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Meet Alexandra Vino: Actress,Writer/Director and Fine Artist

Alexandra’s early success as an actress started in the New York film and theater scene as a young adult. As a trained gymnast, she landed multiple roles demonstrating her physical technique, and then moved into acting in narrative feature films with her break into the Bollywood market. From there, she worked in shows on HBO, CBS, and ABC. Back in New York and LA, Alexandra landed roles working with Michael Fassbender and Director Steve McQueen. She does her work as a member of The Actors Studio, and has cultivated an amazing array of talents. Amongst working as an actress, Her team captain skills are still being exercised today as she is writing and directing films and loves the collaboration of making a film and fulfilling the vision!

Alexandra has most recently expanded her creative skills from screen to canvas, as demonstrated in her work as a fine artist. 

Here is our Q&A with Alexandra:

Congratulations to you for winning not only The Paris Independent film festival

but LA & NY festivals? Please explain the film and your success in the festival

circuit and where it stands today.

The film, Green Kola won The Paris Independent Film Festival. We received Honorable

Mention at the London BELIFFestival. Best Comedy Short at The Manhattan Film

Festival. Green Kola opened the LA Film Festival and was eligible to be submitted for an

Academy Award in short form.

The film is played out in chapters in its feature form. I’ve started to shoot the next

chapters to finish the film. I hope to be finished with the film in 2023 in its entirety.

How are you driven as a filmmaker?

How am I driven? Well, I’ve sort of been creating films since I was a little girl with our

home video cameras. I was very young when the first iMovie came out. I was lucky for

that. I edited films back then, so I think I’ve always had a passion for that. As an actor and

working on incredible plays and with incredible Directors for the last 15 years. I have

worked with amazing amazing iconic people and so I paid a lot of attention to them and I

I just implemented everything I’ve seen and learned that sort of resonated with me. I know I

can get any actor to give the performance I’m looking for. So I don’t really cast roles

based on auditions. I’ve never auditioned an actor before, actually. I just like to get to

know the person and if they have a sense of vibe that I vibe with, I use my intuition.

You started acting at a very young age. How do you keep yourself relevant in the

game of entertainment?

My relevance I believe is based on what I’m creating. Because I’m constantly creating

many different projects. In many mediums. I write all different genres and tv pilots,

treatments, dramas, comedies, reality, period… satire is what I’m particularly inspired by

right now. And I’ll paint when I have a feeling that wants to be expressed, or a story told in

the feeling of color and texture. That plays a lot into how I see directing a movie. It’s all

storytelling. And we use all the elements together and like a scientist concoct a

combination of elements that create a feeling. That feeling is what makes art special. To

evoke, and travel. I guess I am not about the “game” and more about the work. Everything

else comes and goes, but what’s constant is my own expression.

What is your most memorable moment as an actress? .

There are a good handful I hold in higher regard, but I feel it’s when I did my final audition

for The Actors Studio. I was the Mathematician, Catherine, in “Proof” by David Auburn.

Also, another that I must say is when I worked with Jim Caviezel in Malta on the set of

Paul The Apostle of Christ. Everyone we worked with was very special and the locations

We were also special. I went through a lot during that time as I lost my

mentor while I was there. I saw her right before I left, and I felt she was with me through

the whole thing and so I’ll never forget that time, the whole time it was substantially


How do you balance your time?

I don’t really balance my time. I work really hard and I prioritize my creative efforts and my

social life falls a bit to the side most of the time. Though, I do make sure I continue to

honor the fact that I’m young and able to go out and enjoy life sometimes. Beyond

creating, because experience in life is what inspires everything. I stay close to my family

and my closest friends. Normally I go to shows or events of my friends to support and

cheer for them. Don’t forget I was captain of my cheer team!

How did you cast your film Green Kola?

I pull in people and actors I’ve known. Long time actors and first time actors. In Green

Kola I wrote a couple of the roles for some of my friends and others I filled in. I’m also

lucky to have the actors’ studio as my home because there are so many incredible actors

there and a lot of times I just pull from there.

What are your hobbies? What do you do for fun?

Well my work is super fun like it’s the most fun I’ve ever had I laugh I get exhausted but I

drink coffee and pull myself together do a yoga real quick and get back to it because it’s

so much fun and it’s so rewarding but I love yoga also and I love taking care of my doggie

and I love children I have a lot of children around me a lot of my friends have kids and

family members have kids and I just love them so much that getting to be in touch with my

child side take them to the amusement park or something fun I really enjoy that

Have you ever been to Italy? If soTell us about your time in Italy and what you

loved most?

Oh yes I love Italy and I can’t wait to get back there I have been there my family is half Italian and we went together the first time I was there and stayed in Orvietto and travelled into Rome and Assisi and oh my gosh the olive oil and the wine and the beautiful landscapes and then the beautiful old cities were so gorgeous and the people I love just a beautiful time I would love to spend more time.

What’s the current plan for Green Kola?

Green Cola is a chapter of the feature film Hollywood movie. Each chapter has its own

title and I am shooting more chapters until the feature is finished.

For more Information on Alexandra Vino you can follow her and check out her links.

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