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Balenciaga Haute Couture Fall 2024 – 2025:Technological Elegance Through Deconstruction

by Amadeus Quiaoit

The recent Balenciaga Haute Couture shown the vulnerability of clothing defined by deconstructive garments: Oversized silhouettes, textured denims, and avant-garde concepts heavily inspired by Denma’s hallmark design philosophy from previous Balenciaga runaway shows. While the pieces are intriguing and interesting sight, many fashion afficionados storm the internet with outrage over Demna’s vision on modern couture, and more noticeably, claim him responsible for tarnishing Balenicaga’s reputation as leader of modern fashion haute couture.

The genius behind Balenciaga’s recent madness is Demna Gvasalia, the current creative director of Balenciaga. He has redefined the fashion landscape with his visionary and sleek approach. Since taking the reins at the iconic fashion house, Gvasalia has merged the avant-garde with the practical, creating a unique design philosophy that both challenges and excites the fashion world. His aesthetic is characterized by an unorthodox mix of stark minimalism and exaggerated and oversized silhouettes, from sneakers to jackets, often grounded in a disruptive vision of contemporary culture.

Gvasalia’s design choices for Balenciaga are a compelling blend of innovation and reverence for the Cristobal Balenciaga’s brand heritage. He often draws from the archives, reinterpreting classic Balenciaga shapes and motifs through a modern lens. This fusion of past and present is evident in his use of oversized, voluminous silhouettes juxtaposed with sleek, tailored lines. One of Gvasalia’s signature techniques is his manipulation of proportions. By exaggerating dimensions, he challenges traditional notions of beauty and form, inviting viewers to reconsider the boundaries of fashion. For instance, his oversized coats and jackets are not just garments but statements that question the relationship between body and fabric, space and structure.

The Haute Couture Fall 2024 – 2025 has level up the ante of Demna’s oversizing and exaggerated design, exposing his passion to push the envelope further of Haute Couture according to his vision. The Couture has outdone the recent Balenciaga Fall-Winter 2025 in terms of the robustness of presentation and detail. Notable pieces include the oversize hats, the feather . The
show shares an affinity for streetwear, such as the denim work and hints of oversized logo t-shirts incorporated in high couture. It is considered as a refreshing take on haute couture, albeit a devious and outlandish perspective.

Demna’s aesthetic choices are deeply rooted in social commentary. His designs often reflect the complexities and contradictions of modern life. The use of streetwear elements, such as hoodies and sneakers, speaks his mission to democratize luxury, blurring the lines between the everyday and the extraordinary. This approach not only resonates with contemporary audiences but also makes a powerful statement about accessibility and inclusivity in fashion. Furthermore, Demna’s penchant for deconstruction and reconstruction can be seen as a metaphor for the fragmented, multifaceted nature of identity in the 21st century. By deconstructing traditional garments and reassembling them in unexpected ways, he mirrors the way individuals curate their identities from various cultural and historical influences.

Demna’s is a master of black palette. Black, often considered the motif of power, elegance, and sophistication, serves as a canvas upon which paints his boldest ideas. It is a color that speaks of mystery, power, and refinement, making it a perfect fit for his visionary designs. The beauty of black in Demna’s collections lies in its versatility and depth. Black can be both austere and inviting, minimal and complex. In his hands, black becomes more than just a color; it is a statement of intent. It allows the intricate details of his designs—the cut, the texture, the form—to take center stage. The absence of color sharpens the focus on the garment’s structure and craftsmanship, highlighting Demna’s skill in tailoring and construction. Moreover, black’s association with non-conformity aligns perfectly with Demna’s rebellious attitude towards avant-garde.

Demna’s work at Balenciaga is a testament to his ability to fuse innovation with tradition, creating designs that are as thought-provoking as they are beautiful. His unique aesthetic, characterized by bold silhouettes, social commentary, and the profound use of black, has not only revitalized Balenciaga but also redefined contemporary fashion. Under his direction, Balenciaga continues to be a beacon of avant-garde elegance, challenging conventions and setting new standards in the world of high fashion.

About the Author:
Mr. Amadeus Quiaoit is a junior design and nano fashion influencer. He curates clothes heavily
inspired by streetwear aesthetics. He attends and exposes local Filipino fashion events and shows
in his Instagram page.

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