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Bastiano Ferrari Giving James Bond vibes in his upcoming TV series

Bastiano Farran Ferrari is a Producer, Actor and Model who is known for Bad Boys for Life, Holiday Twist, B-Live among other large projects. In the modeling industry, he is known for Calvin Klein, Porsche, Alfa Romeo, and many others.

Bastiano has 3 Masters of Business Administration degrees along with a Strategy Post-MBA degree from Harvard University. He has achievements in both the entertainment industry. and in the business world as an adviser and entrepreneur where he founded a company that turned into a 20 Billion-Dollars industry leader.

At a very young age Bastiano was discovered as a model and actor in TV commercials, before he joined Calvin Klein at the age of 18. in 2010 director Nancy Farmenian saw him on the cover of Timeout magazine and invited him to be a guest at one of the top shows in the middle east B-Live, where he soon became the lead actor in the show. He was also the lead actor in One Last Goodbye (2012). Bastiano’s first Hollywood appearance was in the Bad Boys for Life (2020).

On the Business side, Bastiano built over 16 Billion-Dollars portfolio of products that impacted billions of people. He also founded Stage Infinity, California Bear, SMI and other firms. He is an adviser for the largest tech firms such as Disney, Apple and others.

Bastiano utilized his diverse experience to lead large scale philanthropic projects for children with cancer such as CCI, and women empowerment in Africa with ExxonMobil, and Diversity and Inclusion projects. He was able to make a large impact on the society and economy in countries like Chad, Nigeria and Ivory Coast.

Bastiano is currently working on Magic Wars, a bit production sci-fi and Holiday Twist – a Christmas hallmark movie coming out on December 1st.

Bastiano is now the new face of GLAUDI Men.

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