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Digital Cover: Lilly Iaschelcic – Public speaker, influencer, and fashion model

Lilly Iaschelcic’s name serves as a source of motivation for everyone in the fashion industry and fitness enthusiasts. Iaschelcic has come to popularity thanks to her increasing dedication and commitment to her online community. She encourages confidence and empowers her followers to participate in sports while maintaining their health. She is a public speaker, influencer, and fashion model. Lilly enjoys modeling and photography and has featured in Elle and Herpes Bazar publications in the past year. She also works at the London and Paris fashion weeks as a catwalk model. She is also a proponent of healthy eating and environmental preservation. Lilly is the one who is into sustainability. Her main interest is creating sustainable fashion content and inspiring others. In brand collaborations, you have the option of using their content or starting your own. This is entirely up to your ideas, and Lilly has recently excelled in this area. 

Furthermore, apart from being an instagram model and influencer, Lilly is a medical student and former osteopath. 

In 2021 she founded her osteopathic clinic based in Harley street. After graduating from high school, she proceeded to a Veterinarian college and practiced for a year after graduation before deciding to pursue a master’s degree in osteopathic medicine. She had previously visited several osteopaths after suffering numerous injuries due to her martial arts training. Yes, she trains in martial arts at Panthera Taekwondo in north London. Lilly enjoys talking about charity, assisting those in need, plant-based nutrition, sustainability, fashion, beauty, and travel.

 With so many young people aspiring to this level of accomplishment, Iaschelcic’s inspiring journey has aided many of her fans to gain confidence and pursue their goals. 

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