Gretchen for our readers.

1. What will bring a family together in Bisbee?
Given one’s busy work and school schedules, families want a trip where they can spend time together. Bisbee is a unique destination perfectly suited for families. The historical, picturesque town has much to offer. Families will, in particular, enjoy the Bisbee mining museum and also the Copper Queen mine tour. You take a train deep inside the mine, just as the miners did when the mine was open! The Artemiza Foundation features contemporary graffiti and street art, where you can see the work of such artists as Banksy, Warhol, Muckrock, Mattie, and Keith Harring, for example.  

2. What connection to wildlife and nature can a family experience in Bisbee?
It is quite possible that you will encounter wild javelins, coyotes, deer, hawks and many other types of animals that are unique to our desert environment. There are several trails around Bisbee; you can take a beautiful hike with your family. You can witness the arrival of the Sandhill Cranes from Nov to March in Whitewater, 30 minutes from Bisbee. In March, Bisbee hosts a fun parade with the return of the Turkey vultures. 

3. What activities will spark families’ curiosity?
In Bisbee, we host several really fun events for families. In July, Bisbee hosts the Coaster Races, where soap box derbies like cars race from Tombstone Canyon through Old Bisbee. April is always the Alice in Bisbeeland celebration, and in August, the annual Pirate Weekend, where the town is covered in Pirates and Mermaids. We also have a Day of the Dead parade through Old Bisbee as well. The Warren Ball Park hosts baseball games with the players dressed in period baseball uniforms. Bring your own picnic for that one!

4. What new foods can kids experience?
Cafe Roka is rated number one for dinner. It features food for a more sophisticated palate. Great place for a Mom and Dad date night. Screaming Banshee Pizza is always a favorite with the kiddos, and when you finish your meal, walk down Old B for dessert to our gelato shop Pussycat Gelato or grab a piece of homemade pie or a cookie from Le Cornucopia Cafe.  

5. What exposure for kids is there for possible new cultures and perspectives?
There is so much to learn about the southwest and mining in our town. Also, stories about our Native American indigenous people. Take a trip over the border to Naco, Mexico, or Aqua Prieta, both only less than 30 minutes away. Our town was just awarded a massive grant to restore the Buffalo Soldier Camp, Camp Naco. Exciting to see the restoration happening as we speak

6. Can families learn Life skills?
I think people are hungry to travel with families to educational spots. Seriously, how many water parks can you go to? You won’t be bored in Bisbee.  

7. What activities will enhance kids’ education?
I also recommend the Lavender Jeep Tours. Super informative about early Bisbee history. Your kids might also enjoy one of the many ghost tours you can talk about in the evening.  

8. Is it a good destination to meet new people as a family?
We have visitors from all over the world in Bisbee. We have many people traveling south from Phoenix and Tucson to escape the extreme heat. Our elevation keeps us 10 to 20 degrees cooler than those two cities, generally speaking, during the summer.  

9. What is your suggestion for fun as a family?
I would stay at: The Rock and Roll Greenway Manor. Each room is dedicated to a rock artist and has a record player and records in each room. Then: Breakfast at either the Bisbee Breakfast Club, the Grand or the Quarry. On the weekends, a must is the Shady Dell trailer park and Dot’s Diner. Take a Lavender Jeep tour while it is still cooler in the morning, or rent an electric bike from B Active Bisbee. Lunch at Le Cornucopia Cafe is rated number one by Trip Advisor, with homemade soups, quiche and sandwiches as it gets warmer during the day a great time to go into the mine tour as it is very cool down there year-round. I would follow that with a tour of the Mining and Historical Museum and the Muheim house. Before dusk, take a nice hike through our beautiful Chiricahua Mountains. Dinner Roka (Thurs through Sat), Copper Pig (if Sunday through Wednesday night) or the Table. I would certainly cap off the evening hitting one of our local bars like The Grand, The Copper Queen or my favorite, The Hitching Post, for some great local music. 

You can Follow Gretchen Via Facebook & Instagram, and below are the links to her two hotels and restaurant.
Facebook: Instagram: 

Hacienda del Avion:  

Greenway Manor:

Le Cornucopia Cafe: 

10. Below are the links to all of Gretchen’s suggested places in Bisbee! 


Event Fashion Models Press Release


Press Release – Immediate Release


On Saturday 28th October, we will be at the Stratford London Hotel, 20 International Way, London E20 1FD. The Stratford is a design hotel in London with a taste for the spectacular – from the magnificent triple-height lobby and Highline sky terrace to the imposing glass atrium.

Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists are invited to attend and present their brands in an exciting day of creativity. Our aim is to mix, mingle, collaborate, and form partnerships. Emerging fashion designers can debut their labels by showing 4 or 8 looks in our soiree and photoshoot; they can make their mark in the fashion industry while raising Angelman Syndrome awareness.

We have young designers that invited to showcase one or a few looks, and lastly, there will be a fashion award for designers of any age presenting avant-garde designs to a panel of industry judges. Entrants in the awards will be judged on their creativity and construction.

Winning designers from the awards will get the opportunity to be selected to showcase to an audience of international Buyers, Fashion Editors, the press, and Celebrities at Vancouver Fashion Week or in our New York showcase. Winner that are not able to showcase in Vancouver Fashion Week will be invited to show a collection with us in New York City.

Joanna Marcella, the founder of this platform, has a vision to present an international platform for dynamic young designers who can find their niche as individuals and become brands in their own right.

Wine and light condiments will be served on the day. To take part, contact us with a bio at:

The Designers and Artists are:
Lucy Qian, Anna Henton, Andrea Dritschel jewellery, René Thompson, Kiannara T Hazine, Manfred Millicent, Bethany Trott, Vanessa Blanding, Milena Shehu, Alice Buzoianu, Gagachin promotions and Francis – Apata Johnson.

Please invite yourself and your friends to our Facebook event page
Collections Soiree and Presentation at The Stratford

Joanna Marcella
Director of the FDC Young Designer Awards and the FDC Collections Showcase
Mobile/WhatsApp audio: +44 (0) 7940 647 102

FaceBook FDC

Our Vision is to present an international platform for dynamic designers and artists that can find their niche as individuals and become a brand in their own right.

The Aim of our Designer Award and its related events is to increase the number and visibility of exceptionally gifted multi-cultural designers and artists and to encourage them to reach their true potential, by rewarding those who excelled both creatively and academically.

Fashion Influencer Models

Emily Fernandes – Young British Actress and Influencer

Emily Fernandes is a 13 years old British actress and influencer who is making waves in the fashion and entertainment world.

She is a polyglot, speaking English, German and Portuguese, and has a passion for acting, with her lead role in the ongoing production of Bystander as Millie Bystander. She has also appeared in a TV commercial for Coca Cola. Represented brands like Bepo, Burberry, Zara and Hollister.

Emily’s achievements are impressive for someone so young. She was the winner of the Junior Miss British Isles Competition in 2020/21, the youngest person to participate in the Cheshire Fashion Week Catwalk in 2021, and the youngest winner of the National Social Media Awards (NSMA) in London in 2022.

At the age of 9, she became an Earth Ambassador, reflecting her passion for environmental issues, sustainability, and making a positive impact in the world. Emily is very interested in Fashion and sustainability.

With 139k followers, Emily is a well-known internet influencer and is starting a new YouTube channel called ‘TeensNews’ to discuss environmental issues, interviews, sustainability, bullying, fashion, and acting. Her interests include ice skating, traveling, dancing, fashion, acting, and modelling, making her a well-rounded and inspiring young woman.

Emily Fernandes is a rising star in the world of beauty and fashion, and her journey is just beginning.

Instagram: @emilyfernandessofficial

Check out the recent issue of Young Faces Magazine featuring Emily Fernandes

Fashion Influencer Models

Nadia Shahril Menon wants to inspire others in her field with her content that consists of Fashion, beauty and lifestyle

Nadia Shahril Menon, (Singaporean born September 28, 1985 ) also known as Nurul Nadia Bte Rudy Shahril is a social media personality/digital content creator/ influencer. The creative is known to inspire many in her field with her content that consists of Fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Some of her achievements include:

Fashion finalist #filmfareme 

Top 100 influencers by #meitalktv 

Miss Influencer top 15 finalist by #mazda 

Top 10 fashion finalist #flitemagazine 

Early life: 

Nadia was born in Malaysia (Mother is Malaysian, father is Singaporean both teachers) and then moved to Singapore where she was raised until she reached the age of 20.

