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Siham Halila an International Journalist, Model and Actress

Ms Halila is CEO of  the Buzz Magazine an international magazine which covers celebrities news, fashion and stories.

Also CEO of Mosaic Com company for entertainment and production. Previously won the title of Miss Nations Union of Morocco and she represented her country in India last May 2022.

She is also an Ambassador for a lot of Brands and associations all over the world. She was chosen as the supermodel of the year 2022.

She is honored by an honor doctorate from Asalam’s  Academy in Germany. Also honored as the best journalist in the world in 2019.

She is goodwill Ambassador for the Arab Dream Association Recognized by the United Nations. The first Arabic Model Managed by an Italian Model agency named Koala Model Agency

Work & Achievements

Winner of the Fashion Hero TV Series of 2021
Winner of the United Nations pageants of the year
The face of Louboutin’s shoes series of the Year 2021
International director of the miss Africa 2022
President of Wio Arabic Countries in Morocco
Honored spokesperson By Wio Academy of the year 2022
Member of the Arab youth international model united nations
President of Ekoham Foundation
Awarded by exclusive and extraordinary inspirational icon awards 2022
President of APDH association in morocco
Genetic engineering Hero of the year 2022 by Amino Foundation
Award the best medal in the world by UNESC
Best performance second personality awarded 2022 by inquiry news Pakistan
Global women Awards 2022
Ambassador of the Women ‘s rights activist in Global Women’s Awards

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