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The World Fashion Shorts during BRICS+ Fashion Summit 2023 in Moscow

The World Fashion Shorts, a special movie event, took place on November 30, 2023, in the multimedia hall of ARTPLAY Design Centre.

It was a one-day multimedia installation featuring a fusion of fashion, cinema, and video art, transcending the boundaries between fashion and film. Award-winning short films from diverse regions, including South Africa, North America, and Southeast Asia, showcased the creative potential of this genre, which has been rapidly gaining traction across the globe in the recent decade.

The format of the show was not a usual cinema performance, but full immersion into a striking, and might we say, exotic visual environment based on multimedia tools.

Interestingly, the videos were displayed on several screens around the perimeter of the room at the same time, allowing viewers to personalise their experience and discover connections between the works.

This immersive approach created an environment that celebrated fashion through the lens of cinema.

These three events represent a fraction of the offerings at the BRICS+ Fashion Summit and celebrate the multifaceted world of fashion.

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