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Digital Cover: Meet Wassim Ghassani – Journalist from Lebanon

Wassim Ghassani is a journalist and a pharmacy student from Lebanon. Born in 2002, Wassim showed his passion and enthusiasm for writing at an early age. He used to write in the school journal and participated in various writing competitions.

His parents wanted him to be a doctor, but due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic which impeded him from travelling abroad, he decided to study pharmacy at the Lebanese International University. However, this major didn’t prohibit him from pursuing his dream as a journalist. He did a myriad of training to master the techniques of writing and communication skills. 

In 2020, he started working at the VerificatLebanon social media agency as a news editor. This was a shifting point in his life where he started to gain recognition among celebrities who admire his remarkable style of writing and impressive communication skills. His articles were released on various well-known local and international websites. 

Wassim is keen to achieve more and more success and carve a niche for himself in this field.

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