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Exclusive Interview with Errol Nacion – King of the World Philippines 2024 Candidate

Introducing Errol Nacion, one of the captivating new male talents redefining style and sophistication. With a commanding presence and chiseled features, Errol effortlessly blends versatility and charisma. His journey into the world of fashion promises to be as bold and distinctive as his look. Get ready to witness a fusion of strength and grace as Errol takes the industry by storm, making an indelible mark with every stride.

Here is our exclusive interview with Errol:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into modeling?

Im Errol Nacion I’m currently the King of the World Philippines 2024 candidate representing Las Piñas city, I got into modeling because of my passion for fashion, fitness, and style, at the age of 16 Years Old at 2020.

What inspired you to pursue a career in modeling?

I was inspired by the potential and talent I hold to be able to succeed in this industry and I immediately fell in love with the process of it, every single step. And I plan to make mark my name in this industry and leave a legacy

How long have you been working as a model, and what has been your favorite experience so far?

It’s almost 4 Year since I started as a model during pandemic around 2020 one of my favorite experiences was when I participated in fashion shows such as Young Faces to Watch & MIFW Fashion Ball

Can you share some highlights or memorable moments from your modeling career?

One of the most memorable highlights or milestones I’ve achieved is when I won my 1st title at Las Piñas City as the Mr. PYA 2022

And my current status as King of the World Philippines 2024 Las Piñas

How would you describe your personal style, both in terms of fashion and overall aesthetic?

Are there any fashion icons or models who inspire your own sense of style?

My personal style is always based on the “Old Money” Aesthetic that really describes my personality as someone with class and does things the good old fashioned way, with wearing simple but staple clothing pieces in an elegant way.

How do you maintain your physical fitness and health for modeling?

Yes. It’s one of my advocacies to preach health and fitness because I believe that having a strong body is having a strong mind and that power can unlock your full potential in any realm. That’s why I’m a Personal Trainer at Philippine Sports Performance Gym to help other people achieve the benefits of working out and being healthy 

Are there specific workout routines or dietary habits you follow to stay in shape?

Personally I don’t even go on a diet and restrict myself with my favorite foods and still be in great shape at a low body fat%, However. This is because of my genetics as I’m an ectomorph. But my basic guidelines that I have used to be in my best shape is to Intake my daily protein needs, Eat at a calorie Surplus, and I train 6x week hitting a specific muscle group 2x in that week using High Intensity Protocols with Free Weights, Cables, and bodyweight exercises until failure with progressive overload.

What type of fashion do you enjoy modeling the most (casual, formal, sportswear, etc.)? Do you have a favorite designer or fashion brand that you love working with?

One of my favorite fashion styles is Formal wear. Wearing a suit with a body that has a good build is one of the most satisfying aesthetics for me. It screams, Confidence, Elegant, Class, Masculinity, and charisma. Right now I’ve been only working with him for a month but I can say that he is my favorite designer when it comes to suits and formal wear is no other than “Simple Elegant by Avery” Founded by Sir Avery John Canto Palad 

What challenges have you faced in the modeling industry, and how have you overcome them?

The challenges that I always face in the modeling industry are myself, in order for me to compete with other models and still be on top is for me to be 1% better everyday. I always find myself leveling up. I’m always in battle with the person I was yesterday. 1% better everyday for 30 days is 30% me 30% better in a month. My key takeaway in this is to “Learn something new everyday”

Where do you see your modeling career going in the next few years?

I see myself to represent the Philippines in International Pageants and become a beacon of hope and inspiration that yes, it is possible!

Embodying the masculinity that has helped me become the best version of myself and inspire others especially in the male category in the Modeling Industry because it’s something that I want to be well known to the world 

The Photoshoots, the Endorsements, Sponsors, Fashion Shows. They are all bonuses to me. My real achievement is making a mark in this industry and leaving a name that will be remembered for generations to come

What advice would you give to young individuals aspiring to become models?

My advice is… If they really want to pursue a career in this industry they gotta have to keep the fire burning to do that they must always keep the fuel up

I’ve seen a lot of models with greater potential than me. But because they let the fire in them extinguished. They didn’t witness what this industry has for them. 

Are there any lessons you’ve learned in your career that you wish you knew when you were starting out?

But one of the lessons that I learned in here is to always pick yourself up in defeats and betrayals because it’s guaranteed to happen and you cannot let it stop you no matter how hard it is if you really wanted it and you worked for it and you think you deserve them go for it march forward face it in order for you to move on to the next level and grow.

How do you stay updated on the latest fashion trends? Are there any current trends in the fashion industry that you particularly enjoy?

I don’t do much on trends, I rather focus on my personal style that reflects my personality. But I do find some trends interesting but as the word trend they come and go.

When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time?

Are there any hobbies or interests you’re passionate about besides modeling?

Working out in the gym is my go to. But other than that I read books, edit videos and create content. I was also Competing in amateur Boxing fights last year.

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