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Meet The Sexiest, Fearless Animal Rescuer Kiki, Host of the Travel Show Kiki & G

We had the oppurtunity to speak with Kiki the Travel Host of The Kiki & G Show on Youtube about her new swimsuit shoot in Vegas recently. The Kiki & G Show is an Adventure Travel Show on Youtube that follows her and her Dog G to the most exciting Dog Parks across America. Kiki knows what it takes to overcome Obstacles after a horrible Motor Cycle Accident that almost caused her to lose her leg and left her in a Wheelchair for months. Her goal was once she recovered, start modeling and take her Best Friend G on an Adventure. Kiki sold everything she had and bought an RV and hit the road. Kiki is not only sexy but fearless when the war broke out in the Ukraine she realized a need for Dog Rescue at the Borders and immediately jumped in to help. Below is her interview about her new life after overcoming a life threatening accident.

Tell us about your photo shoot with the photographer Olga- i see sexy Vegas Photography?

That was lucky for me actually! A friend of mine had used Olga for a shoot, and I just fell in love with her composition. I made a joking comment to my friend about shooting with I See Sexy, because I knew how hard it was to get on their calendar. “Maybe next year!” Later that same month my friend was told about a cancellation Olga had, and recommended I contact her to see if she would let me fill the slot. Two days later, I flew to Vegas for the shoot, and those photos should be featured on some covers coming up! With a photographer like Olga, you really get nothing but printable content, usually out of 700 shots, you really only like a few, but I see sexy Vegas as another level. I am continuously amazed and love all the photos she does of me.

Are you interested in modeling as a swimsuit model?

That would be amazing! I consider myself far from perfect, and have really appreciated the body positive energy taking over the modeling world. As a kid, I was teased and made fun of because of how tall I was and my looks. Swimsuit modeling now, is and would be a positive way for me to show other young women what is possible! You are always your hardest critic, and you will never see what could be if you don’t try and push your comfort zones. For me, that is swimsuit and lingerie modeling.

How do you train G to model for you both on camera and in photos?

Ha ha, I think the correct question would be how does G train me! Getting to know your dog, and really building a bond with them creates a level of communication and trust, and what I have found is working off of that trust, G will do almost anything for me. If I am happy, he is happy, and he loves to smile!
Of course treats are also involved, he knows when he sits pretty for a picture he gets his favorite……peanut butter!

What is your dream modeling job?

I would love to be the next Anna Nicole for a brand like Guess or something like that. I love creating art and can really get into setting the scene and making up a world created just for the audience. Bruce Weber’s spreads in Vogue are also a favorite of mine, so that would be a dream come true.

Who is your celebrity crush?

So when I moved to LA, I had a secret plan to somehow interact with Tom Hardy. He is just….. wow…. so my plan is still in place, it’s just taking longer than
expected. Lol

What celebrities have you met?

I have been fortunate enough to meet quite a few, but living in LA you literally run into them at grocery stores or even the dog park! One of my first friends in
LA was DJ and international model Colleen Shannon. She gave me my first taste of “celebrity” lol, but I have met the black eyed peas, lady gaga, maroon 5, just to name a few. I was also a dog walker for the stars when I was first getting settled in LA, I even had to submit fingerprints and sign NDA agreements for some of my more famous dog parents. I would have to say though, my favorite celebrity story is when I went to see Marylin Manson and Johnny Depp play in Hollywood. It was a Halloween party, and I was dressed up as a sexy Indiana Jones, whip and all. Growing up in AZ, I actually learned how to use a bullwhip, and even performed in shows across America doing tricks with them. Halloween night, 4am, here I am in the middle of sunset blvd, somehow cracking my whip and doing tricks for Marilyn and Johnny, and all the after party guests. Those are the kind of nights you just pinch yourself, is this real?

What’s a fun story about a modeling job you have done?

