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Exclusive Interview with Rachel Angela Gonzales-Luna – From being a Nurse to a Visual Artist

This pandemic taught us a lot and this is a disaster for many artists. But this is not the case for Rachel Angela Gonzales-Luna who is a Nurse and Entrepreneur. She entered the arts industry to cope up with her mental health. Through painting became her therapy to save her life from her situation. The pandemic drives her to paint more since she can’t travel. 

Last October 8-9, Angel opened her “LUNA GALLERIA” and featured guest artists at Theodore Events Place Marikina City. 

“It’s kinda overwhelming, my emotions were kinda a roller coaster. Anxiety, Fears and Doubts. But still I’ve been so thankful for all the people who trusted and believed that I can do this. I AM IN AWE of all of your goodness. Thanks for making me grounded.” 

Checkout this gallery to see the featured artists:

Here is our exclusive interview with Rachel Angela Gonzales-Luna. 

Tell us about yourself, how did you start in the arts industry

I’m Rachel Angela Gonzales-Luna, people call me Angel. I never intend to be a Visual Artist. I’m a nurse by profession and Entrepreneur for almost a decade for a living. I started to paint to cope up with my mental health. It’s been tough to deal with the roller coaster ride of my life, but painting became my therapy and has saved my life. Then I met my teacher Marvin Arenaza and he started to motivate me to continue my visual arts and sent my artworks for international exhibition and that was the start of my involvement in the art industry.

What motivates you to push through your career as an artist?

The people who support, encourage and motivate me pushed me to pursue this career. It’s overwhelming that they support me in this endeavor and I fear that if I stopped, I’ll regret that I missed the opportunity.

What are the challenges you’ve been through as an artist?

Since painting is my therapy for my mental health, I can’t paint when I’m happy. My artwork says a lot about my emotions, and all my pieces have a part of me. The challenge is that since I’m pursuing this as a profession, I can’t push myself to create artwork for someone as a commision. I guess I need to set my heart more to paint.

How does the pandemic affect you?

The pandemic drives me to paint more since I can’t travel. It’s just that I don’t have enough income to buy more painting supplies to produce more artwork.

Can you tell us your upcoming art exhibit?

October 15-20, 2021 I’ll be participating at the 6th Paris International Art Fair, representing the philippines. It’s a symposium where different artist around the world gather to paint. It’s also a masteral class, so I’m graduating as well there. Currently some of my works are displayed at 2021 Nirantar 6th international online exhibit based in india. I just had my first art exhibit – luna galleria at Teodore’s events place, marikina where I showcased all my artworks since 2020.

With all your art pieces Do you have any favorite one? 

There’s a special painting that have my heart. It’s called Filling the space. I started painting that when i felt empty. It was all black at first then i put in some colors till it looked like a galaxy. I then decided to put in  some moon, sun and constellation. It indeed filled the space in my heart that I didn’t know it was there. Hence, it became my favorite artwork

What is your advice especially to all the emerging artists?

Paint. Paint more. As Michael Angelo quoted it, you are sculpting your own life when doing your art. The artist is the masterpiece because it has been making us better each and every piece. Paint for yourself and not for others. It doesn’t matter how people will react to your art or how many likes you’ll get, what matters is you are making the best version of yourself every time.

Checkout Luna Galleria fan page for the updates: https://www.facebook.com/lunagalleria2021

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    Amazing! Congratulations Angel!!

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