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Mark Unique Fowler – Diversity Model

Portrait Photography

His influences for his imagery & the role models he looks up to and admire are from the 70’s & 80’s, they give him his inspiration and unique imagination and artistic flamboyant flare. He adores & idolizes these icons so much, they truly capture his interest with their own styling imagery & uniqueness with their colorful imaginations. He wanted to be like them so much and they gave me that feeling of utopia – opening up a new world to this colorful world of Glam, Punk & New Romantic Blitzkids, they were trend setters and role models in their own right.

He wanted to explore those wonderful role models, i.e; Marc Bolan, David Bowie, The Sex Pistols & The pioneer of the New Romantic Blitzkid Movement Mr Steve Strange of Visage, which made him feel united and empowered with feeling like its ok for being different from others and is a wonderful feeling of inner courage to stand out from the crowd.

Anne Pendigrast and Mark Unique Fowler

He has been creating this unique & flamboyant imagery for over 8 years, bringing diversity & individualism with all of my styling design images as Mark Unique Fowler.

He’s been very honored to have graced several fashion magazines ie Moda Dynastie, Red Carpet Silk, Integrity & I’m an official Flame Judge for Flame International Fashion & Arts Festivals, plus several VIP events for Tommy Mack King Of Clubs & 101 VIP parties, with Lord Edward Davenport.

His recent & current photo concept shoot is called “ The Cult With No Name “, which these photos you are viewing, were created & shot around September 2020, in his home town of Guildford Surrey. He is also putting together three more photo concept projects for the forthcoming year for 2021 & 2022.

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  1. Mark Fowler Avatar

    Thank You !! 😢😀😍 so much @bench 🥰 John Guarnes 😍 & your wonderful team at Ganap Magazine 🥰😘♥️Xxx You make me so proud & honoured to be published within your prestiges magazine & website 👍😘♥️♥️Xxxx Love you both xx & my gratitude too you both Xxxxxxx

    Much gratitude to my Strange Crew Posse for making this a fabulous experience a realty & it wouldn’t be without you ALL! 😘♥️

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