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Gospel Recording Artist Felson Palad Spotted Singing the Philippine National Anthem at the Dodger’s Stadium

What event will you be singing for in the Dodgers stadium?

This will be for the Philippine Heritage Month that the Dodgers Team give tribute to the Filipino American in California

How did you get this gig?

I have been singing around SOCAL in senior homes and also in corporate events 2-3 times a day. Someone from the entertainment business took a video of me while singing the Philippine and US anthems last December 2021.

Will this be your first time singing the Philippine National Anthem at such a massive place?

I believe so, I am also excited for the world to hear our National Anthem, not that they haven’t heard it in some places or occasions; but maybe this time according to my heart and perspective as an individual.

How did you find out about you getting the gig and what did you feel afterwards?

I was emailed by Ted Benito, he’s a partner of the Dodgers looking for singers in LA letting me know that I am on the short list to sing the national anthems. I was instructed not to tell anyone until they finally decided, this was January 2022.

How are you preparing for your performance? 

I am given a minute and 30 seconds to sing the song and tell the world how beautiful the Philippines is. I am revisiting the story of the song. I want to tell a story given the strictness of how it should be sung. 

I pray for anointing. 

Will this be on live television?

I believe it will be in many local group channels and the usual dodger channels .

Slightly more for context: Can you give a brief overview of your musical career up to this point? (e.g. how long in the industry, inspirations, etc.)

I have been singing since I was a little boy. My mom was my number one fan and support. She’s the first one to tell me that my singing will bring me to places. I believed her. But even more when God introduced himself to me through the gospel, I realized music is not my identity, it is a gift, a tool not only for myself but to add value to people. My goal whenever I sing is to tell a story and be a reminder of the Givers’ lives for His creation. Whether I sing a gospel song, jazz, pop or opera, I will tell a story of Hope, Love and faith. I think that’s music. 

I will let my God lead the way to where my career is. He will be done.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your friends, family, and fans who will tune-in to your performance?

This is the time to tell our story, our perspective of beauty and strength as a nation—more than fame and opportunities. I want to let every Filipino know that they can be proud wherever they are. I’ll be singing as a Filipino in a foreign land. Sing with all dignity and humility. I hope, in my little way, I can be an inspiration and encouragement to every Filipino around the world.

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