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The Royal Liceo Casino de Alicante became a trend enclave, in a day where fashion was breathed from the early morning, with very diverse activities, and the prominence of the fashion parades.

A more Alicante Fashion Week wears the city of Alicante for several days, placing the capital inside the catwalk circuit nationwide. The official fashion week of the province, positioned at the national level as a promotional showcase for novel designers and great firms, has motivated the sector with the celebration of trends, giving professionals from different disciplines and fashion followers, in a I find that marks a new precedent with creative and inspiring news.

On Saturday, October 28, the Real Liceo Casino de Alicante and Teseles hosted from 11 a the central activities of the catwalk: fashion parades, performance, pop-up store, conference … The day started in the two rooms of the Arcos room of the Arcos del del Arcos del Real Liceo Casino, with the “Beauty created” Conference offered by Cristina González, Juanfran Castillo, Claudia de 98 Kills, Syria Bouker and Sumia Ben, a talk oriented to differentiate the real beauty from the unreal from different points of view, and to the treatments most demanded aesthetics in men and women to achieve that unreal beauty; At the same time was the opening of Pop-Up Store, the space for exposure and sale of Alicante Fashion Week, where fashion firms, accessories and institutions such as Ag Alicia, silver torch, beralma, Lucía’s dressing room, school of art and upper design of Alicante (EASDA), Mitatá Shop, Nelez, Ostel, Operatum, PMK Crafts and the designers of the emerging catwalk promoted by the Diputación de Alicante, with the music of Deejay Tita; A workshop was also held where influencers participated that created their own jewel from Mitatá Shop. From 13 h, the Empire Hall was the protagonist with the fashionable parades, in a room crowded with full capacity throughout the day. The new fashion talents participated in the first of them, on the emerging catwalk of Diputación de Alicante, with a total deployment of creativity in proposals ranging from a more classic point of view to more casual and daring ideas. Urban looks, innovative designs that dress beyond gender, guest and party proposals, accessories of artisanal quality … created by the new promises of design: eleven code, beralma, Juanfran Castillo, MRM, Eduardo Iberra and Ariadna Gil. A catwalk that has had the support of the Provincial Council of Alicante through the area of Economic Development and Productive Sectors, promoting the professional careers of new designers of the province.

At 5:00 p.m. the second pass happened that began with the performance of the firm of Vickybeach Cambiators, where attendees checked live how simple it is to change clothes anywhere with “A Vickybeach”. And then the parade of Elena Koshurnikova that presented the ‘Relivir’ collection, based on the upcycling technique and inspired by the cinema, using in their creations male garments that give them a new functionality. The Camje firm with ‘Resilience’, inspired by the simplicity of life itself, based on the analysis produced by some colors in the human being depending on their mood. And, finally, the ‘Bloom’ collection of the firm Nelez, inspired by the beauty of flowers and the transition of the dark of the pandemic back to the light of life.

He continued the fashionable afternoon, at 7:00 p.m. with the Virma catwalk, where the Higher School of Virma Haute Horrac, Irene Quijada, Lucía Daza, Mara Utrero, Martina Russo, Maritrini Pertusa, Nuria Martín and Verónica López. And at 8:00 p.m., the living room seized with the designs of 6 jewelry firms belonging to the International Association of Joyeros Mubri Spain, present in 17 countries around the world generating transverse synergies: Indigo Fashion Jewelry, Carla Schiappa Jewelry, Zoraida Párraga, Hobe, Siia and Almakaia by Heike Otten.

The hairdressing and makeup of the team of Noemí Sánchez was present in all the parades, giving the final touch to the staging of the looks. Always excellent work and professionals who go hand in hand with Alicante Fashion Week in each edition.

All attendees passed through the photocall as a memory of their passage through “La Fashion” and could enjoy Teselas Restaurant, which was at the foot of the cannon offering the best service.

Photos by
Juan Francisco Pagan

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