Well, the first time it really sunk in that hey, I’m a model, was after my accident. I was looking on amazon to find leggings I could fit somehow over my leg, and the lady in the picture looked familiar…. Ha ha, I realized it was me! One of the very first paid modeling gigs I had was clothing on amazon, and it was surreal
seeing myself in the advertisements for something I was shopping for.

Who is your favorite supermodel?

Gigi…. I love her. She is one of those models I can’t help thinking I would be close friends with if we ever met. Not only is she a working icon, but she is
able to portray who she is as a person in her work. I just really admire that about her.

When did you go to Ukraine and why?
My first trip to Ukraine was in March, one month after the country was invaded. The plan was to actually stay in Poland and photograph and document what was happening at the border, however when I got there I realized what we had been seeing on our media channels and what was going on in real life was very different. The turning point for me and what made me decide to go into the country was when I saw the hundreds of animals on the Polish/Ukraine border with notes and money pinned to their collars. Refugees would get there, exhausted with only the bag they could carry of all of their possessions, only to be told they could not bring the family pet to the safety of the shelter with them. They had no choice but to leave the animals there, thus the notes and money pinned on the collars asking anyone who could to please feed and care for them, and hopefully get them back to the family once they had settled somewhere safe. I remember seeing an autistic boy being told he could not bring his dog, and watching him break down. I knew then that I wanted to know truthfully what these people were going through, so I did something every parent in America tells their children NOT to do. I met strangers on Facebook, and decided to go into a war zone with them. The woman I met runs the Million Hearts Foundation, a non profit taking whatever supplies asked for to the people and animals of Ukraine. I went into the war zone with her and her partner and was able to see first hand where the supplies were going, and how the humanitarian and animal aid actually worked. From that point forward I was hooked.

Did you ever feel your life was in danger?

Well, my very first day inside the war zone was the day they bombed Lviv. I watched the missiles fall, and destroy part of the city. I knew right then that there was no real “safe” inside Ukraine. Throughout my trips, I have run to bomb shelters to hide, heard the explosions above my head and the warning sirens going off. I have seen the fires still burning from the battles, and the loss of human and animal life because of the fighting. You can not fully prepare yourself for these types of experiences, but to do the work you need to to help, you have to continue your mission focused even when you are constantly in danger
of losing your own life.

How many dogs did you rescue and how?
Through the program I started and the money donated through Go fund me, I was able to help 74 people and about 100 animals find safety and shelter where they could stay together, fur babies and families. When I started working with the Million Hearts Foundation, I was able to aid in taking food and supplies to pet parents deep in Ukraine. Hundreds of animals and people were helped with the aid we were able to take to them and provide.

Was G with me?

No, and I’m so thankful I chose not to bring him. In his old age I don’t think he would have enjoyed the trips to Ukraine, and I can’t imagine how he would handle the atmosphere and fighting. I thankfully was able to find a great pet sitter, and he got a nice vacation while I was away doing my work in Ukraine.
Kiki works around the clock to rescue pets”At Kiki & G, their mission is to provide unwavering support to families in disaster situations, ensuring that the bonds between pets and their owners remain unbroken. She is committed to offering compassionate resources, emergency preparedness education, and temporary shelter solutions that enable families to keep their beloved pets by their side during times of crisis. In addition, she is dedicated to providing
essential food and basic needs to both animals and people affected by disasters. Through her integrated approach, she strives to alleviate the emotional strain caused by separation, while also addressing the practical needs of all beings impacted by emergencies. Her goal is to build a more resilient, pet-inclusive disaster response framework that fosters compassion, unity, and preparedness.”

Make sure to check out her show called Kiki & G, and it follows her dog and her all over the country while they explore new places and things to do.
Where can we follow you?

Instagram: @kiki_and_gshow
Youtube: https://youtube.com/@KikiGShow?si=- e5lTzQgzEOLa-6d
Website: www.Kikiandg.com
The nonprofit is called Kiki &G in honor of my dog, and the website is www.kikiandg.org

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