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Digital Cover: Akber Rashid

Akber Rashid, a British Asian International Model/ Presenter/ Actor/ DJ who has starred in big budget advertisements including Nirala Sweets, Nirala Sweets Eid special, The Mortgage Centre and Law Solicitors as well as other industry commercials. Akber won Model of the Month and Fresh New Face for the London Fashion Week and were runner up in Mr. Asia 2013. He has walked the ramp in London Fashion Week, Rock the Runway and has worked with different designers and has been the face of Gucci and campaigns for Ben Sherman and H & M men’s clothing.

His modeling article was published on various newspapers including Roznama, Dunya News and Nai Baat (Pakistan), and appeared in Abdul Hafiz’s music video ‘Maan Gallan’ and ‘Ishq Mujhe’ which was broadcast on B4U Music , Zing TV, Zee Cinema and Brit Asia. A presenter for Hum TV and hosted the shows for Saeed Ajmal Cricket Academy Awards held in London where he interviewed ‘A’ list celebrities such as Raveena Tandon, Ayesha Omar, Bryan Lara among other cricketers.

Akber was invited to the weekend brunch show (DM Digital) Jazzi Nights (A Lite) and World This Morning (PTV), he’s also starred in a British movie “Dark Hope” as the main lead directed by Mr Latif Qureshi and assistant director Naseem Mir, and starred in the British Asian movie “Ragini” directed by Latif Qureshi. Also a BEFFTA award winner “Best Male Model” 2015, Beauty and Asian Awards finalist (Best Male Model) and a finalist in the Asian Beauty Pageant UK, he’s been nominated as the best male model in International Achievers Awards 2016/ BEFFTA Awards 2016 in the category of model of the year.

Here is our exclusive interview with Akber Rashid

Can you tell us about yourself?
I am Akber Rashid an international model and actor based in London, graduated in BSc Business honours, in my modelling career I was lucky enough to work with the big names in the international fashion industry some including Asiana, Diya’s , Khush, NYFW and many more. I have won 7 awards in the category of ‘Best Male Model’.

What is your greatest strength as a professional model?
One of my greatest strengths is posing In front of the camera I think its in my blood since childhood I use to look at myself and do a model pose In front of the mirrors in my house.

What is your greatest weakness and how have you tried to overcome it?
One of my weaknesses is talking In front of big crowds or audiences such as talks shows etc. but I have worked on my confidence and now really enjoy this aspect of modelling.

Why are you pursuing a career as a model and influencer?
Well the 2 main reasons are 1. be a role model to the people who may be inspired by me 2. I have a passion for fashion.

What limitations do you have on photo shoots or fashion shows?
There is no limitation when it comes to fashion but I would prefer not do nude shoots or something to revealing.

What inspires you as a model?
When we talk about inspiration, I have to say my father and sister who have been my biggest support system and back bone always told me to follow my dreams.

What are your aspirations for your modelling career?
I am looking forward to work with many more international top brands .

How do you handle rejection as a model?
I personally see rejection as a step towards success there is this famous quote that’s says ‘Failure is not the opposite of success its part of success’ .

Who is your favourite fashion designer?
I have many but if I have to name one then it is Gucci

What is your advice to all aspiring models?
Never give up on your dreams as hard work eventually pays off every struggle is a step towards your success.

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