She was selected to join Gulf Air as a cabin crew and moved to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

This was the start of her love towards living in the middle east. Today she is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where she gets to engage with her audience and create content for numerous brands to her heart’s content.

She had also worked as a graphic designer and relationship manager for a bank before her true calling into the world of social media.


Nadia started small and slowly grew her following with her content that resonated with her audience. Today she is recognised by many as one of the most creative influencers in Dubai working with brands that love “out of the box” marketing strategies that still maintain the integrity of the brand. Nadia strives to start her own fashion line in the near future and expand her creative capacity to greater heights.

Fashion Models


Being a model is everyone’s dream. But as we all know, being a model is a tough job and very demanding profession. 

Although commercial modelling is a huge market (print, TV and digital advertising, magazine editorials, covers and billboards).

We had the chance to chit chat with one of the commercial models in the Philippines: Ezra Domingo.

Q&A with Ezra

1. Please tell us something about yourself

-Hi! I’m ezra domingo. I’m into modelling since i was 7 yrs old i started as a commercial model. I graduated communication and media studies from san beda alabang. Currently I’m more into commercials, print ads, social media and a bit of TV. I also have a business which is a clothing line. I love sports like basketball, Table tennis and cycling.

2. Tell us how you were “discovered” and how your modeling career all started?

-A handler discovered me while I was doing a workshop for a teleserye. Then I started attending castings.

3. If you weren’t modeling what would you see yourself doing?

-Maybe in business.

4. What is your workout routine 

– I work out 4-5 a week and do cycling at least once a week.

5. How important is it for you to have a fit and healthy body?

-It helps me to be more focused in everything i do and at the sametime i feel better because i know to myself i’m fit and healthy. 

6. Can you do anything besides model?

-I do business but when it comes to talent i can do dancing, acting and a bit of singing.

7. What’s your favorite fashion brand? 

-It depends. I love different kinds of fashion.

8. Was modeling something you always wanted to do, or did it just kinda happen?

-It just happened and i started to love it.

9. What is your advice to all aspiring models?

-If you really want it do it but first things first you need to invest in yourself. 

10. Can you give us your social media accounts?

-Instagram @ezra.domingo

-Facebook Ezra Domingo

-Tiktok @ezra.domingo

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International Fashion Idol and UAE Achievers season 2 to be held in Dubai in 2023

After the success of the first season, we have announced the dates for the second season of International Fashion Idol cum UAE Achievers

International Fashion Idol is a renowned brand that inspires, empowers, and motivates people to achieve their dreams. Founded by Ms Simra Abdia, the brand has gained immense popularity in the UAE for organising one of the biggest fashion idols and awards in the country. The Mrs, Mr and Miss International Fashion Idol, The Kids International Fashion Idol and UAE Achievers have become the talk of the town, attracting participants from various fields.

The highly anticipated International Fashion Idol Season 2 HOSTED BY EPRICX  is set to take place on September 23rd at DUBAI. This prestigious event aims to encourage aspiring models, both adults and children, to embark on successful careers in the fashion industry. With a stellar line-up of renowned speakers, esteemed jury members, and the introduction of Season 1 winners, this event promises to be an unforgettable experience.

EVENT IS Organized by Simra Abdia, a prominent figure in the fashion industry, International Fashion Idol Season 2 brings together individuals passionate about modelling and those seeking to explore the endless possibilities of the fashion world. The event serves as a platform to nurture and showcase emerging talents, offering them a unique opportunity to gain recognition on a global stage.

Epricx held a press conference for the launch of the International Fashion Idol Season 2 on 14th May 2023 at MYX Club, Royal Ascot, Dubai.

After the grand success of its first season, International Fashion Idol is back with its Season 2, and this year’s contestants have exceeded expectations. From fashion enthusiasts to aspiring models, participants from diverse backgrounds have participated, making it a tough competition for the judges.

Key highlights of the event include the International Beauty Pageant and a captivating Kids Fashion Show. The International Beauty Pageant segment aims to empower and inspire participants through self-expression, confidence-building, and the celebration of diversity. The Kids Fashion Show provides a stepping stone for young talents to launch their modelling careers and serves as a source of motivation for their future endeavours.

The last season was a hit with such a high number of participants and the audience. The first season happened last January at Souq Al Marfa, Deira Dubai.

