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Exclusive Interview with Pasquale and Carolina – The Power Couple

How did you meet?
Carolina: We met on an ordinary day, I was walking home from school and he was on a scooter. He stopped to say hello to my mutual friend, we introduced ourselves and it all started from there. We were practically two children!

Pasquale: I trust her, that’s how it went

How long have your been together?
Carolina: We’ve been together for exactly 24 years, nineteen of marriage and five of engagement.

Pasquale: a little too much

What’s your biggest dream?
Carolina: My biggest dream is to grow old with my husband and to see my children satisfied and happy with their life.

Pasquale: buy a house or in the mountains or at the sea and see my children become adults and happy with the little things.

What would your ideal day be like?
Carolina: My ideal day? Shopping obviously !! Hahahahah
Pasquale: walking to discover medieval villages with my family

What would you do if you won the lottery?
Carolina: I would buy a large piece of land to build a mega villa with a swimming pool where I can live in peace with my whole family.

Pasquale: his idea is not bad … I add in a place between sea and mountains

Do you prefer the big city or the countryside?
Carolina: There are moments where I prefer to stay quiet in the countryside but there are as many moments where I want to live, to see people and therefore I want the city, traffic, chaos.

Pasquale: I prefer the solitude of the mountains and the sea.

What’s your favorite type of food? What’s your favorite type of music?
Carolina: I love typical Southern cuisine, Sunday binges with the family, and then starting with pasta to finish off with a nice dessert. But my absolute favorite dish is pizza and dark chocolate!
Pasquale: I love red meat cooked on the grill

Carolina: I like to listen to a bit of everything but what I always end up listening to is Italian pop and rock music, my favorites.
Pasquale: I like jazz, blues, classical music and then rock

Traveling by: car, boat, plane or train?
Carolina: For sure I would travel by plane, it would allow me to visit more places in less time, but if I want to enjoy the journey then I choose the car, to savor everything, even the traffic!
Pasquale: I am definitely a ship or rather a sailboat.

How do you see yourself in 10 years?
Carolina: How do I see myself in ten years? Well definitely with more white hair and a few more wrinkles but aware of myself and sure of what I have become … An adult?!?

Pasquale: I would always like to see myself with a smile on my face and proud of my family

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