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A self taught Artist born and raised in Estancia, Iloilo Philippines, being an advocate for child’s right and promoting anti-child labor since 2004 he receives a commendation and honor from the United Nations (World Vision Philippines) in December 19, 2006 at University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City.

He is known for Arrowana Background on his paintings with exaggerated mix of cloth and faunas as a subject for nudes and portraits. As an Impressionist Artist, he exhibited his works in local and international galleries and museums in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Rome, New York, Japan, China, Indonesia, Greece, India, Italy, South Korea and Singapore. 

Here is our Q&A with Marvin.

Tell us about yourself, how did you start in the arts industry.

I’m Marvin Dela Cruz Arenaza, 30 yrs of age, from Estancia, Iloilo city. I started painting at the age of 5. Learning basics from a family lineage of artists. 

What motivates you to push through your career as an artist?

First of all, art is my first love, my passion, working in the corporate world makes me sick and hungry to express myself and my self confidence. When I paint I’m happy it’s like I’m the most freeman in the world.thats the feeling that pushes me to become a full time artist. And this career is a fulfillment that makes my parents more proud of me as a son which I wish and dreamt of when I was a kid.

What are the challenges you’ve been through as an artist?

First is the process to start with without proper fine arts class which is needed in order to gain more technical education in starting an artwork. Second: there was a time I asked myself if I would sustain this passion, due to the high market value of art materials, no connections to the marketplace. After 12 yrs all my dreams came true when I was invited as a guest artist in one group exhibit at Quezon city. That’s all it started way back in 2014. Joining local and international competition and exhibition. I gained more friends, collectors and media connections.

How the pandemic affects you?

Pandemic teaches us a lesson about security and sustainable income. As an artist I learned that savings is more important,I learned to prioritise what I need more than what I want, Due to pandemic 5 of my upcoming exhibitions was cancelled, meaning no income. But after a year some of the galleries provide hybrid or virtual exhibits. Now life as an artist starts to bloom again. 

Can you tell us your upcoming art exhibit?

My next exhibition will be in Paris. The artistic works of the 5th Paris Art Fair and Symposium will take place in the luxury Meeting Room of Novotel on the dates 18 & 19 October 2021. It’s a gathering of all international award winning artist and I am one the 2 artist who will represent Philippines

With all your art pieces Do you have any favorite one? 

Yes, I love nude figurative art. I want my female subjects to look more innocent in Mya art pieces. My most favorite artwork is “innocence 34” it’s an acrylic on canvas with the dimension of 20x 28 inches

What are your advice especially to all the emerging artists?

Finding your own inspiration, create art, no matter what kind of art, they are connected in a way or another. I personally recommend you to stay far as possible from any kind of mental consumption, to let art take over your soul and change you to a deeper person who does not get affected by any surroundings when it comes to their inner peace. Also, do not forget the ultimate mood changer; music, everyone! Keep on practicing…. art is a non stop learning process, always set your foot on the ground.


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    evelyn tecson

    good job marvin im proud of you.miss you ..take care ..

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