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Maria Pangilinan – Her Passion for Music

Maria Pangilinan was born and raised at Balanga City, Bataan. She found music as a great way to vent out her emotions as she seeks something to complete herself.

She started singing by the age of six and has been a part of their church’s choir. Since then, her passion transformed into touching people’s hearts and made herself on stages in front of a crowd. She moved to Osaka, Japan.

After a few years, she was able to make a mark on some renowned Live House and jazz bars around Kyoto and Osaka such as Xavier Louis Vuitton Wine Bar and Restaurant and Selected Repos. She also had several concerts and invitations in both Japanese and Filipino communities. Her latest achievement was being chosen to represent the Philippines at Cannes Festival France, regular singer at DZRH with Morly Alinio and featured at Karen Davila’s Karerin Natin. Not that the world is hit by this fortuitous pandemic, Maria Pangilinan would like to help people heal their wounds through music. Her latest Album “Yakap” will help you to heal your heart. And it is available on all digital platforms.

What skills have you learned that will help you in your singing career?

To compose my own music and I’ve learned to apply my own experience and emotions to the song that I am singing

Who are your favorite singers?

Regine Velasquez, Lanie Misalucha, Celine Dion ,Adele and Whitney Houston

What made you decide to pursue a career in entertainment industry?

For me not to hide my talent that God gave me and i want to use it to inspire and help people to heal their wounds through my music

Do you believe that being a musician is not a stable job?

If you are truly driven to succeed in music, and it means the world to you, you will be able to channel that desire into hard work, and that hard work give you the success you always dreamed of. On the contrary, if you end up doing something you never really cared about, you will never live up to your potential, and you will never feel fulfilled.

To simplify, music is only unstable if you don’t know what you are doing, which I would think was a given.

What kind of singer would you classify yourself as?

I’m Pop/ Ballad artist that always sing from my heart. They call me “regal diva”because the quality of my voice i have. They’ve said that voice is classy and never fade.

What has been the best performance of your career so far?
When i performed in a music hall in Japan with 600 guests and I was invited to perform by one of the producer of Cannes Festival in France and

What is your advice to all the aspiring singers?

Never give up and stay positive. God gave you that talent for a reason and we are all unique in different ways. Sing from your heart and you will never go wrong


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Instagram : @musiclovermaria
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