The event was divided in three different categories, International Fashion Idol: Miss, Mrs, Mr, the kids’ category and the last but not the least The UAE achievers award night, in which various entrepreneurs, and industry experts were awarded.

Winner List for the first Season of fashion Idol:

  • Mrs Category: 

    Winner: Mrs Seema Devnani

    1st Runner up: Mrs Meenakshi

    2nd Runner up: Mrs Suwarna

  • Miss Category:

Winner: Ms Noor

1st Runner up: Ms Nausheen Hinaz


  • Mr Category

Winner: Mr. Thiluck

  • Kids Female winners:Aileen, Tvisha, Rafa, Nishitha
  • Kids Male Winners:Nazhan, Adil
  • UAE Achievers  2022 Awardee for the first season:

Best Media PR Professional of UAE: Mr Muhammad Yusuf


Best Entrepreneur: Mrs. Masumi , Beautiful bundles






Ms Simra & Mr.Nitin, Head of Epricx, said that “We feel glad to announce the second season of The Fashion Idol of UAE. We are still accepting registrations for models,kids & nominations for awards and looking for sponsors to support our event. This Year from fashion enthusiasts to aspiring models, participants from diverse backgrounds are registering, making it a tough competition for the judges

The press conference was also attended by Hanif Sheikh, Chairman, Emirates Holding Group,NOONO GHAROOB, CEO OF CHARISMA TRENDZ, Ms. Veronika, Winner of Mrs. Universe UAE, , as well as other eminent personalities from the industry, including Ms. Latha Palit, Ms. Yasmin Akhter , AHEMD JUST ROAD FASHIONS ,RJ SARAH, and others who shared their good wishes to the team and being a part of the show and showcasing the international standards of fashion. Furthermore, some of the contestants  from season 1 , ARUNA VERARAGHAVAN, AJAI, FABIN, AND MORE  spoke highly of the show to the renowned media.

Organizers are also announced the show in India, which is going to held in this year @ Bangalore 

Jury panels for the season 2 







Mrs. Nisha Rijish  INDIA

Mrs.Lipika Bhattaru UAE

Mrs.Seetha laxmi UAE

Mrs.Priya S Mitra UAE






During the competition, the motto of the event is that every nationality should be treated equally as it pertains to the Open to All Pageant competition.

A winner of Mr/Mrs/Miss Fashion Idol of UAE 2023 can win a title crown, an international trip, and cash prizes. It extends awards to bloggers, tiktokers, influencers and more Awards in addition to pageant titles.




For further details contact:SIMRA ABDIA 0581801106 , VISIT : WWW.EPRICX.COM, INSTAGRAM : international_fashion_idol_uae

Fashion Models

Digital Cover: Lilly Iaschelcic – Public speaker, influencer, and fashion model

Lilly Iaschelcic’s name serves as a source of motivation for everyone in the fashion industry and fitness enthusiasts. Iaschelcic has come to popularity thanks to her increasing dedication and commitment to her online community. She encourages confidence and empowers her followers to participate in sports while maintaining their health. She is a public speaker, influencer, and fashion model. Lilly enjoys modeling and photography and has featured in Elle and Herpes Bazar publications in the past year. She also works at the London and Paris fashion weeks as a catwalk model. She is also a proponent of healthy eating and environmental preservation. Lilly is the one who is into sustainability. Her main interest is creating sustainable fashion content and inspiring others. In brand collaborations, you have the option of using their content or starting your own. This is entirely up to your ideas, and Lilly has recently excelled in this area. 

Furthermore, apart from being an instagram model and influencer, Lilly is a medical student and former osteopath. 

In 2021 she founded her osteopathic clinic based in Harley street. After graduating from high school, she proceeded to a Veterinarian college and practiced for a year after graduation before deciding to pursue a master’s degree in osteopathic medicine. She had previously visited several osteopaths after suffering numerous injuries due to her martial arts training. Yes, she trains in martial arts at Panthera Taekwondo in north London. Lilly enjoys talking about charity, assisting those in need, plant-based nutrition, sustainability, fashion, beauty, and travel.

 With so many young people aspiring to this level of accomplishment, Iaschelcic’s inspiring journey has aided many of her fans to gain confidence and pursue their goals.